Trade Worker Day 2020

At all times, people traded among themselves, and the need arose for specialists such as sellers. They carried out a dialogue with customers, released goods, in general, traded. But only in modern times have such a holiday been established as Trade Day. It is celebrated not only by residents of Russia, but also by representatives of other nationalities.

When is the Day of the Trade Worker in 2020

This holiday does not have a fixed date in Russia, it is celebrated every year on a floating schedule. Unchanged is always the month of triumph - July.

As for 2020, during this period the Day of the Trade Worker falls on July 25 (Saturday).

As expected, the events will be held on the fourth of July Saturday. The holiday was and remains relevant for the republics of the disintegrated USSR: Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan. In these states, the celebration was not only preserved in the festive calendar, it was given state status. The changes affected only the issue of date. For example, Ukrainians and Belarusians in 2020 will celebrate Trade Day on the last July Sunday.

A bit of history

In the ancient centuries, any civilized kingdom and principality could not imagine its economic and social policies without successful trade. There were always merchants ready to sell their goods, and soon the trading profession became one of the most sought after. Before the establishment of the holiday was still far away, but the advent of market relations changed the position of merchants. In the Old World, trading became not only profitable, but also prestigious. True, only men were allowed to engage in medieval business. But with the advent of a new era of gender equality, women began to learn the profession of sellers.

The history of the affirmation of the Day of the Trade Worker in our country dates back to 1966. It was then in the USSR that the Supreme Presidium approved the Decree on all representatives of the trade profession. The official holiday date was set for the last July Sunday. The name "Trade Day" was approved in 1988 by designating the third March Sunday as a solemn day.

After the collapse of the Union, when the Russian Federation was formed, the relevance of the holiday did not decrease, on the contrary, it received a higher status. The President signed a decree recording a new holiday event on the calendar.

Profession Features

Every day, and someone several times a day, Russians visit retail chains, shops and various kiosks. But only a small percentage of the population is familiar with the flip side of the seller’s profession. But trading is not an easy task, and this holiday is only a small recognition of human heroism.

The trading sector is an extensive staff of specialists: cashiers, managers, sales representatives, surveyors, merchandisers and many others. They carry out the acceptance of goods, their verification, and other manipulations. The road to the profession starts in specialized schools or universities, where graduates come from. In any store, experts and consultants are needed to provide complete product information.

To become an excellent connoisseur, and to celebrate Trade Day, you need to get a lot of useful knowledge, have the skills of a psychologist in communicating with others. Communicativeness is a key quality required by all trade workers.

An ideal sales professional is a conscientious, responsible, organized and creative employee.

The well-being of the company, the profit of the enterprise, and the circulation of goods depend on the activities of traders.

The holiday will never lose importance, because the need for competent sellers will never disappear. The work of these workers can hardly be overestimated, because their zeal depends on how well the shelves in stores will be staffed and what kind of service customers will receive.

Traditions of celebration in Russia

The holiday has a number of features, and it is customary to observe important traditions every year. Most often, Trade Day is celebrated with loved ones in a narrow family circle. Traditionally, festive tables are set, and congratulations are held at enterprises. The heroes of the day are presented with gifts, money prizes are written out, and valuable certificates are handed. Among colleagues, it is customary to exchange souvenirs and funny postcards. It is customary to organize corporate parties, and all kinds of parties aimed at strengthening relations within the team.

The level of celebration comes to high government positions. Thematic events take place in many Russian cities. The most colorful and large-scale Days of trade workers are arranged in Moscow hypermarkets. For employees, they set up a day with super discounts so that everyone can purchase equipment and perfumes at a low price. Officials from the Ministry of Industry and Trade are honored in the Kremlin, and honorary prizes are given to everyone.

People started trading from ancient times, at the very dawn of civilization. And always for this important process were responsible people who know how to count money, and who know how to find a common language with customers. But only in the modern era, it was decided to approve their professional holiday for these specialists.

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