Christmas Eve in 2020

Christmas Eve is a holy day preceding one of the main Orthodox holidays - Christmas. It is easy to guess that not so much the day itself is of special importance as the evening before the Christmas celebrations. Since the Nativity of Christ is considered the brightest Orthodox holiday, it is therefore customary to arrange festive celebrations even on its eve. People are so happy about this Christmas miracle that they observe ancient traditions, set tables, and get together for fun activities. However, do not forget about the strict rules of Christmas fasting, which restrict Christians in food of animal origin. For girls, this date is another opportunity to look into the future, and tell fortunes to the groom.

When will Christmas Eve in 2020

For Christmas, the calendar has a fixed date, January 7, so the holiday eve always falls on January 6. This number does not change annually, and Christians around the world celebrate Christmas Eve on that day. Catholic Christmas has a different date, December 25, so the celebration of Christmas Eve among Catholics falls on December 24.

In 2020, Christmas Eve falls on Monday, January 6th.

Holiday Name

There are only two versions, as the name of the holiday appeared. According to the first of them, the word "Sochivo" is the basis - a special dish for the Christmas table. In ancient times, it was prepared from cereals, squeezed juice into a cup. Simply put, at first the grains were well kneaded, steamed, and some kind of porridge was obtained. Honey, nuts or dried fruits were added to this pulp. The name Kutia is closer to modern people.

According to the second option, Christmas Eve was called so, thanks to the word "Sochen". This dish was also traditional, and looked like an ordinary cake. In shape, they made her look like a mask, and some housewives even cut holes in her eyes. Through these slots it was customary to look at others, and to reveal in them not good intentions. If evil forces showed themselves, then so much helped to protect themselves from them.

Folk traditions

One of the traditions of Christmas Eve is the general gathering of the family at the festive table, and the obligatory preparation of traditional dishes. Kutya, mentioned above, is a dish that came from ancient times. An important tradition to start dinner with the appearance of the first star in the sky has also been preserved to this day. For the ancestors of modern Christians, Christmas Eve played an important role in life, and was called Kolyada. So, at least, it was fixed in the Slavic folk calendar. Fortune telling is another tradition on Christmas Eve.

Festive table

As for the holiday treats, they have certain restrictions on Christmas Eve. It is important to remember that Christmas Eve is also the last day of fasting. Therefore, you must comply with the restrictions, and take food only once on this day. And then, after the appearance of the first star in the sky, as a prototype of the star of Bethlehem. It was she who was lit in heaven at the moment when Jesus Christ was born. Until darkness fell, and the star did not light up, it was only allowed to drink cold water. Although, the Orthodox canons prescribe only dry-eating on this day. It turns out that you can’t eat hot dishes in food, and in no case add oil to any dish.

In general, it is allowed to eat nuts, mushrooms and fruits. And then, such strict prohibitions should be held by people who have associated themselves with the service of God. It is enough for lay people not to put food of animal origin on the table.


On Christmas Eve, it is customary to maintain an ancient tradition, and to go home with funny songs. This custom is called caroling, and is liked by Christians of all ages. For carols gather in groups, the more, the better and more fun. All the participants in the procession come up with funny outfits for themselves, and all together rehearse the holiday performance. As a rule, people memorize folk songs in advance, or compose a script for a small show. Kolyada goes home without missing a single home. And along the street the merry people also go not silently, but with jokes, jokes and ditties, involving all the passers-by in their procession. Entering the house, the artists execute their program, and for this they are given various treats, and even money. If the mummers collect money, then they then donate, and other charitable deeds.

Fortune Telling on Christmas Eve

And, of course, not a single holy evening is complete without fortune-telling! As a rule, this evening, on the eve of Christmas, unmarried girls, but sometimes guys, gathered in a separate hut. And everyone began to guess at the future husband or wife. The people believed that on the night before Christmas the curtain between the worlds was opened, and you can look into the future and get answers to absolutely all questions. Remembering the reliability of these answers, all the girls sought to ask their question, and to find out at least the name of the narrowed one.

One of the popular signs was divination on a towel. They hung him next to the washbasin, and suggested that the invisible betrothed come and wash. After which the girl went to bed, and in the morning she evaluated the result. A dry towel meant that marriage was not yet close, but a wet one foreshadowed an early wedding.

They also divined on cups in which various objects or products were laid out. Key attributes are ring, sugar and water. But you can add any number of cups with other contents. The fortuneteller blindfolds, and selects one of the containers. Water means empty chores, and the absence of fundamental changes. Sugar symbolizes joy, fun and vibrant emotions. The ring, no doubt, speaks of imminent marriage. There are a lot of ceremonies and fortune-telling, and from ancient times only a few of them came to people. However, interest in Christmas Eve never fades away.

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