Magnetic Storms in February 2020

The instability of the Earth's magnetosphere can significantly affect people. Therefore, those who plan important things next winter should pay attention to magnetic storms in February 2020.

The origin of magnetic storms

The nature of Earth's magnetic disturbances is associated with our star. It is the processes occurring on the Sun that cause the instability of the magnetic shell of our planet. This is due to the fact that a constant release of hot lava occurs on the surface of the Sun. It is accompanied by the proliferation of a huge number of charged particles, which spread with great speed (1200 km / s) in all directions of the Universe. A few days later, the "solar wind" reaches the surface of the Earth. However, our planet has reliable protection against this negative phenomenon. True, this does not go quite smoothly.

At the point of contact between the flow of charged particles and the Earth’s magnetosphere, deformation occurs, which disappears with time. When aligning the magnetic field, vibration is observed, which is called magnetic storms. They affect all living organisms, including humans.

Classification of magnetic disturbances

Changes in the Earth's magnetic field depend on the strength of the flow of charged particles. If a coronal ejection is of enormous force on the daylight, then a powerful "solar wind" collapses on our planet, which causes significant changes in the magnetic shell. In such cases, strong magnetic storms are observed, which even healthy people notice. If the flow of charged particles is not so powerful, medium and small magnetic storms occur. The first can be noticed by unhealthy people, and very sensitive people feel minor magnetic storms.

Strong magnetic storms can damage even equipment. We are talking about navigation equipment, cellular communications, etc.

Scientists studying this phenomenon have assigned different alphanumeric designations to different magnetic disturbances. Thus, Latin letters are assigned to weak and medium magnetic bursts: A, B, C, M. Significant magnetic storms are indicated by the letter - X. Magnetic storms also have a digital expression. Typically, their values ​​range from 0.1 - 9.9 conventional units.

The effect of magnetic storms on people

Different magnitudes of magnetic changes have different effects on people:

Strong magnetic stormsAlmost everyone can feel it. In healthy people, headache, mood swings, insomnia and apathy are possible.

Elderly people, pregnant women and children in the first place feel the negative consequences of this phenomenon.

Unhealthy people can bear such changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Medium Magnetic DisturbancesThey are felt by people who have chronic diseases, as well as hypertension and cores. During this period, this category of persons may experience changes in blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances.

Young children also feel this magnitude of magnetic storms. They become naughty and irritable.

Weak magnetic changes in the magnetospherePeople with nervous diseases, as well as people with a fine mental organization, are able to notice. Some people with this plan may have obsessions and a sense of fear.

What changes can occur in the body

According to doctors, during magnetic storms, the density of blood increases, and it does not enter the vital organs with such intensity. This is especially true of the heart and brain. Blood clots can interfere with the normal functioning of the body and even cause a stroke and heart attack. Poor oxygen supply to the brain can trigger a headache and a change in blood pressure. Also affected: the autonomic system, gastrointestinal tract and other important organs. Abnormal brain function affects hormones and kidney and liver function. The digestive system suffers from this.

Where the influence of magnetic storms is maximum

Solar activity gives its results in the upper atmosphere and near the poles of the Earth. Also, magnetic storms are most noticeable underground. Therefore, in the days of magnetic disturbances, you need to monitor your health for people who:

  • regularly fly on airplanes;
  • work and stay underground (mines, metro, etc.);
  • live in the northern regions of Russia.

February magnetic storms by days and hours

The schedule of magnetic disturbances can be found only a few days before the required date. When assessing real magnetic storms, the following are taken into account:

  • situation in the sun;
  • quantity and strength of emissions of charged particles;
  • solar wind propagation velocity;
  • particle transit time to our planet.

By analyzing all these parameters, the strength of magnetic disturbances is calculated by days and hours.

At the same time, there are bodies that carry out preliminary forecasts in this regard. This is done in order to prevent the negative consequences of this phenomenon and so that the relevant structures can prepare for possible emergency situations.

Previously, forecasting is based on statistical data. Indeed, for many years, experts have been observing magnetic storms and roughly know what to expect from our daylight. It is well known that on our star all processes occur with a certain cyclicity, which is equal to about ten years. Based on these data, an approximate geomagnetic situation on our planet is calculated.

According to data that is already known, magnetic storms in February will most likely be February 5, 7, 10 and 15. It is too early to speak about the exact time and strength of the magnetic disturbance. In such cases, it is assumed that the storms will be of maximum strength, so that all relevant authorities are ready for the worst development of the situation.

What can be done to reduce the effects of magnetic storms

Unfortunately, people have not yet learned how to manage natural processes and therefore we can only try to reduce their negative consequences. In order for magnetic storms not to affect our body so much, you can take the following actions ...

What to do on adverse days

It is advisable to refuse junk food. Fatty foods, smoked meats, fast foods can additionally burden the body. What is undesirable in this situation. In such cases, it is better to eat a balanced diet and eat mostly fresh and natural foods. It does not hurt to add natural juices, vegetables and fruits to the diet. In addition, it costs:

  • Reduce the burden on the body and the rejection of alcoholic beverages, coffee, strong tea.
  • On critical days, you should adhere to the daily routine. Sleep should be at least 8 hours.
  • You should not engage in heavy physical or mental labor during this period.
  • During the period of magnetic storms, you should drink more pure water and be more in the fresh air.

Regular exercise will benefit from increased immunity. A good result can only be achieved if you are engaged in exercises and on relatively favorable days.

People perceive magnetic storms differently. For some, a contrast shower will be appropriate, while for others, a soothing bath can help. Each person must determine for himself what suits him best. For example, for soothing people, various soothing tinctures of valerian, menthol, etc. are recommended.

On adverse days, you should try to avoid conflict situations. It is better to stay at home in the circle of close people, listen to pleasant music, watch an interesting broadcast on TV. A good alternative would be to communicate with nature.

People suffering from chronic diseases should prepare in advance for magnetic storms. They should always have the right set of medicines on hand. This applies to cores and hypertension. If necessary, you can consult a doctor or undergo a preventive treatment course.

On critical days, it is better for all people to tune in to positive and not hang their nose.

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