New entry rules for Russia for citizens of Ukraine in 2019-2020

The fighting in the eastern regions of Ukraine began a few years ago. And according to statistics, from that moment about 10 million people crossed the state border of Russia. Now entry to the territory of the Russian Federation has been simplified to the maximum. The authorities did everything possible for this. Under what new rules will Ukrainian citizens be allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation in 2019-2020, learn from this article.

New entry order 2019-2020

Note that according to the new law, from 2019, all Ukrainians can enter Russia on the basis of a common civilian internal passport.

The usual visa-free border crossing entitles citizens of Ukraine to stay for 90 days on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Then it is mandatory to draw up a special document that allows you to increase the length of stay. It is called a residence permit and is issued for 3 years. However, for residents of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. an exception has been made. They have the right to stay in Russia for 180 days. This was made possible thanks to a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.

For a long time, both Ukrainians and Russians were acutely worried about the issue of changing the order of entry into Russia. Currently, the Ukrainian authorities have complicated entry into Ukraine. After all, Russian citizens can do this in 2019-2020 only with a passport.

Now the State Duma is considering a bill. If it is approved, then for all foreigners it will be more difficult to cross the Russian border. They will have to undergo certain procedures without fail. These include photographing and fingerprinting. All information received will be in a single migration base.

Rules for the stay of Ukrainian citizens in the Russian Federation

The legislation of the Russian Federation introduced some restrictions regarding the employment of citizens of Ukraine in 2019-2020. All arrivals in order to find work cannot avoid a thorough check. Only after it can you obtain a work permit. Also note that starting in the summer of 2019, the cost of a patent for work will increase.

Now Ukrainians are no longer an exception. Without a residence permit, they will be able to stay in the Russian Federation for no more than 3 months. Residents of the LPR and DPR have the right to stay in Russia for 180 days. Then staying without receiving the relevant document entails the imposition of an administrative fine.

Migration registration

The changes also affected migration registration. It was simplified for citizens of Ukraine, having a visa-free entry and exit regime on the territory of the Russian Federation. Employees of the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs say that now Ukrainian citizens do not even have to directly contact officials.

To hire a Ukrainian in 2019-2020, his employer will need to send a notification to the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This can be done in two ways. Or through a personal visit, or by email.

To get a job, you will need to provide a list of required documents. It includes:

  1. internal identity card;
  2. migration card;
  3. statement on the form.

A work permit is issued after the verification procedure. It lasts about 10 business days. If the applicant receives a refusal, then a motivated refusal will be issued to him.

Crossing the Russian border by car

Most Ukrainian citizens try to cross the Russian border by car. To ensure that the entry procedure is not accompanied by difficulties and a long check, it is necessary to arrange insurance in time. The most suitable option is a green card. Such insurance will be required when crossing the Russian border in 2019-2020. A green card is valid in countries that are part of the international insurance system.

The first stage of registration of insurance does not imply monetary limits. The actual amount can only be established by the legislation of the country in which the road trip took place.

It is important to remember that you should purchase a green card in trusted licensed companies. Otherwise, there is a risk of difficulties when entering the Russian Federation.

If you believe travelers, this insurance is an analogue of CTP. The difference is that the green card is relevant in all Schengen states. The main feature of insurance is the right to payment to the injured party.

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