Country amnesty in Crimea 2020

Land and houses located on it can be registered in a simple scheme. Since 2006, a series of legislative changes has allowed this event to come true. The people of the Russians called this innovation a summer amnesty. Decree No. 93 amended several Federal Laws at once, which made it possible to transfer ownership from cooperative ownership to private. And how are things on our native peninsula? Does the summer amnesty in Crimea 2020 operate in the same way as in the rest of Russia? Or are there regional features?

Country amnesty: what is it?

Amnesty in general terms is the release from punishment in full or in part. Such a decision can only be made by the highest authority (court, president). Amnesty is issued for categories of citizens who have committed similar crimes or have similar characteristics (pregnant women, etc.).

Law 93 is nothing more than amendments to a number of acts regulating land and cadastral relations. The term "summer amnesty", or more correctly - an expression, was invented by ordinary Russians. As mentioned above, the changes introduced in 2006 allow land owners to assign them according to a simple scheme. Simply put, "summer amnesty" acts on:

  • plots of land;
  • buildings and houses on them.

Simplified (another unspoken name for reform) is applied only to land with a designated purpose.

What does the purpose of the land mean: the latest news

Before you learn how to register a house or a land plot as a property, you need to have a document in your hands that indicates the purpose of the land.

But what is the characteristic of the land code regarding land allotments.

  1. Agricultural.
  2. Settlements.

In turn, agricultural are for:

  • livestock and livestock;
  • fish farming and animal grazing;
  • hunting farms and haying;
  • personal subsidiary plots and gardening;
  • conducting gardening and country building.

And in allotments of urban points, such an extensive division is absent. Here are found:

  • the same personal subsidiary farming;
  • building;
  • IZHS.

This is not a complete list of species, which is specified in the code. There are also industrial and other purposes that are allocated to industrial enterprises.

What areas fall under the amnesty in the Crimea?

The latest news at the beginning of 2019 is as follows: allotments that were issued before 2001 will "take part" in the amnesty.


  • gardening / horticulture cooperative;
  • for cottage development;
  • personal subsidiary plots;
  • IZHS (individual construction).

Reference. Sites that citizens acquired under any right before 2001 fall under the simple scheme of legalizing them. The date was set for a reason: it was on October 10 that a decree was issued on the beginning of the Land Code.

The Republic of Crimea (RK) became part of our country after the referendum. The final date of entry is determined by the signed agreement: March 18, 2014. From that moment on, the rules and regulations established by 93 decree on “simplification” were introduced in Kazakhstan.

On the occasion of the enlargement of the Russian Federation and the return of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Duma amended 93 decree regarding the duration of the norm. The parliamentarians decided to confine themselves to moving forward 6 years. Under the new rules, the "simplification" has been extended to 2020.

Registration of sites in the Crimea: instructions for Crimeans

According to the amnesty, a minimum package of securities is required for registering land actually in use.

Here's what you need.

  1. Passport and Pension Card (SNILS).
  2. Written statement of the user about the assignment of ownership.
  3. A document that actually gives ownership.
  4. Paid Duty.

It is best to take all the docks personally to Rosreestr. In case of physical or other impossibility of a personal visit, papers are sent by mail, but with one condition: the signature in the application must be confirmed by a notary.

Proof of actual ownership of the land, in each case, may differ. Here's what you will receive in Rosreestr:

  • decision on the provision of "zemuchastka";
  • right of possession without time limit;
  • lifetime inheritance law;
  • executive committee decision;
  • certificate of ownership of the old / new type.

As you can see, the instructions for registration are quite simple: just provide 3 papers, write a statement and voila - your site. But often this is what happens: there is no paper confirming the right to use / property of the site, it is lost or not at all. What to do in this situation?

How to register a plot in the Crimea, if there is no proof of ownership?

Citizens received cottages, as well as horticultural and personal estates 30-40 years ago - long before the publication of the land code. In those old days, the issuance of documents was monitored by a few. And those who nevertheless received certificates (or other papers) later lost them.

What to do in such a situation? Registration deadlines pass. 2020 is coming, and it is not eternal. Passes December 31 and the amnesty ends the action. What do estate owners do?

First of all, we turn to the local branch of self-government (administration, or other competent authority), with a statement on the issue of an extract from the household (business) book. This list has been maintained by clerks since the beginning of the creation of summer cooperatives and gardening. Therefore, with 99% certainty, you will receive an extract and the right to register land in the property.

If there is no land management data for a specific site, then the user can only buy land.

Crimean land amnesty: deadlines

Rosreestr can issue a certificate only after the site is entered in the cadastre. In this case, the owner does not have to submit all the papers to both instances. You can contact the MFC of the city, which will independently send copies of your documents to the desired addresses.

When contacting the MFC, you will have to wait up to 12 business days. If all the papers are normal, you will receive a certificate of ownership.

For some plots there is a special procedure for collecting and filing documents. What are we talking about? On the possessions of SNT.

What is SNT? What is the registration procedure?

The order of circulation and submission of securities to Rosreestr or MFC (optional) here is no different as in the usual case. The only difference is in obtaining documents proving actual ownership.

SNT is a horticultural non-profit partnership that has garden plots. And to confirm the right of actual ownership, privatization will be required.

For this, it is necessary to write a statement to the SNT on the issue of confirmation of borders (boundary plan). With this plan, the applicant appeals to the local administration with a statement.

The further order is no different from the usual case when a person already has evidence of actual use.

Registration of houses in the Republic of Kazakhstan: what are the features?

After the site is decorated, you can proceed to legitimize the house, unless of course you built it there.

But what facilities are subject to registration:

  • House;
  • country / garden house;
  • bath / sauna;
  • terraces and verandas;
  • garages and gazebos;
  • economic unit.

It should be noted that extensions, superstructures to the main, residential premises are included in the quadrature of the latter, that is, they are registered as one object.

To legitimize housing, the list of papers is already more impressive. You need:

  • pay state duty;
  • apply;
  • take a passport;
  • bring permission to erection;
  • technical plan;
  • cadastral passport;
  • documents on the right to land.

Let's make a reservation right away. Applicants submitting papers in 2019, in addition to this list, must bring permission to put the house into operation. The norm was not valid until the end of 2018, but this year it is a duty.

How to put the house into operation?

The procedure is to actually verify the building and determine compliance with the building permit. The commission of engineers inspects the territory, house, input / output of communications. At the end of the audit, the chairman of the commission issues an act of input, on the basis of which the permit is issued.

Registration of country houses, garages, arbors, etc. households. buildings in Crimea

The legitimization of summer houses, gazebos, garages and other outbuildings is greatly simplified, compared with capital buildings. You will need to pay a fee, print a receipt. Next, contact the MFC, where you will be asked to fill out a declaration. After that, write the appeal to which you attach:

  • copy of passport and SNILS;
  • ownership;
  • ticket;
  • statement;
  • declaration.

The latter indicates the type of construction, its address, area, material of construction, name of the owner. Be sure to carefully fill in all the graphs. Based on this paper, you will be taxed annually.

Amnesty is a convenient tool with the help of which people process property without delay. But the decree is final. Already from 2021 the exemption is canceled. Therefore, those lagging behind should hurry.

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