Lunar calendar for 2020

In this article, you can see the lunar calendar for 2020, as well as the phases of the moon for the months of 2020.

From time immemorial, man has sought to predict the future in order to know reliably what to prepare for and what to expect from his life. Many of us would give a lot to learn how to raise the canopy of secrecy and at least a little glimpse of tomorrow. And even though little is given in our destiny to change, yet people have the opportunity to touch their cherished dream. It was discovered by our ancestors, and it is called the lunar calendar.

How does the moon affect humans?

As you know, the moon moves around our planet, constantly changing its position. Due to the fact that its orbit is slightly elongated, the Moon from time to time approaches us or moves away. Ever since Newton’s time, every student has known the presence in our world of such a powerful force, which is called gravity - gravity.

The moon is a massive celestial body that has great power, which has a major effect on all living organisms that inhabit our planet. But in addition to the remoteness of this celestial body, the degree of its illumination is also of considerable importance. During their active phases, earthlings receive the largest portion of energy coming from our celestial satellite.

Using the lunar calendar

People have long noticed that it is the Moon, which walks in importance immediately after the Sun, more than other celestial objects that affect living organisms that are present on our planet. Therefore, science began to develop, collecting data on the movement of the moon and its visibility. After centuries of gathering information, now we have almost perfectly learned to determine at what moments the celestial luminary will have the maximum effect and at which the minimum.

All the values ​​collected by people for a long time are embodied in the lunar calendar for 2020, which describes individually each month and every day of the week.

If you familiarize yourself with its contents, you can find out at what dates it is best to plan responsible events, and at which it will be wiser to wait for better times.

Moon phases in 2020: new moon and full moon

The most important are the phases of the full moon and new moon, in which our satellite has a maximum and minimum effect on the planet. It is believed that these days it is best to refrain from active actions and give special importance to your well-being.

As a rule, lunar calendars are described each month separately. By combining all the months, you can create a lunar calendar 2020, in which the most favorable periods for each person will be perfectly visible.

Why was the monthly cycle chosen? The fact is that the Moon revolves around the Earth in about 28 days, which make up the stellar lunar month. At the end of this period, the motion of the moon begins again.

How to determine favorable lunar days?

An uninitiated person to understand this issue is not so simple. There are many factors to consider.

1. Moon phase

This is the most important criterion by which people from ancient times were guided in time. Its significance can be judged on the basis of the fact that some very large human cultures have modern calendars, fully or partially based on lunar motion.

2. Zodiac sign

Over the course of the year, the sun moves along the ecliptic, a heavenly conventional path that describes the annual rotation of the daylight relative to the earth observer. During this movement, the Sun crosses 12 zodiac constellations, which directly affect many processes on our planet.

3. Day of the week

It is noteworthy that every day in the week has its patron - the planet of the solar system, which transfers part of its energy on this day to Earth and forms many processes.

After all these factors are taken into account, the lunar calendar is formed. Astrologers can determine which zodiac sign is lucky more or less on a certain day, which action should be performed in the first place, and with what - to wait.

Refer to the lunar calendar 2020 more often, and you can spend your time more productively.

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