Horoscope for 2020: Leo

As the recognized king of the horoscope, Leo is accustomed to be in the center of universal attention, receiving benefits, almost without any effort! In 2020, representatives of this royal sign will experience an unprecedented upsurge of energy, a creative surge, family happiness and career advancement. The White Metal Rat is ready to support Leo in everything, to assist in business. But everything is possible if the lion's narcissism does not cross borders.

What awaits Leo in 2020

Events will captivate Lviv literally from the first days of 2020, and swirl in a whirlpool of passions, problems and desires. Only the ability to competently organize the work process, allocate time for hobbies and self-discipline will help to cope with everything. The rat will be delighted to see how masterly the Lions are controlled at work, build a romantic relationship, and help others. The winter months will require full dedication from Lviv, and you will have to postpone your personal life until later in order to deal with work issues. The team simply will not be able to work normally if Leo does not take on organizational issues and does not lead an important project. Agility in overcoming any situation will help to be proactive, and earn the respect of colleagues in 2020.

After a tense winter, a more relaxed spring will come, allowing you to do pleasant chores. With the arrival of warmth, all Lions will be able to turn to love adventures, meet the second half, and think about expanding the family. Romantic euphoria will make Lviv nonchalant than scammers try to take advantage of. The desire to keep everything under control will tell you the moment when you should release your claws, and let all attackers understand who they contacted. Both relatives and long-time business partners will try to deceive or substitute Leo.

By the fall, it will be possible to take stock, reviewing the results of hard work. Having assessed the situation with a sober look, Leo will see what he has achieved and what he still has to strive for. It’s never too late to catch up, so by the end of 2020, feel free to organize friendly gatherings and arrange romantic dates.

Love horoscope for Lviv

Most Lions will feel a thirst for changes in their personal lives, but the imaginary nature will throw up doubts. It would seem nice to have a new affair, but to part with your previous partner is sad. Those who decide to break up will not lose anything, but may not gain anything in return. It is better to maintain a long-standing relationship, and try to reach a new level. Family Lions will seriously think about replenishing the family, and decide to have a baby. Free will feel the desire to visit the registry office, making lovers official spouses. In the spring, conflicts arising without cause will escalate. Autumn will bring a lot of reasons for crazy jealousy. If you put aside excessive pride, go on a dialogue and not show arrogance, relations with a partner will be able to align. No need to put pressure on your loved one, or try to remake it. With the help of compromise and mutual respect, you can strengthen love, and earn happiness for many years. A stormy romance will happen in single people, family people will renew their relationship, everyone will be healthy and comfortable together.

Health horoscope for Lviv

No abundance of events is capable of harming the lion's well-being. The frantic pace of life, so exhausting, will only give the Lions extra vigor, increasing the level of energy. Optimism, with which all difficulties are encountered, will provide protection against diseases, because no infection is possible for happy Lions. Overfatigue, supplemented by improper nutrition, will provoke severe insomnia in the middle of the year. There will be an unpleasant heaviness in the abdomen, digestive problems. As a vacation, it is better to abandon the summer cottages, and go on a full relaxation. For example, to the sea. If you do not enjoy the sun during the summer months, exacerbation of colds, loss of strength, depression is possible by winter. A good rest will provide a supply of health, and love will give a second wind.

Financial horoscope

Huge earnings in 2020, Leo should not wait, regardless of the hard work. Yes, earnings will be stable, but nothing more. The horoscope does not promise tangible wealth; you have to temporarily abandon the idea of ​​becoming a millionaire. Perhaps, there comes a period for building the foundation: searching for partners, participating in projects, implementing old ideas. In the hot season, finances will flow faster, but at the same time many risks are possible to lose. It is not worth borrowing money, they may not be returned at all, or they may be returned with a great delay. Any monetary investments should be made with the utmost caution, or you should abandon expenses towards savings. Business will get a new breath, if you implement a promising project. The main thing is not to rejoice in the success too violently, so as not to attract the attention of insidious envious people.

Career horoscope for 2020

The lions holding the post of bosses will pursue such an aggressive policy that all possible competitors will run away in fear. Leaders will show pressure and hard work, which the Rat will definitely appreciate. But, if you continue to act with excessive obstinacy, even stubbornness, luck will turn away. It is necessary to show flexibility, not to press colleagues and subordinates, more often to listen to someone else's opinion. Excessive self-confidence of people born under the lion's sign will play a cruel joke with them if you do not learn to be flexible. Family and colleagues will definitely notice if Leo becomes softer, less assertive and arrogant.

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