Enrollment of a child in school for the 2019-2020 academic year

The process of obtaining knowledge is the most important, therefore, children have to be included in it from an early age. But the current situation with places in schools is such that the busiest institutions cannot accept everyone. Hence the second shifts, and the main enemy of the parents is the turn. All applicants must complete the preliminary registration in the 1st grade for the 2019-2020 academic year, and this is a very time-consuming task.

Filing an application in grade 1: terms and rules

The Constitution of the Russian Federation provides for every citizen the right to free education at school, that is, all the children are legally provided with the opportunity to study. The Ministry of Education regularly publishes all amendments to the orders; they can be found on the ministerial website. However, some educational institutions or at the local level have their own characteristics for applying. They should be consulted in advance. In any case, the characteristic features of school charters cannot harm students.

With the beginning of each school year, certain residential areas are assigned to specific schools in the Ministry. Schools themselves calculate how many vacant places they will have open. For enrollment of first graders, two periods of time are provided.

For citizens living in the school district, the start of applications will open no later than February 2019, and will be closed on June 30, 2019. For people living in other areas who are not fixed in this residential area, the period starts on July 1, the end is 5 September

These are only approximate guidelines; in the private order, the school itself sets the schedule. Moscow educational institutions are characterized by the opening of the record on February 1.

School enrollment options for 2019-2020

For the convenience of parents, there are just three ways to apply for admission to grade 1:

  1. The classic option is to appear in person at the chosen educational institution and write a statement.
  2. An alternative way is to contact the MFC, that is, centers that provide services to the population.
  3. And the third - through the portal of public services.

The traditional mechanism with personal attendance provides for the writing of a statement addressed to the director, following the model provided at the school. Application for the academic year 2019-2020, is carried out with the necessary set of documents. Modern queuing methods allow you to leave applications immediately in 5 schools! If the package of documents is fully assembled, the MFC will certainly accept the application. A citizen is issued a receipt on receipt of documents, which the receiving specialist certifies with a signature and a seal.

The application will be considered 1 working week, as prescribed by law. As for the electronic record, it opens before anyone else. Starting around December 15th, this feature will already be available on the Internet.

First graders age

It is impossible to send a child to school only at the personal request of the parents, for this there is a state regulation. For a kid entering grade 1, a normal age is determined that meets the norms of SanPiN.

Children aged 6 or 7 are admitted to primary school. It is to 6.5 years that most of the children are mentally prepared for training, and is suitable for the first stage.

Diagnosis was carried out by the best specialists, it has confirmation. Based on scientific research, the age requirement was fixed at the legislative level. But there is a maximum border, it is equal to 8 years. Later this mark should not be given to the child in grade 1. Although all standards are advisory in nature, and cannot be imposed on anyone. Very often schools accept students of a different age than prescribed by law. The only thing: the student should not have health restrictions.

Required documents

As with any application, you must provide the institution with a full package of documents. This list is regulated by presidential decree. First of all, the parent or legal representative writes a statement. Next, 2 copies of the child’s birth certificate are attached to it. The original must be carried with you. Certificate of registration at the place of residence, form number 8. A document proving the identity of the applicant himself, that is, a passport.

In some schools, the list of documents is supplemented: photographs of the future first-grader, medical certificate, vaccination certificate. You will also need a copy of the compulsory medical insurance policy, a questionnaire filled out according to the school model. In the clinic, a certificate is taken that the child did not contact with infectious patients. After the application has been filed electronically, three working days are given for personal appearance at the educational institution. Otherwise, such a virtual application is canceled.

Benefits for admission

When enrolling in grade 1 for the 2019-2020 academic year, some preferential conditions are provided for certain categories of citizens. So, the advantage in entering the school is the children of military personnel serving on a contract basis. Children of police officers, or pupils from families with a disabled child. Or children with disabilities themselves. To get on the list of preferential students, you need to get a certificate giving the basis for using the privilege.

Parents should be responsible for the child’s acquisition of knowledge, and timely identify him in the educational institution. With the onset of 6 or 7 years of age, a child must be identified in an educational institution, for which an application should be submitted in advance. An application supplemented by a package of documents is submitted to the selected school. Some categories of citizens are eligible for preferential enrollment.

From the video, find out if the school principal can refuse a child to be admitted to an educational institution:

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