Names of girls by months for 2020 according to the Orthodox calendar

In anticipation of the birth of a daughter, parents invariably wonder what to name the baby and are guided, at the same time, to different circumstances. Some are looking for a sublimely beautiful and sonorous name, others want to honor the memory of their ancestors and name the baby in honor of their great-grandmother, while others prefer to listen to fashion trends. On this occasion, the Orthodox Church has an opinion that modern parents may not even like. The fact is that the clergy believe that giving a name without relying on the opinion of Christian laws is like giving a child a nickname. The church is quite strict in this regard and gives advice to young parents who want to be obedient to the Orthodox faith and God - pay attention to the Saints or the Orthodox calendar and give them a name based on the month and day of the name.

Debunking Common Misconception

Even a person far from the church knows that they basically canonized, and therefore inscribed in the church calendar, people who suffered a lot, were martyrs for their religion and led a monastic lifestyle. What if a child who was given the name of a saint would follow the same path, be unhappy, or go into religion once and for all. The Church dismisses such fears and does not get tired of repeating - the name does not affect the fate of a person and his adoption of various decisions. The clergy even recommend checking this statement: open the Saints and trace the fate of different saints with the same name - they are all different, no connection between the name and the person’s life is noticeable.

Why give a child a name on the Orthodox calendar?

Companions of Christianity are people of great courage, true faith, pure reason and a good heart. None of the personalities listed in Svyattsy was recorded in the book by accident; they won the honor of being canonized for special affairs before God and people. The Church believes that holy people are near the throne of God and can intercede with him for those whom they have become patrons of. In this regard, in Orthodoxy, it is customary for every person who has accepted faith and who wants to honor the Holy Trinity, to be assigned to an associate.

The name is chosen depending on the day the name was given, and this is the 8th day from birth: they look at which saint is revered on this date.

You can also choose a patron and give a name by the date on which the christening falls. It is extremely common to give a name depending on the birthday of the baby, but this tradition is more relevant to modern trends and has nothing to do with church customs.

Different nuances when choosing a name

If a husband and wife have different ideas about what their daughter should have, then in this case two options can be chosen: worldly and Christian. The first will be on everyone’s lips, it will be recorded in documents, the second will become a special thread from a person to God through a holy person whose name was given at baptism.

Please note that not all clergy approve of two names in a person. This is permissible only if the first name, worldly, cannot be found in the Holiness.

Looking through the Saints, you can see that the names are often repeated. This is not the same person, they are different personalities and they just have the same names. Carefully study the information about the saint whose name you are going to call your daughter, so as not to be confused about which of the great martyrs you will put a candle on and who will seek special protection from God.

When choosing a name, it is very important to know how the life of that saint passed, whose name you want to name the baby. Concordance should be in second place. Reading the life of the patroness, listen to your own feelings, what do you like, what does the heart lie in, what struck or inspired? Her life will be an example for your child, so do not forget to tell the grown up daughter what her patron was, how she distinguished herself, how she earned the right to be a saint.

Complex, rare names that sound completely unpleasant are a bad choice. Remember that the baby will go to kindergarten and school and each time will be forced to endure ridicule or bullying if you call her too original: Golindukha, Kazdoya, Aksuya.

There are dates in the month that no saint's name falls out on. In this case, they are guided by the numbers closest to the birthday or baptism. It is also allowed to give a derivative from a masculine name, for example, Alexander - Alexandra, May - Maya.

Names by Month

MonthThe names
January3. Julia
4. Anastasia
6. Claudia
8. Anfisa, Macarius, Augustus, Maria, Agrippina
10. Glyceria, Agafia, Domna
11. Natalia, Evdokia, Anna, Matryona, Barbara, Efrosinya, Agrippina
12. Maria, Fedora
13. Melania
14. Emilia
15. Julia
16. Malachi
18. Eugene, Polina
21. Julia, Anthony, Anastasia, Vasilisa
25. Tatyana, Eupraxia
27. Nina
28. Sofia, Efroxinha
29. Leonila
31. Maria
February1. Ephraxia
2. Inna, Pinna, Rimma, Vassa, Eusebius, Euthychus, Vasilisa
3. Agnia, Anastasia
4. Anastasia
5. Evdokia, Catherine, Militsa
6. Ksenia
7. Felicata
8. Maria
12. Pelagia
13. Athanasius, Theodotia, Theoktitsta, Eudoxia
16. Anna
17. Raphael, Anna, Catherine
18. Agafia, Theodulia
19. Dorothea, Christina, Martha, Maria
23. Anna, Ennaf, Valentine, Paul
24. Fedora
25. Maria
26. Anna, Vera, Irina, Zoya, Svetlana
28. Sofia, Efrosinha
March1. Valentine
2. Marianne, Nina
7. Eugene, Paraskeva, Elizabeth, Irina, Barbara
11. Anna
13. Marina, Kira
14. Evdokia, Olga, Anna, Daria, Alexandra, Hope, Antonina, Domna
15. Euphoria
17. Julia, Ulyana
18. Iraida, Eulogy, Eulampia
19. Elena
20. Matryona, Maria, Evdokia, Catherine, Antonina, Hope
22. Natalia, Alexandra
23. Vasilisa, Nick, Galina, Fedor, Anastasia
26. Christina
30. Marina
April1. Daria, Sofia, Matryona, Vassa
2. Svetlana, Anatolia, Paraskeva, Domna, Alexander, Claudius, Matryona, Julia, Euthymius, Theodosius
5. Anastasia, Lydia, Maria
9. Maria, Matryona
14. Maria
16. Theodosius
25. Athanasius
26. Martha
28. Vasilisa, Anastasia
29. Agapia, Irina, Nika, Galina, Vasilisa, Fedor
May2. Matryona
6. Alexandra
7. Maria, Ivanna, Martha, Susanna, Elizabeth, Tamara
9. Glafira
10. Anastasia
11. Anna
14. Nina, Tamara
15. Zoya
16. Moor
17. Pelagia
18. Irina
23. Isidora, Taisia
26. Glyceria, Irina
29. Muse
30. Efrosinya, Evdokia
31. Alexandra, Claudius, Faina, Matryona, Julia, Christina
June2. Nina
3. Elena
5. Euphrosyne
8. Elena
9. Theodora
10. Elena
11. Theodosius
14. Faith
15. Julia, Ulyana
19. Archelaus, Thekla, Susanna
20. Valeria, Maria
22. Thekla, Martha, Mary
23. Antonina
25. Anna
26. Akilina, Trifilia, Alexander, Pelagia, Antonina, Anna
30. Pelagia
July3. Anna, Pina, Rimma, Mina
5. Zina, Julia
6. Agrippina
8. Fevronia
10. John
14. Angelina
17. Martha, Alexandra, Olga, Tatyana, Maria, Anastasia, Theodotia
18. Elizabeth, Barbara, Anna
19. Julia, Marina, Martha, Lucia
20. Evdokia, Efrosinha
24. Olga, Elena
25. Maria
29. Matryona, Alevtina, Valentina, Julia
30. Marina, Margarita
August4. Maria
6. Christina
7. Anna, Olympics
9. Anfisa
10. Anastasia, Elena, Mavra
13. Anna, Elizabeth
14. Solomiya
17. Evdokia
18. Eudokia, Mary, Daria, Nona
22. Maria
24. Susanna
27. Eve, Evdokia
28. Maria, Sofia
29. Anna
September1. Thekla
3. Vassa, Martha
4. Eulalia
6. Kira
8. Natalia, Maria
9. Anfisa
10. Anna
12. Elizabeth
14. Martha, Tatyana, Natalya
15. Seraphim, Xenia
16. Domna, Vasilisa
18. Elizabeth, Raisa
21. Sofia
22. Anna
23. Tatyana
24. Theodora
28. Evdokia, Maria, Lyudmila
29. Euphemia, Lyudmila
30. Faith, Hope, Love, Irina, Sofia
October1. Ariadne, Sofia, Irina
2. Maria
5. Paraskeva
6. Polyxenia, Iraida
7. Thekla
8. Euphrosyne
11. Maria, Anna
13. Alexandra, Appolinaria
15. Ustina, Anna
17. Domnina, Veronica, Proscudia
18. Haritina
20. Pelagia
21. Pelageya, Tatyana, Maria, Nadezhda, Taisiya
22. Athanasius
23. Eulampia
24. Zinaida
26. Zlata
27. Paraskeva
31. Elizabeth, Zlata
November1. Cleopatra
3. Pelagia
4. Anna, Elizabeth, Glyceria
7. Matryona, Anastasia
9. Capitolina
10. Praskovya, Neonilla
11. Anastasia, Maria, Agafya, Anna
12. Anastasia, Elena
13. Moor
14. Theodotia, Elizabeth
16. Evdokia
19. Nina, Seraphim, Alexandra, Claudius, Matryona
20. Elizabeth
22. Matryona, Feoktista
23. Anna, Olga, Feoktista
24. Mina, Stepanida
26. Manefa
27. Anna, Theodora
December3. Tatyana, Theokla, Anna
5. Apfia, Praskovya
7. Catherine, Anisia, Augusta
15. Margarita, Fevronia, Tamara, Maria, Matryona
17. Barbara, Julia, Catherine, Kira
21. Anfisa
22. Anna, Efrosinha
23. Mina, Alexandra, Tatyana, Evdokia, Theokla, Anna
28. Anfiya
29. Marina
31. Zoe, Vera

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