New Year 2020 in the suburbs

Where do you plan to celebrate New Year 2020, how to spend the New Year holidays? It is worth taking care of this in advance. Holidays in the suburbs - an alternative to distant countries and saving your time. Fun holidays, ice fishing, hunting, ski slopes and modern yoga rooms - all this and much more. Your choice!

Traditionally, it is customary to celebrate New Year and Christmas at home in a family setting. And I want, albeit small, but change. There is an alternative - rest in the near Moscow region. Hotels from premium to economy class, camp sites and motels. Corporate and family vacations with children. Demanding high-class hotels with an interesting New Year's program begin to be booked six months or even earlier.

New Year holidays with children

Almost all hotels and holiday homes are designed for families with children. The hotel provides a cot, free accommodation for children under 3 years. Many hotels have animators, there are special programs for children. There may be mini-clubs or game rooms, or maybe huge children's centers. In the new hotel "LES art resort" a children's room of 750 square meters. meters. This is a whole world for the development of a child. Some hotels have contact zoos. Children can watch or feed goats, lambs, ducks, ride a pony.

If you have planned a vacation with children, then you should ask if the hotel has a pool. Is there a children's area equipped. Heated water or not. Chlorinated or not. Does the restaurant have a children's menu.

Prices for the most popular hotels and holiday homes for the New Year 2020, according to holidaymakers

titlecost for double room ($)
Camping near the Kremlin, Kolomna17 (number 4)
mini-hotel in the village of Presnetsovo "Margoshin Dom"25
Mini-hotel "Watercolor" in the village of Gzhel42
recreation center "Birch Bridge", Birch Bridge76 (number 4)
sanatorium "Solnechnogorsk", Solnechnogorsk district46
recreation center "Borovoe", Noginsky district33 (per person)
sanatorium "Lake White"51 (per person)
Mozhaisky rest house of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Mozhaisk district40 (per person)
Hotel "Manor Romashkovo", Romashkovo62
Hotel Tsargrad, Pushchino85
holiday house "Bullfinches"85
Recreation complex "Zavidovo"159
Congress Hotel Areal. Noginsky district127

Everyone has a different vision of relaxation. For some, disco is a priority, for others, solitude, others dream of hunting or playing sports. The charm of rest in the suburbs is that you do not need to spend time and money on long trips. Fun holidays, ice fishing, hunting, ski slopes and modern yoga rooms - all this and much more are waiting for you. This can be an inexpensive vacation at a private hotel or a camping or VIP hotel. Your choice!

Alpine skiing in the suburbs

In order to go skiing it is not necessary to go to a ski resort. In the suburbs there are enough equipped tracks for skiing, snowboarding, inflatable sledding and snowmobiling. With rental points, sky - service (repair of personal equipment) and lighting. Some tracks have baby lifts.

Hotels near ski slopes:

  1. boarding house "Buran",
  2. sports park "Volen",
  3. Park Hotel Olympus
  4. Hotel "Fresh Wind",
  5. ski club Leonid Tyagachev,
  6. boarding house "Sunny meadow".

Hunting in the suburbs

A number of hotels and bases operate under agreements with hunting farms. Huntsmen can teach the rules of hunting, tracking the beast, talk about his habits. If you have permission to hunt, you can hunt yourself. Such services are provided by:

  1. recreation complexes "Zavidovo", "Kolkunovo" and "Zaimka",
  2. sanatorium "Vyatichi",
  3. Park-hotel "Derbovezh",
  4. hotel complex "Konakovo River Club",

For those who want to save. Many hotels have discounts. For example:

  • Hotel "Tropicana" - discounts for birthday people.
  • Hotel "Cronwell Park Yakhont". Tarusa - early booking discount.
  • Konakovo River Club - discount when booking from 7 days, special offers for corporate parties.
  • VKS-Country Holiday House - discounts for birthday parties.
  • Country hotel "Aniva" - discounts for newlyweds or wedding anniversaries, early booking (up to 20%), for pensioners and large families.
  • SPA-Hotel "Fresh Wind" - discount when booking from 5 days.
  • Congress Hotel Areal - discounts for corporate clients, children under 6 years old free of charge.

Hotels with a program for the New Year in the suburbs

On New Year's holidays, you often want to change the atmosphere and get out of a stuffy apartment to meet something new and wonderful. But does one have to travel far for a good mood? How huge our capital is, so huge is the choice of places in its vicinity worthy of celebrating the New Year. So, to escape from Moscow in the New Year's fairy tale, you do not need a plane at all. Let's look at the hotels near Moscow and see for yourself.

MIstral Hotel & SPA, 5 stars

  • Distance: 60 km from MKAD. It is located in the North-West of Moscow Region in the Istra District.
  • The hotel stands on the banks of the Istra Reservoir, next to a picturesque promenade.
  • At your service - rental of sports equipment: skiing, skating and sledding.
  • A children's room with a tutor is organized for children.
  • The hotel has a large spa with swimming pool and solarium, table tennis, and the opportunity to play paintball.

Cost of rest:

type of numberPrice per day per person, rub.
StandardFrom 8550
Superior Forest ViewFrom 10500
SuiteFrom 18000
ApartmentsFrom 14160

The price includes breakfast, access to the pool, internet and secure parking.

Atlas Park Hotel, 4 stars

  • Distance: 27 km from MKAD. It is located in the south of Moscow region in the Domodedovo district.
  • Around the hotel there is a forest, near a river. You can rent a snowmobile or ski.
  • For vacationers with children there is an opportunity to hire a nanny, and the children themselves can play on the playgrounds, attend a kids club and even a mini zoo.
  • No one to leave your favorite dog with? No problem. The hotel welcomes pets in cottages (surcharge).
  • Entertainment: there is everything you can imagine: a bowling alley, a swimming pool, a sauna, an ice rink, a gym and even horseback riding.


type of numberPrice per day per person, rub.
StandardFrom 6000
Standard (attic)From 6800
StudioFrom 7500
ComfortFrom 8500
SuiteFrom 9800

Rent a cottage will be 20,000 rubles per day, 5 people can live there. The indicated price includes breakfast and lunch (buffet), access to the pool, secure parking and internet.

Tropicana, 3 stars

  • Distance: 24 km from MKAD, in the north-west of Moscow Region, in the Solnechnogorsk district.
  • The hotel is located on the shores of a small lake, which adds piquancy.
  • "Tropicana" as if created for the New Year holidays with children. There is a mini water park, playgrounds, interest clubs and, of course, a children's room.
  • Pets are allowed up to 20 centimeters at the withers.
  • For adults there is a night club, bowling, billiards, shooting gallery, spa and sauna complex.
  • It is possible to rent snow scooters, ice-boats and cross-country skiing.

Cost of living:

type of numberPrice per day per person, rub.
StandardFrom 4200
Standard +From 4500
SuiteFrom 9600
Name SuiteFrom 11000

The hotel also provides a family suite from 12,000 rubles per day, in which a family of up to 4 people can stay.
These amounts include three meals a day, a visit to the pool and children's room, and a parking lot.

Rest house "Silver Age", 2 stars

  • Distance: 120 km from the Moscow Ring Road, in the south of Moscow Region along the Simferopol highway.
  • The hotel is located on the banks of the Oka River, next to the coniferous forest.
  • For children, a children's room and a mini-zoo with pheasants and peacocks are organized here.
  • Pets are welcome at the cottage.
  • Adults can book excursions, horseback riding, and relax in the sauna or gym.
  • You can also rent skis, skates or snowshoes.

Accommodation prices:

type of numberPrice per day per person, rub.
Euro standard DBLFrom 7500
Euro standard TWINFrom 7500
Junior Suite DBLFrom 9000
Suite 2 roomsFrom 9500
Studio SuiteFrom 10500
House with saunaFrom 10500

The price includes three meals a day, visits to the fitness room, billiards, kids club, internet and parking. Guests also have discounts on massage.

A cottage for 8 people costs 27,000 rubles a day. But this price does not include food. A great option for a group of friends, is not it?

It is worth saying that each of the presented hotels offers New Year's banquets with a host, contests and a disco. And most importantly, on January 1, you don’t have to clean up and wash a mountain of dishes. Therefore, feel free to go!

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