Federal Program for the Development of Education until 2020

Confident movement of the chosen economic course allows Russia to become more attractive. A productive investment cooperation is impossible without highly skilled craftsmen. To grow such demanded professionals, you need a productive system of involving young people in the educational process. And while she remains somewhat backward. For the sake of transforming important educational areas until 2020, a special Education Development Program was announced at the federal level.

The goal of the education development program 2016-2020

A developed economy has recognizable features of mass education. Whereas the market structure implies innovative programs focused on social policy. The industrial model allows the development of creative individuals with increased social responsibility. To implement the mechanisms for the development of science, this Program is envisaged for the period from 2016 to 2020. FTsPRO - the main tool for regulating and improving the regulatory aspects of the educational system.

The main goal of the project is to create such comfortable conditions for the development of education so that it turns out to be ultra high-quality. Standards must meet the requirements for innovative education.

Unfortunately, education in the Russian Federation cannot compete with the European one. To eliminate shortcomings and imperfections, it was decided to translate into reality the Federal Program for the Development of Education. It has many important tasks and goals designed to make Russians more valuable personnel, to provide students with greater freedom of creativity.

The main objectives of the project

The program poses several fundamental tasks:

  • The first is related to the need to create and maximize the distribution of innovations (both structural and technological) for higher and secondary education.
  • The second calls for the development of technological mechanisms in the general link, to make them better. Children's educational environment should develop at a rapid pace.

  • The third task is to implement measures that can take additional education to a new level, provide students with the necessary conditions for realizing their scientific and creative potential.
  • Fourth, infrastructure must be formed that fully meets the requirements of the economy. Training should be conducted at the appropriate level so that the country will receive qualified staff.
  • Fifth, you need to evaluate the learning outcomes with the help of a popular assessment system. It must be created in order to use it wisely.

Program Stages

Of course, it is simply impossible to implement all the developments in a single time, so the program was divided into two stages:

The first covered the gap between 2016 and 2017. It was entrusted with the functions of testing, and then introducing comprehensive measures and the latest models developed from 2011 to 2015. Those facilities whose construction began in the same years should be completed.

The second stage originates in 2018, and should finish in 2020. During this time, cardinal changes must occur that affect the very structure of organizations, both secondary and higher education. The structure of the system will change radically. In practice, mechanisms are introduced that can in the long term improve educational processes. Innovative educational programs will be distributed in the master's and postgraduate courses, and new technologies will be introduced for their implementation. Students and schoolchildren will be more actively involved in scientific activities, for which technology will undergo an improvement process.

The Russian grading system will become more effective, which will improve the quality of education itself. Assessment is based on the principle of professional and social participation. Investment construction projects will be implemented: physical education and sports centers, laboratories, dormitories, etc.

Project implementation: events

To implement the first objective of the program, it was decided to modernize the system of colleges and universities: to develop, test, implement modern models of institutes and universities.

It is planned to raise the level of qualification assessment centers and invest in interregional qualification units. Conditions for professional growth should strive for ideal.

Until 2020, new standards will appear in preschool and general education, and special attention will be given to students with health restrictions. The latest technologies will be introduced everywhere, they will be supported at the state level. The most significant corporations will transfer innovative experience.

To develop a creative environment, improve pre-school education, they will provide a sufficient motivational base. The younger generation has enormous potential, it is necessary to identify it and carefully cultivate it. Boys and girls will receive additional incentives for creativity, activate their abilities in sports, work, culture. As a result, it is planned to introduce a healthy lifestyle in training sessions, to make it a philosophy. Infrastructure will not create itself; it needs to be cultivated. Education will be available, regardless of where students live. By 2020, Russian education will become competitive, staffing potential will be updated. Teachers and administration representatives will undergo further training, the staff will be “refreshed”.

Children with health problems will be created conditions suitable for the full acquisition of knowledge of any link. Particular attention will be paid to children from unprotected sections of society who do not have a chance to study at universities for free. To make changes to the assessment system, new mechanisms will be invented that will attract public attention, and accreditation programs will receive additional points.

In more detail, about the state program for the development of education 2016-2020, find out from the video:

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