Social Worker Day 2020

As you already understood from the title, the article will discuss the Day of the Social Worker, which will be celebrated in 2020. So, all people live in society, but not everyone is inherent in the desire to take care of others. Only a small part of citizens have such kind hearts that they go to work in the social sphere. For a small salary, these activists are ready to help all those in need: grandparents, children and people with disabilities. The most humane profession in the world is called a social worker, and a personal day on the calendar is dedicated to it. In 2020, this young holiday will be celebrated only for the 20th time!

When will Social Worker's Day be in 2020

If we compare this holiday with other celebrations, then we can say that it is quite young. The president’s order to establish State Social Worker's Day was signed in 2000, and two decades have passed since then. When choosing a holiday date, they were guided by the principle of symbolism, making June 8 an official celebration. Eight, as a sign of infinity, looks beautiful, and suggests thoughts of the inviolability of humanism. Professional date is celebrated annually, and always in one number.

In 2020, in Russia, Social Worker Day is celebrated on June 8, Monday.

The Russians, like other nationalities, decided to devote a separate day to workers in the public sphere. This solemn event falls on June 8, and has the obligatory attributes and long-standing traditions.

About the history of the holiday

It is a general misconception to consider Social Worker's Day a priority only for those in whose work book is the entry of the same name. But not only people who help in everyday life are worthy of warm congratulations. Many kind-hearted boys and girls, women and men provide voluntary assistance in various boarding schools, catering facilities, hospices and other charitable institutions. All who help strata of the population in an unprotected position are employees of special centers — all these citizens are collectively called social workers. Even those who serve in the Ministry of Labor, solve social problems, also accept words of gratitude. On June 8, the holiday began to be celebrated not by chance, on this day, 200 years ago, the first almshouse was opened.

Since 1701, special houses were opened throughout the country, prototypes of modern shelters. Initially, they were opened on the basis of churches and governor's houses, later - at church communities. These charitable institutions were inhabited by people with an army rank, but injured, injured or crippled, as well as retired veterans. Over the years, this form of social support has repeatedly transformed, and often there are ideas to completely close the shelters. But social workers of those times managed to convince the authorities of the need for these houses.

The key function of the almshouse was considered to be assistance to those citizens who are unable to take care of themselves on their own, cannot support themselves. Based on the centuries-old experience of their ancestors, modern help centers continue to sincerely help those who are in vital need.

As noted in Russia

The state stands on a foundation called the social sphere. The better the services provided, the more prosperous the citizens will be. This means that the country will flourish, the level of the economy will rise. Therefore, the holiday becomes so important for everyone: volunteers, sociologists and carers. On June 8, employees and ministries of labor consider a professional day for themselves. All Russian regions celebrate this day about the same, and the solemn part coincides. First of all, ministers and leaders of the administration address all social workers with congratulations, then the managers thank the employees. It is customary to graduate, give diplomas, issue cash prizes.

Traditionally, after official appearances, a concert follows, followed by a banquet. As the heroes of the occasion admit, the words spoken by their wards, that is, low-income citizens, people with disabilities, children and pensioners, warm their souls the most.

Celebrating in other countries

The festival of humanism is not only in the Russian Federation, and many Russian neighbors have similar events. CIS celebrate "Day of Workers of the Social Security System". In Kazakhstan, the date of the celebration falls on the last Sunday of October, and Ukrainians celebrate in November, on the first Sunday (in November 2020 - November 1). By the way, in Ukraine, the day of social activists appeared in 1999, a year earlier than Russia. Armenia established the event on November 4, and Belarus on January 5.

Not only state, but also international celebrations are dedicated to social protection, and to those who are ready to provide it. The UN supports several Days, one of them is World Social Justice Day (February 20), and the second is dedicated to public work, celebrated on March 17. The key tasks of the new holidays are the fight against poverty, the equalization of the rights of men and women, and the improvement of social security.

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