How to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2020

New Year is a traditional holiday. We honor customs, but always expect that the coming 365 days will bring something special for each of us, new. The wind of change, however, does not arrive where it is remembered, but where it is created! Start changing your life with the festive decoration of your own apartment by 2020! Change the usual decor, place it where it was previously absent, transform what was left without your attention in the past, and the wind of change will not prevent you from visiting!

The choice of style. Photo Ideas

Inspiration is the first thing that you should visit before you start decorating the apartment. Next, take action - choose a decoration style. There are many options for the New Year decoration of the apartment rooms, but we will focus on the most fashionable.

Russian style

This decoration method is best repeated in any one room, and in all others to withstand neutral classics. Modern furniture does not fit with the chosen direction, so hide the most fashionable items with textiles, for example, silk wraps with embroidery, velor material, bedspreads with patterns. Continue the further transformation of an ordinary apartment into a merchant's hut by introducing a characteristic decor - a Russian stove. You can order her image on a poster, or make it yourself from a regular rectangular table. Give it the look of a stove by gluing cardboard on all sides, on which natural stone is painted. Create a “firebox” at the bottom in it, depict a “fire” and be sure to find some logs for naturalness.

Western style

This style is a collective concept and there are many variations. Scandinavian looks the New Year. To recreate it, stock up on different images of deer. They will be empty on pillowcases, pictures in frames, towels and even on napkins. Do not do without a natural Christmas tree. It is decorated in Scandinavian countries without pretentiousness, simply. Choose a white and red gamut for serving the festive table. Use a garland not for windows, but for creating a New Year's inscription on the wall.

Feng shui style

According to this science, garlands, tinsel and toys can be placed anywhere the owners, without observing any attachment to the cardinal points. Christmas tree is allowed in any form: natural, artificial, in the form of a picture, crafts. The best place for her is the center of the room, if this is not possible, then choose the west or northeast direction.

Classic decor ideas for the living room

Classics must be observed, first of all, in colors. Choose gold and red and you will not lose. The main symbol of the holiday, the New Year tree, decorate in any of the most spectacular ways:

  • in a spiral, creating turns with balls of contrasting color and different sizes and a garland;
  • pyramidally, when the top is decorated with small toys, then the middle ones follow, and the largest are below;
  • horizontally or vertically, setting the direction by the characteristic hanging of garlands or tinsel.

Other decorative attributes of the holiday will not be commonplace: electric garlands, wreaths, candles, especially if they are presented in a new design.

DIY bedroom decoration

Do not clutter up the relaxation room with an abundance of decor. Better just make a few spectacular accents. For example, build a huge ball from ordinary plastic cups, fastening them together with a stapler. Lay a garland inside and hang this man-made miracle over the ceiling or put it on a chest of drawers. The windowsill can be decorated with ikebana from pine twigs decorated with homemade candles, based on which are peel from the New Year’s fruits - mandarin!

Decor from paper to the nursery

Kids will be delighted if there is a place for a Christmas tree in their room. A painted tree on a dense base is suitable. Attach jewelry to it: emoticons, faces, fairy-tale heroes. There does not have to be a star above, it can be replaced by a Santa hat and it’s great if it is made of fabric. From below, make a zone for gifts: wrap the square blocks of the designer with beautiful paper and decorate with ribbons.

The place for an electric garland in the nursery is under the very ceiling.

A little lower, you can make a stretch of paper elements:

  • volume balls;
  • multi-colored birds;
  • snowflakes of different shapes, colors, sizes.

New Year's ways to decorate the balcony

If your balcony is open to all winds and snows, then the best you can think of to decorate it is artificial, durable decor. All you want to decorate wreaths, garlands. must be attached with thick wire. A great way to make a boring balcony a kind of cozy corner with a fabulous atmosphere: put a wooden bench, cover it with skin, place a lantern in retro style, and put a sled as a table.

We decorate the corridor

The most win-win way to set the New Year mood in this part of the apartment is to put a Christmas tree. Make it from shelves attached to the wall. Place the smallest one at the top and the largest at the bottom. Decorate with transparent vases with Christmas toys, candles with candlesticks made from cinnamon sticks, baskets with cones and holly twigs. In addition, you can apply a “frosty” pattern on the mirror. Brushes, tooth powder and stencils are useful for this.


Stock up with thick white paper, a cardboard box for the base, scissors and stencils with the theme that you like: urban, forest, fabulous. Place the figure in a box in several rows to make the scene look voluminous. Add some magic by putting a garland behind the composition. Create a window accessory from a regular branch. Paint it white or gold. Use tapes to attach it to the cornice. Garnish with balls, beads, gingerbread cookies.


It is not necessary to hang a ready-made wreath on the door, where it is much more original to make an exclusive thing. As a basis, you can take: foam, foam, wire. Details and decorations can be anything:

  • cones, berries, dried fruits;
  • burlap, ribbons, cones;
  • threads, pompons, beads, bells.


Do you want photos on the open shelf in the closet, but in the original design? Make a wreath of them! Sew the foam base with satin fabric or ribbons, attach the best small photos cut in one shape. Garnish with rhinestones, snowflakes and beads. Prepare clear bowls to serve as candlesticks. You can fill them with sand, coffee grains, small pebbles and put candles in this environment. Decorate such compositions with spruce paws and place on the open parts of the furniture.


Turn an old clock hanging on the wall into a Christmas decoration. Place them in a photo frame, decorate with small spruce branches, tinsel, balls. In the same style, decorate family photographs collected in panels on the wall. If there is an unsightly section of the wall, then hang it with a curtain of paper parts hanging on fishing lines or threads. Figures for curtains can be anything:

  • snowflakes;
  • snowmen
  • Santas;
  • deer.

2020 color palette. Fashionable range of shades

It is not necessary to rely on classic color combinations; you can look at the matter more broadly and see that the most top-notch color for 2020 is menthol. It will go well with festive red. More exotic combinations with orange, pink. The mistress of the year, the metal rat, will be pleased if you draw her favorite range - white-silver for decorating the rooms.

2020 trends. Mods per year of the Rat

The naturalness of the material and its safety during disposal - this trend can be traced in everything and applies to decorations for the New Year holidays. Following him, forget about plastic and glass, preferring materials that nature has created: wood, edible jewelry, clay crafts, dried fruits, leaves, flowers.

Retro style. Everything that decorated apartments in the era of the USSR is fashionable. First of all, this applies to toys. It can be multi-colored balls, snowmen, icicles, glass figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

The tendency to create decor with one's own efforts continues to lead. It is fashionable to sew cute souvenirs made of felt, sculpt figures from puff pastry, put garlands and wreaths from pine branches, make decor from everything that turns up by the arm, giving these little things a “New Year's” shape.

Features of decor in the year of the Rat

The symbol of the year is white. The element is metal. With this in mind, be sure to purchase a few items that need to be allocated a prominent place in the main room. You can put impromptu swing made of metal chain near the rodent figure. Next put a white house made of polystyrene foam, decorate with foil rings. Cook and treat - slices of cheese from colored salt dough.

New Year's bustle often deprives us of the opportunity to think carefully about all those ideas that come to mind. To take into account your own wishes and not to miss anything, you need to come up with a plan for action. It may be as shown in the table.

Deadline for the New YearThe room that we decorateDecoration Zones
7 daysLiving roomWindows, walls, Christmas tree corner, furniture
6 daysChildren's roomCeiling, windows, walls, floor
5 daysBedroomFurniture, windows
4 daysCorridorFurniture, walls
3 daysBalconyWindows, railing exterior, furniture

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