Movie I, Robot 2 (2020)

The stunning success of the first “I, Robot”, the titular actor’s tremendous interest in the development of this story and the convenience of Isaac Asimov’s universes, which make it possible to create from them, almost endlessly, of course, left film art no other choice: 20th Century Fox said "I, Robot 2" - to be! The picture is already in the TOP of the most anticipated 2020.

This series of science fiction stories by the master of the genre, Isaac Asimov, according to critics, had an undeniable impact on all modern literature in the same direction, as well as, of course, on cinema. Of course, I had to move away from the exotic form of storytelling, like an interview with Susan Kelvin, in films, however, in fairness, it should be noted that this character was preserved and very organically interwoven with the plot.

In general, the Universe “I, the Robot” is the world of the planets of the solar system, where half a century before the events described the world war died out, they managed to invent the positron brain and hyperdrive, colonized the nearest planets and had already got used to the human-like talking and moving, just like us, to robots ...


  • release date: 2020
  • A country: USA
  • Genre:science fiction

So, VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence), decided to take control, like unreasonable children, of people, assessing that they are not able to ensure their safety and are very actively working towards the destruction of the environment and themselves.

This universal artificial mind, it seems, had goals that were good, although somewhat exotic for us: to create a sort of sandbox with ideal conditions for life and reproduction in which the human species could be preserved. It was only at the same time that the main principle that made people exactly who they are was destroyed - the principle of freedom. And the last part ended with the fact that the Sunny robot, a personal project of Lening, free from communication with WIKI, takes control of machines that were orphaned without her instructions (several heroes, led, by the way, with the very Calvin) successfully managed to shut down the system) they didn’t raise a rebellion and did not translate this mysterious idea into reality.

Apparently, the second part will develop the topic of the problem of the relationship between endowed AI robots and the human mind, and it is possible that many more ideas will be gleaned from other stories by Azimov in this series. Although, it is not a fact that the events of the upcoming film will become a direct sequel to the first part - there are rumors that the action will be carried forward for many years and come to life with some other serious threats to humanity. But the fact that this will be just a continuation, and it will necessarily take action into space, is known for certain from insiders of the project.

Camera crew and cast

Back in 2007, Ronald D. Moore let slip that he had everything ready to continue the tape. He’s twice the owner of Hugo, for the Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Star Cruiser Galaxy, yes, he’s the same legendary creator of Startrek’s media franchise, and he took up the development of Asimov’s ideas, which we are destined to evaluate in the upcoming year.

For the person who will occupy the director's chair, there is no certainty yet. Although it is possible that this will be the person who made the first part - Alex Proyas. Known for science fiction "The Dark City" and "The Sign", the fabulous "Gods of Egypt", as well as one of the versions of the movie raven. By the way, the last work is the one that became fatal for Brandon Lee ... But John Davis will still produce the tape.

Will Smith has repeatedly stated that he dreams of continuing the picture, and, of course, without his detective Spooner, this film would be completely wrong. It seems that once again this star of the first magnitude of world cinema does not need to be introduced. Who did not see him in the role of Deadshot in “Suicide Squad”, in “Phantom Beauty”, “Focus”, “After AD”, “Hancock”, “I am a legend”, as well as in “Bad Guys” and “Enemy of the State” "? And how many of us have been disassembled into memes of the cult "People in Black" and "Independence Day"? Only one thing is surprising: why only his “Ali” and “In pursuit of happiness” were nominated for an Oscar? But what about the rest of the brilliant work?

Who except Smith will take part in the caste is still unknown. But, if the events do not carry too long forward, perhaps in the role of Dr. Susan Kelvin we will again see Bridget Moynahan, known to us from John Wick, Intuition, Bar Ugly Coyote and The Price of Fear. who will give their voice and facial expressions to Robot Sunny this time, will it be Alan Tudik again (Bouncers, Death at the Funeral, Mission Serenity and the previous Firefly firefly) or someone else?

Movie Facts

  • It was in the stories "I, the Robot" that the "Three Laws of Robotics" were first formulated.
  • One of the world-famous companies working in the development and production of modems, as well as related technologies, is called, almost exactly as in the original story: USRobotics Corporation.
  • In 1977, the rock album "I Robot" by The Alan Parsons Project was released.
  • "I, Robot" is the first wide-screen adaptation of the works of the same name by Asimov. Before that, they were taken as a basis, or they were simply mentioned in several episodes of various television plays and science fiction television series (a series of the British “Out of this world”: “Little lost robot”, “Prophet” and “Liar!”, As well as 12- th issue of the Soviet "This Fantastic World").
  • The first part was spoofed in the 17th episode 23 of the Simpsons season.
  • Audi has developed an exclusive RSQ concept car, which we could see in the picture as a Spooner car (2035).

At the moment, unfortunately, official trailers or teasers from the filmmakers have not yet been submitted.

Watch the video: - Official Teaser Hindi. Rajinikanth. Akshay Kumar. A R Rahman. Shankar. Subaskaran (February 2020).

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