Eastern horoscope for 2020 for the Monkey

Before the coming of each new year, many of us have already become accustomed to asking fate a sacramental question: what awaits us in it? What to prepare for and what to watch out for? What will be the achievements, what needs to be done for them and how to secure the favor of Madam Luck guaranteed?

Endless Chinese wisdom gives us answers to all these questions, for centuries and millennia it has been collecting, analyzing, and systematizing in the symbolic language of horoscopes its observations about the world around and the inside — man himself.

Well, we have no reason to doubt her and not trust her experience, so today, continuing our annual cycle of predictions for each sign of the Chinese zodiac, we will talk about the future of Monkey in 2020.

As you probably already know, this will be the year of the Metal Rat, and she will drop by the light of January 25th. Yes, and it will remain with the hospitable hosts, as far as their talents and personal qualities are endowing them or punishing them in this or that case. Well, without delaying, let's ask the mustachioed prankster what she prepared for her pretty good girlfriend - Monkey.

What to do so that in 2020 luck smiles at you?

Relations Rat and Monkey can be called ... promising. That is, if fate is not specifically angered, this year everything will turn out very, very successfully for the latter. Of course, this is not perfect compatibility, but neither is the need for unbearable exploits, and even more so, the “without a chance” verdict. And how not to sprinkle salt on the tail of a friend, no less dodgy and quick-witted Monkey somehow, yes, he will realize.

She is damn smart and curious, charming to the point of soreness - all these features will help her achieve tremendous success in the coming year. However, excess wit should be moderated so that the mistress of the year, God forbid, does not decide that she is being taunted. And even more so, you should keep your leprosy and mischief with you until better times - the pragmatic and “right” Rat is unlikely to appreciate them.

And in order to ritually appease the mistress of 2020, you will need to decorate the northern corner of your house (yes, he is not only yours - happy, but also Rats!) With lilies or African violets, other ornaments, dressing in gold, blue and white colors , and also try to “look” more often in the western or north-western direction - they also coincide with you.

True, unfortunately, your lucky numbers are not identical. Moreover, the dear beloved Rat - for you the number is unlucky ... But by 3 you have no taboos, so feel free to take this into account. As well as the fact that it is better to plan all sorts of important things for the 2nd, 5th and 9th months of the Chinese calendar and for the 4th or 13th of each, but in the 4th and 10th it is recommended to avoid all serious things. The numbers 5th and 9th will also be unsuccessful.

Horoscope for 2020 for male Monkeys

The year for men - representatives of this sign - will begin, frankly, is not easy. The randomness of everything that happens will somewhat unsettle you, because a high level of internal self-organization does not allow you to adapt to the paradigm shift as easily and quickly as we would like.

But, if close to you completely close relatives and like-minded people who are stimulating you to success and supporting with everything you can, everything will gradually work out. In general, almost all the things that you will do solo are doomed to failure - only teamwork, the use of advice and practical help.

However, in the second half of the year everything will be fine again, and an extremely comfortable and promising period will come for you. All opportunities that until recently seemed lost forever and bitterly mourned on this subject will be compensated.

Everything that did not work out will suddenly come out by itself. There will be a complete idyll in the family, neither financial nor professional problems will bother you - you will feel a noticeable growth in all these areas.

Horoscope for Women Monkeys for 2020

Women born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004, a visit to the Rat on a visit is fraught with yet another proof that life is fair to you, how few people there are. You will feel the law of entropy in action in your own skin in the second half of the year, when fate begins to pay your bills with you, replenishing everything that it managed to deprive you earlier.

Everything will be fine at home, your well-being will improve so much that you can afford yourself much more than before. Finally, you will be overtaken by recognition at work and in creativity, and all those troubles, which until recently you were tested for strength, will be forgotten, like a nightmare.

However, before this will be very difficult times. In the first half of the year you will not be able to fit into the changed circumstances and saddle them for a long time. Blame your inescapable perfectionism, the ritualization of habits and attitudes, and the inability to quickly adapt to the spite of the day. You will become angry, reproach yourself for mistakes, spoil the mood for yourself and everyone around you. So much so that many will be amazed, looking at you and not recognizing at the same time a cheerful and mischievous Monkey.

In order not to slide into devastating conflicts during this period and not to break firewood with hasty impulsive decisions, seek solace in those who will always understand, forgive and regret you - in your loved ones.

Love horoscope

In the monkey’s love in the coming year, everything will be not just good - uniquely wonderful! And if she meets That same Rat of the opposite sex, then happiness to the grave, as in ballads, is guaranteed to her. It is also worth paying attention to Rabbits and Bulls - with them the union will likewise become very pleasant. But Tigers and Pigs should be avoided by all means - relations with them will not bring anything good.

This year, representatives of this sign are recommended to marry if they are confident in their feelings and their chosen one, have children and arrange their own nest - all this is not just given a green light. In fact, there comes one of the most favorable periods in your life for such activities.

As for family Monkeys, be sure to talk with your partner before the start of the year that there are very difficult times ahead of you, at least in the next few months, so that he tries to treat you more condescendingly, supports everything and mentally stimulates to new achievements.

And do everything so as not to get bored with your soul mate - come up with some new joint activity or hobby - you will spend more time together and become closer. It is very useful for you now.

Career and Finance

Despite the fact that the Monkey is an opportunist to the marrow of bones, in the first six months of 2020 this quality will suddenly take them, and even refuse. There will be bewilderment, more than enough, things will require active participation, and you will not know how to organize yourself in order to approach them, which, of course, is not typical for you.

Good advice to you: do not start anything new during this period, do not take on tasks beyond what is usual - moderation in the business sector is now the best way for you not to lose everything.

Those who have their own business will be especially hard - serious challenges are possible, which they can answer with honor only with the help and support of more competent or more influential people. Finances at this time will also not please.

However, closer to the fall, the black line will finally end, you can catch up on everything, your talents, experience and potential will certainly be appreciated, so feel free to count on a pleasant career growth and improvement of material well-being.

Monkey Health in the Year of the Rat

Monkeys love to "pull fate by the tail", test themselves for strength and live to the fullest - everyone knows that. And due to their cheerfulness and activity, they usually rarely complain about their health. However, up to the middle of summer, the increased stresses, some dissatisfaction with what is happening and the loss of landmarks can slightly unsettle you.

Try to run home from work more often, and pay attention to any signals from the cardiovascular and nervous system. Be sure to alternate periods of rest and work, even if they themselves have built such a tight schedule that it is easy to breathe freely and sometimes it seems that there is no time.

Leave extreme sports and entertainment for later. But pleasant relaxing trips with new impressions and emotions to maintain a positive energy balance are very much shown to you!

Well? How did our esteemed Monkeys find their Chinese horoscope for 2020? We hope you liked everything and you will take a lot of information into consideration, trying to get out of it with the maximum profit for yourself. And we are just sure that you will succeed!

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