New 2020 Ford Models

The fourth place in terms of sales in the history of automotive industry among global concerns, the glory of the inventor of the car assembly line and, in general, the first company that seriously thought about putting the world on wheels, is total.

That's literally everyone, making civilian transport affordable, cheap and in demand. All this is about Ford Motor Company, one of the main trendsetters in the modern car market.

They joke about him that if VW is the "people's car" of Europe, then Ford, of course, is America. And, despite the fact that recently the brand has slightly lost ground, in the light of the latest news it became obvious that by 2020 it was just preparing a complete evolution, or a revolution of its lineup. Doubt it? Judge for yourself…

Ford Bronco 2020: 6th generation

Detailed description, overview

New Ford Bronco - a thing completely outstanding in its design! Apparently, at least one car in the world should be excessively "plastic", faceted with deliberately coarse stampings - this niche never remains empty, as practice shows.

And this time it was occupied by the SUV, which promises to become the flagship of the lineup, whose inspired reincarnation we will soon survive.

Distinctive features of this new rogue from Michigan will be the new generation of EcoBoost - even more economical and environmentally friendly, of which the only thing that is known so far is the maximum power limit.

She will now be 325l.s. The new generation will be related to the Ranger in its frame, due to which in many respects it is going to become one of the largest cars in its class, surprising, in addition, with its pleasant breadth of internal space.

By the way, in parallel with this giant they will also release it in miniature - a compact crossover of exactly the same design.

Ford Mach 1 2020

Mustang is an unfading Ford classic. The racing power of this concern and its completely unique style, which has become a household name in many ways. However, people require SUVs - the most popular form factor in recent times, which is only increasing its demand in the market.

So they decided in the brand's design bureau to bring out the Mustang offspring in the crossover body. And how this outstanding genetic experiment ended, we are destined to see next year.

Believe me, it’s useless to describe Mach 1 - you just need to see it once. And preferably firsthand. Despite the fairly large "body" and a noticeable increase "in growth", nevertheless, the features of the novelty unmistakably guess the very classic Mustang.

They promise him an electric drive - where now without him ?! - And comparable to supercars power and agility. How it will turn out in practice - we are waiting for the first actual test drives to evaluate!

Ford Maverick 2020: 3rd generation

In the past, the legendary muscle car of the 70s, the Americans decided to revive in 2020. In a purely subjective opinion, the second generation, in comparison with the first, looked frankly miserable, so we hold our fists and hope that at least in the third it will be possible to recreate the charisma of the model.

Of course, it will not do without logical modernization: the machine will be transplanted to the platform of a brisk and such universal Focus, and so many parameters will be added that they would not look like poor relatives against today's competitors.

Updated Ford F-150 2020

From the 150th, few in the auto world will decide on the number of generations. Think about it, the 14th (!) Its full-scale generation is preparing for release in 2020. Five years earlier, the last radical update took place, and in 2017 the model was still a little modernized, however, given how high the competition is now, the Fords apparently decided to accelerate.

The flagship of the manufacturer, which has never stopped its release in the entire history, is going to be equipped with a hybrid transmission, which saves fuel significantly better than before. And at the same time, its technologies will be perfectly combined with the functionality of the systems responsible for the increase in torque and traction.

In fact, the update expects the entire F-series: the giant Super Duty will also play along: externally - at least judging by the advertising teasers, the front and rear views will change significantly, and internally - the interior will become much more spacious and comfortable.

Ford Explorer 2020: 6th generation

Detailed description, overview

Ford promised that he would completely revise his lineup by the next decade and put it in order - that’s how the hands even reached the famous conservative Explorer!

Especially, considering that even at the time of its release, the fifth generation of this model already seemed slightly backward, in comparison with the goods, although very pretty, we must give it its due.

The next generation, announced as part of the 2020 model range, promises to seriously evolve in appearance, becoming larger, but reducing weight by increasing the percentage of aluminum parts in the case.

And all thanks to the latest easily transformed D6 platform, capable of serving not only all-wheel drive, but also rear, and even front-wheel drive. By the way, it is she who will expand the list of model modifications: options with the third row will become available.

As for the design, there will be something very similar to the Aviator.

Ford Transit Custom 2020

Very adequate, having replaced American registration with European Transit, is going to please us with its full-fledged second generation by 2020. It should be noted that this medium-sized commercial van is actually quite fresh on its own - the model was born in 2012.

However, the spite of the day dictated its demands, and Ford had no choice but to develop a fully electric version of it, following competitors in the lineup (Volkswagen Transporters and Mercedes Vitos).

Draw conclusions

The concern plans to dramatically increase the number of e-plugins and purely electric vehicles in their proposals - up to 13 models in total. And EcoBoost will now become a harsh reality for most others, as the manufacturer believes that this will help to increase not only fuel efficiency, but also the dynamic characteristics of the car.

Already, Ford's design bureau is actively working on creating a pair of police interceptors for public services that will be built using purely hybrid technologies, as well as on some compact SUV (not baby Bronco - this is a completely new model!) For world markets, whose autonomous range is will be at least 480 km. We will see his official debut later.

Ford is waiting for a very profitable, according to experts, the year, and for us, accordingly, a year of sensational discoveries and a new reading of this brand. However, be sure that this is not the end of the story about Ford cars in 2020.

After all, the design idea never stomps on the spot, especially for such large market players, so at the next showrooms, it is possible that we will be pleased with several more vivid concepts, and even full-fledged serial versions of both new products and updates of the current model range.

Our editorial office is committed to following all official statements of this brand, as well as stuff from insiders and espionage investigations, promptly informing our readers about them in the following special issues dedicated to Ford in 2020.

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