Film Green Lantern Corps (2020)

The franchise restart announcement took place on October 15, 2014, when Warner Broz. announced its schedule for the release of paintings for the coming years. However, since then the date of the premiere of "Green Lantern Corps" has repeatedly been postponed, and, to be honest, there is still no certainty on many key aspects of the tape. However, the film will be one hundred percent, but in what form with whose participation? ... Well, just wait and find out for yourself!

Recall that the first widescreen incarnation of the Green Lantern Corps comic was the 2011 Green Lantern. And for his characters, in general, we have to say thank you to John Broome, Bill Finger, Gil Kane, and also Martin Nodell.

They belong to the idea of ​​creating an intergalactic organization designed to protect the entire Universe controlled by the Guardians from the planet Oa. The Corps, consisting of Green Lanterns, each of which owns its own ring of power, is already 3 billion years old, however, as he never had peace, he never sees it ...


  • Release date: July 24, 2020
  • A country: USA
  • Genre: superhero action movie-comics

The ecumenical policemen will again face serious challenges, and the life of the Galaxy, as such, depends on whether they stand up in the fight. The danger is so great that John Stewart and Hal Jordan will even be able to step over their differences and form a temporary alliance against a strong opponent.

It will turn out to be someone who had previously been in the ranks of the Corps, however, as it turned out, the Green Lanterns warmed a real snake on their chests: this man turned out to be a traitor and now threatens to bring down the whole familiar world order. Incidentally, this same Sinestro, who now owns the yellow ring of strength, and was previously known for training new recruits, including Hal Jordan.

He has assembled the Sinestro Corps of all the brightest supervillains of the Universe and is now waging a war against the Green Lantern Corps. Also, the remaining defenders will come to the rescue of the galactic policemen: Guy Gardner, Kyle Reiner, Jade Scott and others.

Given the current cooperation strategy of DC - Warner Bros., most likely it will be a tape about the team struggle of several bright heroes against evil forces at once, after which they will start releasing solo albums for each, various spin-offs and even their sequels. So, if all is well, we are on the verge of yet another powerful franchise, ready to rivet our attention to cinema posters for many, many years to come.

Camera crew and cast

Jeff Jones, the author of almost all DC comic book comics in the last decade, as well as several episodes of Smallville, Robotsyp, and Blade, are working on the script for the tape. And Justin Rhodes, who once worked on “Assassins,” “Election Elections,” and “Terminator: Reloaded,” helps him, and now he is about to show himself in the return of Robocop.

In the producer pool, John Berg, who previously released Justice League, Elf, and Meet Dave!, As well as unchanging Jeff Jones and Kevin Teren (Vicious Passion, Hope Never Fades, 99 Homes, " Dead Girl "," Birth of a Nation "and others). And, of course, Deborah Snyder is one of the main drivers of the DC adaptations locomotive, who removed all the plot lines, crossovers and solo albums of this brand in recent years.

Rumors are actively circulating that in the upcoming picture, one of the legendary rings will be put on his finger by Mark Wahlberg. At the same time, the second ring of Warner Bros. leaves no hope to give the same to Tom Cruise, who, time after time, manages to slip out of their tenacious paws. Either he dissuades that he fundamentally disagrees with the script, then he composes some other arguments ...

Well, the fact that the studio for heating pre-passion is considered a real guru is a fact. Most ducks fly out of its nests. By the way, one of such rumors is that none other than Christopher McQuory, the constant companion for the fulfillment of “impossible missions” of dear Cruise, will take up the direction.

Recall that in the 2011 feature film Green Lantern, the role of Sinestro was played by Mark Strong, known for both Kingsmen, Shazam, Brothers from Grimsby, Before I Fall Asleep, Welcome to the Trap, Sherlock Holmes "," Kick "," Totals of lies "," Rock-n-roller "and many, many others. So it is possible that here he will take on this character.

But Hal Jordan was Ryan Reynolds, the star of the Deadpools, the X-Men, Yes, No, Probably, Proposal, Amityville Horror, Buried Alive, and Killer Bodyguards. However, at the moment it is known that he flatly refused to represent in the movie comics in the image of anyone other than Deadpool. Although if it really will be a full reload of the franchise, then why not brush up on posters?

Movie Facts

It is possible that Guy Gardner or Hal Jordan will be played by Jensen Eccles, who essentially made a name for the series Supernatural, and also took part in the filming of Secret of Smallville, The Dark Angel and Days of Our Life. Yes, yes, you were not mistaken, this is the same handsome Dean Winchester, the storm of all vampires, werewolves, ghosts and the archangel Michael in addition.

True, this is if he is not persuaded for the second reincarnation of Jason Todd, known as Robin / Red Hood, because this is the same Universe as the Green Lanterns, so the studio, of course, will try to avoid such deplorable overlays.

It was rumored that Hal Jordan was to be played by Chris Pine. However, he preferred to incarnate in Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, and thereby untie his hands for further projects. Since there the role was, in fact, one-time. It could also be Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, Armie Hammer or Joel McHale.

In addition to Mark Strong, Luke Evans also claims to play the role of Sinestro - the very charismatic Dracula from the last film reincarnation of the same name of this remarkable character of folklore, as well as the antagonist from the sixth Fast and the Furious.

The creators promise a lot of Easter eggs on Guardians of the Galaxy, People in Black and Star Trek.

John Stewart’s Green Lantern can be played by Lance Gross (Family Wedding, Meet The Browns, Family Counselor, The Pine Family House, and others). Or maybe Idris Elba, known for the roles of Kroll in "Star Trek", Heimdal in "The Torah" and the entire franchise "Avengers", "The Dark Tower", "Cool Measures", "Boy Raiders," Prometheus, " Pacific Rim, and so on. Yes, that’s how the Avengers become Green Lanterns ... Tyrese Gibson’s candidacy is also possible.

Trailer, video teaser

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