Medic Day 2020

Medical facilities are visited daily by millions of people across the country. And each of them hopes to receive qualified help from a professional health professional. And, as a rule, doctors cope with diseases of any severity brilliantly, because the level of medical education in Russia is quite high. In addition, Russian doctors act selflessly, and even help in fires, at the risk of their own safety. To cure the patient, medical workers make every effort to strictly follow the Hippocratic oath.

When will Medic Day be in 2020

Such a significant profession as a doctor could not remain without public attention, and many years ago there was such a holiday as "Day of the medical worker." Back in the last century, it was prestigious to congratulate doctors, and no one forgot to arrange special events on this occasion. However, the celebration does not have a fixed date, like most Russian holidays. Every year, the number of celebrations shifts in the calendar, obeying generally accepted norms. The day of the week and the month to which the event is bound remain unchanged. Traditionally, when June comes, on the third Sunday they celebrate the Day of the medical worker.

In 2020, Medic Day will be celebrated in Russia on June 21, Sunday.

A little bit about the history of the holiday

Since ancient times, people involved in healing have been respected and considered the elite of society. Some believers even attributed to the healers a connection with otherworldly forces, and the possession of mystical knowledge. However, until the 20th century, most healers acted at the level of magicians and sorcerers, they were afraid, but they went to them for help. Only in 1980, Medic Day appeared on the calendar as an official public holiday. Since then, to this day, health workers across the country have received congratulations in June.

Traditional events

At the state level, the Day of the health worker is celebrated quite widely, which is to say about narrow circles! Participants of the celebrations are absolutely everyone, both the medical specialists themselves and their grateful patients. Moreover, it is customary to congratulate the employees of the medical sector at all levels on the holiday. Orderlies and nurses, laboratory assistants and medical equipment engineers, technologists and doctors, all deserve congratulations on their professional holiday. The number of people, one way or another connected with medicine, is in the millions. If we talk about the junior medical staff, then there are more than 2000 such specialists in Russia.

Each festive event dedicated to the Day of the Medic always begins with warm words from the head of the medical institution. Special guests at the festival are officials and ministers from the Ministry of Health. A word for congratulations can be taken by patients, and the "culprits" of the celebration themselves. At the same time, medical workers who are on a well-deserved rest come to congratulate their working colleagues. As a gift for physicians, special state awards are provided. One of them is "Honored Worker of Health Care of the Russian Federation." It is handed over to people with a high level of professional knowledge and who have distinguished themselves for their activity over the years of work. The second award - "Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation" - is given only to doctors who have worked in medicine for over 15 years. These doctors have shown their skill in the struggle for human health.

As a rule, festive evenings end with banquets or friendly gatherings at corporate parties. And a mandatory tradition on this date is the presentation of the award to the most distinguished employees. Although in recent years, it is customary to encourage absolutely all workers in the industry, regardless of position.

The importance of the medical profession

The right to wear a white coat is very difficult, and not every student in the medical faculty succeeds in reaching a diploma and then becoming a doctor. The learning process takes a lot of time, and the list of compulsory disciplines is simply amazing. But, even after obtaining a diploma, a physician must undergo a long internship, and only then he will be allowed to patients on an independent basis. However, not a single academic discipline, and years of practice are capable of preparing doctors for all the difficulties of the profession. Medical errors also occur, and the salary is not always pleasing, but doctors continue to go to work and fight disease. Therefore, it is important, at least once a year, to remember the feat of each doctor and congratulate the medical workers.

There are many holidays on the calendar, but it is precisely Medic Day that allows you to turn to the most complex profession, such an important and necessary one. Doctors across the country struggle annually with serious illnesses, and the prize is only a small part of the gratitude that these specialists need to express. Particularly noteworthy are doctors who have devoted medicine their whole lives.

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