Messing Predictions for 2020

One of the most powerful minds of the 20th century, a man endowed with extraordinary abilities, a subtle psychologist, a connoisseur of human souls, incredibly sensitive and self-possessing at an unbelievable level, unique, and, of course, a talented artist who can hypnotize the audience only with his genius, even without the use of hypnosis?

Or a mysterious prophet, a telepath, a reader of thoughts? Who is Wolf Messing? ...

Fate and career of Messing

In 1899, in a Jewish family very far from prosperity in the Polish town of Gura Kalwaria, at that time under the rule of the Russian Empire, a boy was born, who was named Wolf. There were four brothers in total, but only he suffered from somnambulism from an early age.

Without hesitation, the parents decided to fight with a malady, but turned out to be an effective method: placing a basin with water at the child’s bed so that when he got up to wander at night, he would immediately wake up from cold water. At the same time, the boy had frequent and very strong migraines, and if sleepwalking was overcome, he suffered for many more years with them.

Wolf was sent to a Jewish school and, being raised in a very religious family, he really at first lit up a rabbi's career, which he was sent to study in as a teenager. True, for a long time he did not hold out there - he fled to Berlin, where he ended up, holding out a piece of plain paper to the conductor on the train and looking into his eyes for a long, long time.

This was the first documentary evidence of the talent of the greatest mentalist in the history of the planet! Turning away from his fatherly guardianship, the boy is terribly poor - he interrupts as a laborer and a messenger, eats starving, which, coupled with an old ailment, makes him fall into hungry faints more than once or twice.

Once, the swoon was so deep that the doctors stated death and Wolf ... woke up in the morgue! After three days.

Naturally, the news of a strange boy prone to lethargy flies around the entire scientific world of the city, he is interested in the famous psychiatrist and neuropathologist Abel, takes him under his wing for research, promising Messing that he will teach him how to control his body so that this problem ceases to bother him . It is possible that it was Abel’s experiments that became the impetus for the disclosure of the boy’s suggestion and reading abilities.

Then he was arranged to serve as an exhibit in the Berlin Museum of the Unusual, he toured with circus troupes, posing as a fakir, and then he traveled all over Europe with a solo tour, after which he woke up famous.

His numbers included a demonstration of absolute pain immunity by controlling signals from the nerve periphery to the brain center, as well as a controlled lethargic sleep when he completely stopped breathing.

The Second World War began for Messing as a huge tragedy: his whole family was imprisoned in Majdanek and shot, and he miraculously managed to escape by crossing the border of the Soviet Union. And already on the territory of this country, his very exotic talent for the domestic public was destined to blossom and reveal in full. He knew the greatest people of that era, traveled all over the USSR with performances, and together with specialists from the Brain Institute he studied his abilities.

Wolf Messing was not only familiar with Stalin, but also rendered, as they say, invaluable service - in fact, saving his son, warning in advance that the flight that he was supposed to fly would be broken. And people, by the way, walked around a lot of tales about how the great mentalist, at the request of the generalissimo, either left the Kremlin and went back, then "robbed" Sberkass for a fabulous sum, then revealed crimes and the like.

But Khrushchev did not want to become an ideological puppet, and because of this conflict he was not allowed to engage in normal concert activities, which made this wonderful artist depressed, which was aggravated by the death of his beloved wife, and after that he became completely withdrawn.

Just three years before his death, he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. And he died on November 8, 1974 after an unsuccessful leg operation as a result of an exacerbation of an old military injury.

A prophet or a talented showman?

Interestingly, Wolf Messing did not leave any notes about his life and work - we have only indirect biographical studies of his contemporaries and posthumous, recordings of the artist’s performances, as well as ... “memoirs”. Thanks to which, in many ways, such a mysterious, even mystical, halo has developed around this person. Moreover, they were not written at all by the one they were talking about, but by someone M.V. Khvastunov, a popularizing journalist from Komsomolskaya Pravda.

This work was called "I am a telepath", and researchers from canonical science have repeatedly proved the absurdity and inconsistencies between many facts, judgments and descriptions in it.

However, the bird has already flown out of the cage, all the “Stalinist” stories, gatherings for three with Einstein and Freud, a quarrel and persecution personally by Hitler, as well as a fantastic escape from the Gestapo dungeons in Poland, coupled with the leadership of the occult society there - this is a lot in the book the other was, having made a noise among the masses, and even during his life he seriously fueled interest in Messing.

What of this was true, and what was fiction, to understand after years, of course, is not easy, when even most of the participants in those events have long gone into another world. However, it remains undeniable that there was still something of a sort in his talent, because shooting and eyewitness accounts from his speeches really confirm the facts of telepathy and suggestion at a distance, reading thoughts.

Messing himself, during his lifetime, explained his phenomenon to extreme muscular sensitivity, when even touching a person lightly, he felt his inner state so much that he easily read uncontrolled micro-reactions to his questions or expressed aloud during the presentation of the assumption.

As for his predictions ... This is if you leave behind the undoubted abilities of this outstanding hypnotism, physiognomist and psychologist - indeed, after one of the meetings with Stalin (just before the ill-fated flight of the hockey team), Joseph Vissarionovich persuaded Vasily not to fly, but to go by train.

Therefore, why not assume that it was Messing who warned him? It is also widely known that the "leader of the peoples", according to the prediction of Wolf G., was supposed to die on Purim. Which really happened on March 5th. However, again, it was not recorded anywhere. Although, his words about the exact end date of the Second World War remained in the annals, and there is nothing to be done about it.

Nevertheless, all the years of his performances, people desperately believed that he knew how to predict the future, which was often asked at a concert. For example, even the question from the audience was left on film: will there be a 3rd World War? To which Wolf Messing replies that no matter how someone wants her to happen, she will never be. To regard this as a delicate work with the audience of a person not without humor, or as a serious prediction is a personal matter.

What did Messing say about the future of the world?

In truth, recording a person like Messing in a clique of call fortune tellers, stamping a kind of digest of predictions for each year and not feeling the slightest remorse about it, is at least unethical.

This was a very outstanding person, but most of his predictions, if they were related to a particular event, a clearly defined year or person, they were made about those with whom he spoke personally.

Or, on those occasions when the remarkable analytical abilities and the ability to see the essence of things are much deeper, wider than most people can, allowed him to make an unmistakable forecast. Otherwise, he repeatedly admitted that what he does can be done by any stupid person who knows how to perfectly "read" people.

Of course, we want to believe that in the fate of the world he saw only calm and prosperity. And he repeatedly spoke about this at his speeches, reassuring the audience, answering her questions. But only a person who masterfully masters mass hypnosis can tell you that the fire is cold, and you will burn your arm to the bone before you realize what is happening.

Messing Predictions for Russia for 2020

The same can be said of what Messing said about Russia. Someone ascribes to him the words that he foresaw the collapse of the Union, the future greatness of Russia, the return of all republics to it, terrible punishments for the seeker of freedom and his own way of Ukraine, etc.

But ... you will not find all of this in any archival document. As we have already mentioned, he could reassure the public that there would not be another planetary war. However, none of us said the same thing to our own children, when they first got acquainted with the stories about the horrors of past wars, they scaredly asked us: “Will this happen again?”

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