Eastern horoscope for 2020 for the Tiger

Chinese horoscopes are a very interesting thing to study. Indeed, sometimes one is simply amazed at how observant, wise and interesting in their psychology these people are if they managed to create such a cultural phenomenon.

And when you realize that the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom do not just take them seriously - they check their lives with them almost every minute, you start to think that since more than a billion people believe in all this, maybe they are not so mistaken?

It doesn’t matter if you read your own forecast for the next year only as perhaps useful information in something, or, following the example of the Chinese, are firmly convinced of its infallibility, the benefit of studying it will be considerable for you anyway.

At least in the fact that you have a stronger feeling that you are not alone with fate - not at all. With you shoulder to shoulder will stand and other people who are similar to you by these or those characteristics. And together, as you know, it’s easier to survive any difficulties. Yes, and you want to share achievements with someone. At least in order to have someone to brag about, and to whom to rejoice for you ...

Well, let’s leave a long introduction and talk today about what he has prepared in the upcoming January 25, 2020, the year of the Metal Rat, a Chinese zodiac born under the sign of the Tiger.

What to do so that in 2020 luck smiles at you?

In fact, in order for the Rat to make friends with the Tiger, he needs to make a lot of effort. However, it will be wrong to name these signs as antagonists. At the same time, you have something in common with her. And, by the way, a lot: for both of you, the “three” will be the lucky number, and the lily is your favorite flower. By the way, and in one of the shades you converge - in blue.

In order not to be rejected by the Rat in psychological terms, you should reduce a bit of aggression, stop considering yourself the ultimate truth, as well as those who have the only responsible mission to fight on the barricades. This year’s patroness is a team player: try to notice more of the positive qualities of others and do not dispute their right to heroism.

For the rest, you will very soundly combine and complement each other - both bright personalities, charismatic and attractive, responsible leaders, charming and endowed with an impressive inner core.

However, you do not like to talk too much - you are more a person of business, so to succeed this year, try to learn how to open up more to people and enjoy sharing information and emotions.

To appease the Rat, be sure to decorate the northern part of the house with African violets or your lilies. Try to place all the most important things in the house in the west, northwest and southwest direction, look there with your face when you work or relax.

Please note that this year, except 3, the lucky numbers will be 2, and try to assign all of your important affairs to the Chinese calendar for 2 and 9 months, preferably on the 4th or 13th of each of them. And remember that 4 and 12 months, as well as numbers 5 and 9 will be unsuccessful.

Horoscope for 2020 for male Tigers

The year as a whole for the Tigers-men will be very, very successful. Justified risk will succeed, no matter what sphere of life it touches. If you decide to change the field of activity or to other cardinal innovations, feel free to decide - everything will go well and with maximum benefit for you.

The greatest success in your career and in your personal life awaits you in the first half of the year. In the second, despite a slight decrease in pace, everything will also be very good. The main thing is to remain as active and not to take rash steps, especially if you risk something at the same time.

The rat will require the maximum of composure and prudence, which you are only capable of, despite the fact that this, in general, is not your horse. Get ready for hard and consistent work - you won’t be able to take the hell out of heights, unfortunately, even considering that you are not a marathon runner at all.

Also note that the more you succumb to creative moods, the more extraordinary you think, the more likely you are to achieve exceptional success.

Horoscope for Women Tigers for 2020

Tigresses will have a busy, eventful year, rich in events and challenges - in a word, everything you love and what you are real pros in. Success will come without fail, and the more active your position in life will be, and the more you do to achieve it, the more impressive the results will become.

In the first half of the year, you will need to solve a number of problems that are most important for your future, in which you will need to apply all your abilities to extraordinary thinking and leadership. Feel free to put forward your ideas and take on the most complex projects - everything will submit to your pressure.

However, if you fail to cope with a certain inherent adventurism and do not become prudent and less emotional, you will provoke the indignation of the mistress of the year. Carefully look at the meetings that fate prepares for you, as well as the drop-down chances - some of them will carry a fateful significance for you.

Love horoscope

In love, you are incredibly pragmatic, and it’s hard to please, because you are not a priori inclined to compromise. You are adventurers and adventurers by nature, however, the Rat does not like it - remember this. An avid connoisseur of family values, she will not appreciate your selfishness and windiness.

Therefore, luck will accompany only those Tigers who have already "walked up" and are ready to anchor. If you continue to bend your rustic-aggressive line, scare the person who could make up your happiness - think about your character and behavior, try to become a romantic, at least in something. Otherwise, you will remain alone.

Pay attention to your environment and new acquaintances - representatives of such signs as Dragon, Horse and Pig. Relations with them will work out best if you decide to win their location. But the Bulls, Monkeys, and, like you, Tigers, should be avoided by all means.

Despite the fact that tact and patience are not your thing, try to cultivate these features in yourself - they will help to find real family happiness.

Career and Finance

In terms of career, the first half of the year the Tigers will be simply unique - it will be one of the few years in their destiny in which fate will offer them so many exciting opportunities. If you are active enough and begin to declare yourself as often as possible, you will certainly grow in office during this period.

It is possible that if you prove yourself as an outstanding organizer, you will gush with interesting ideas, you can rally a team of like-minded people around you and lead them in a new project. Or just get a leadership position at your previous place of work - depending on your life circumstances.

At the same time, financial well-being will grow significantly, which is expected. In the second half of the year, if things require a reasonable risk from you, feel free to decide on it - you are guaranteed both financial and professional growth. This is the best time to change work to a more promising one, if you wish.

Tiger Health in the Year of the Rat

Despite the fact that your enthusiasm and activity for diseases in your life simply does not leave a place, given the richness and responsibility of the current year, try to pay more attention to your well-being.It is recommended to maintain your health with sports, for example, running, aerobics and related techniques.

But excessive physical exertion should be avoided, or at least warm yourself up before them with warm-ups, otherwise injuries and illnesses should not be avoided. Be sure to alternate work with rest, even if the latter does not give as much time as we would like, otherwise with colds, or even get complications in the form of fever.

Remember, you're sprinters - not styers. You should not strain yourself for a long time, otherwise you will lose labor efficiency and vitality. Try to break the vacation into several parts, and when you feel that you are on the verge, drop everything and recover.

Here is such a forecast for the Tigers for 2020 prepared by Chinese experts, and we really want to believe that you will definitely come in handy when you make plans for it and prepare for your future achievements. We can only wish you good luck in them!

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