DIY Christmas costumes 2020

New Year is a big and cheerful holiday. A holiday is an opportunity to gather friends and relatives. And the foundation of any celebration is a good company and an interesting program. To do everything in time and enjoy the preparation, start doing everything in advance, including costumes for the New Year 2020, so as not to forget important details in the bustle, and not to fall out of fatigue without waiting for fun.

Where to get the material for New Year's costumes?

We suggest starting with a general cleaning of the house. Revise your wardrobe. Collect all unnecessary and unnecessary, which has become not fashionable. In the trash? Stop, wait. We offer to arrange all this magnificence worthy wires.

A pile of old clothes, shoes and hats is a great source of costumes for the carnival on New Year's Eve 2020. The holiday can be made thematic or “spontaneous”. In any case, the fun is provided. The surest way to get a charge of positive emotions is to change the image. Start making up your home dressing room.

Organize a New Year's carnival at home. Advance guests in advance, become leaders. Of course, such preparation for the New Year 2020 will require time, effort and imagination. But, an unforgettable holiday is worth it.

We create costumes of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden

If there are many young children among the invited. For them, the New Year is associated precisely with these characters.

For the manufacture of Santa Claus costume for the New Year 2020, a bathrobe with a shawl collar is suitable. Trim the collar, cuffs and hem with white fur, pick up a hat. Add a shiny staff, a bag with gifts, boots. A beard, mustache and wig can be made from faux fur or yarn. Many shiny beads, snowflakes, rhinestones will turn the costume into a real masterpiece. Make-up on your cheeks, whiten eyebrows.

Snow Maiden can dress up in a dress, cloak, light colors. Trim the collar, cuffs and hem with tinsel or white fur. Shoes - white boots, boots. If not, you can wear white shoes and complement with white knitted leggings. Decorate your hairstyle with a shiny diadem. Wear white mittens or gloves on your hands. Makeup in cool colors will give the image a completeness.

Do not forget about grandparents. They can dress up in forest characters - Baba Yaga and Leshy, or Blizzard and Buffoon. These costumes are easy to pick up at the home dressing room, let the household show their imagination.

Are you afraid that your children will recognize dad in Santa Claus? Make them full participants in the entire New Year's Eve. New Year's costumes for the characters of the coming 2020 are quite suitable for these purposes.

At such a holiday, it will be appropriate for all guests to become a little children, and take part in a home concert with showing numbers to Grandfather Frost. After all, everyone wants to receive a long-awaited gift.

Dressing up in the costumes of the Greek gods

Have the children already realized that the “real” Santa Claus lives far away and only sends gifts under the Christmas tree with his assistants? Become a New Year's Eve - gods from Mount Olympus.

Light tunics made of light, drapable fabric, the best outfit for both the Gods and Goddesses. Tunics can be short or long. A piece of fabric is equal to two lengths. In the center, make a straight cut - neck. On the shoulder seams, make a drawstring for the elastic, pull the shoulder seam onto the elastic, close the seams with shiny braid. Make side seams. Neckline, lower cut, trim with shiny braid. The belt can be at the waist or under the chest, as you like. Gently fold the folds around the waistband. Shoes - sandals or lace-up sandals. Of artificial branches, you can do it yourself, make wreaths on your head, cover with gold paint.

Goddesses can adorn the forearm with shiny bracelets. Complete the costumes for the New Year 2020 with props, depending on the "specialty" of God. Dress up the kids with cupids. To make tunics on the same principle, to fix fluffy wings, and to give in hands brilliant fake bows and arrows.

For fun, you can arrange a comic Olympiad. Offer guests fun competitions. At the end, award prizes, and be sure to give everyone incentive prizes - the main thing is not victory, but participation.

Costumes for adults for the New Year 2020

Children have grown up. Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are no longer an authority. Baba Yaga and Leshiy are the kindest creatures in the world who fulfill any whim. Organize New Year's Eve in the style of Art Deco - fashion 20-30 x. years.

The most striking characters are Ostap Bender and Ellochka the Ogre. The presenter will most suit the image in deliberately dude outfit - light trousers, a jacket of a darker color, a bright vest. You can add a cap and a long scarf. Women will be beautiful in dresses with a low waistline, bright colors. Fur boas, long strands of beads, feathers - will give the effect to the selected costumes.

Listen to jazz, dance the foxtrot, organize table games - cards, forfeits, lotto, the Mafia game. Or have a simultaneous chess game. And at the end of the holiday, arrange a search for "treasures" in your chairs. Sew the second covers in advance so as not to damage your favorite upholstery, or attach the “treasures” with tape on the back.

At the end of the holiday, be sure to arrange a walk with fireworks. Imagine the sensation that your company will produce in the yard!

DIY Christmas outfits for children

Even if you don’t have a real carnival at home, you need to take care of costumes for your beloved children. Concert in kindergarten and school, performances in theaters - the child will want to feel like a participant in the event, not an observer. Take a closer look at the child in which images he most often represents himself.

Which of the cartoon characters attracts him. The easiest way to do the "bestial" costume with your own hands: make similar ears and a tail. Using aqua makeup, draw a funny face. From the usual New Year's tinsel you can make interesting and unique hats.

We present three options, on one basis. Manufacturing scheme: glue the resulting design to a regular hair band.

Christmas tree

The diadem according to the scheme is made of two strands of green "rain". Green dress or tunic, brown tights, red boots or shoes. Decorate the Christmas tree with beads, tinsel, small New Year's balls. Santa Claus will not pass by such a Forest Beauty.


The headpiece is made according to the scheme of two strands of gold "rain". After fully securing, cut the tops of the loops to get the rays.

Already on the child’s head, adjust their length. Dress the girl with everything yellow - dress, tights, shoes. Yellow fluffy slippers are best for such a suit. Never before has the sun shone so brightly, and has not brought so much warmth.

Snowflake, Snow Maiden, Snow Queen.

The most common image for girls under 5 years old. The crown is made according to the scheme. To make the headdress the most spectacular, use "fluffy" tinsel, with a good shine. A fluffy white dress with shiny trim, this is the best outfit for a winter round dance. Who is the first snowflake at the ball? She is in front of you!

Even if the baby is still a baby, there is no reason to stay away. This is his first New Year, and photos in memory will tell in the future that he took an active part in the holiday. In a white jumpsuit with large buttons, the baby can act as a snowman. Dress in a yellow jumpsuit, sew a red beak on a yellow bonnet, a lovely, cute chicken.

Do you call my daughter, my sweet? A light outfit with frills, a knitted strip for the head with a large bright flower - a cake would have bitten off a piece.

For "sliders" the choice of costumes is limited only by imagination. Green jumpsuit, soft horns on the head - a caterpillar. In a brown outfit, the baby can become an ant, or a ladybug, if soft red wings are sewn into black peas. In an orange puffy dress and a ponytail with green elastic bands, the girls will turn into pumpkins.

The main rule in choosing a costume for a small child is safety and ease of dressing.

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