Horoscope for March 2020 from Vasilisa Volodina according to the signs of the Zodiac

Pre-planning - the ability to choose the best time for certain steps, actions, events and changes. And the horoscope for March 2020 from Vasilisa Volodina on the signs of the zodiac will help to make the right decision or to avoid wrong conclusions. Read, compare, act.


Aries is the spring sign of the Zodiac, which means that March is a period of activity, emotional upsurge and great achievements. Use this time to force pending plans. Now is the time to act. Fate will present trials in the form of blockages, family tasks and an abundance of communication. However, you will be able to allocate time so that to cope with all tasks perfectly well. Lonely Aries, meet love at the end of the month. Acquaintance will be unexpected, development - rapid, feelings - mutual, vivid, lasting.


A successful month awaits Taurus. Moreover, all your actions and actions will be reflected in the near future. Stars are advised not to make hasty conclusions in difficult situations. Remember that time is the best adviser. In love, a surge of romanticism, sensuality, self-sacrifice is expected. And family signs, and Taurus in search will indulge in feelings for the immediate environment. Work in March will be time-consuming, but will bring a good reward.


March 2020 for Gemini is a period of great chances and opportunities. You have long wanted changes, it's time to use the favorable period for their implementation. Some Gemini expects a departure from the hopeless old: some will replace work, others will put an end to the relationship. The stars patronize you: if it happened, ruthlessly say goodbye to the past. Meeting new people will open up for you prospects that will come true thanks to your hard work.


The beginning of the spring season will give Cancer unforgettable events in love, dizzying successes in business, will strengthen the already reliable position in work. A place of special attention for Cancer in March is a family where discoveries of many years of secrets are possible. This may concern older or distant relatives. The information received will affect a number of future events in your family, but they will be positive. It is possible to receive an inheritance or a valuable family gift.

A lion

A month of travel, communication and meetings awaits Leo in March 2020. Your energy will be enough for a lot, fatigue does not threaten you, so you can safely pack your travel suitcases. Moreover, the stars promise both business trips and travel with relatives. In any case, new knowledge and places to visit will benefit you. And returning to your home will always be pleasant. Be careful when working with documents and keep track of valuable items. Losses that come to light over time are not ruled out.


In early spring, the Virgin will need her communicative talents, natural charm and the ability to convince. From the beginning to the middle of the month, many business meetings, family and children's parties, social events are expected. Moreover, in each of them, Virgo has a leading role, with which she will perfectly cope. Family signs may lurk disagreements with a soul mate in terms of raising children. Free virgins indulge in love affairs. No fateful meeting is expected, but a pleasant pastime is guaranteed.


The celestial bodies will support Libra in any endeavors. In March 2020, you can organize a business, change jobs, and establish business contacts. Changes in personal life will also be positive, especially for signs that are ready to legitimize relations. Family Libra will indulge in romance, exciting trips with your loved one to new places are possible. If you planned repair work in the house - feel free to start them in March. Under the auspices of the stars, work will go quickly, changing housing beyond recognition.


Creativity, loyalty and restraint are qualities that determine the success of March 2020 for Scorpio. The astrologer recommends not making decisions in a rush, weighing and calculating everything. New acquaintances in this period will be useful in the future, so you should not refuse to communicate. Shopping in March will bring not only emotional satisfaction, but also financial, because it will be profitable and useful. Do not heat up the situation in the family, change anger to mercy, and life in the house will become calm and productive.


Sagittarius can begin active actions in their personal lives. Uncertainty ceased to suit you, you want specifics and have the right to know what you can count on. March is a good month to clarify the situation and take relations to a new level. Strong relationships are further strengthened, and superficial ones have every chance of ceasing to exist. All changes will be for the better. That is what the near future will show.


The ability to communicate with the public will be useful to Capricorn in the spring of 2020. Thanks to the ability to argue and persuade the zodiac sign will achieve heights in his career, will sign profitable contracts, cooperation agreements. The work will take a lot of time in March, but in the future it will turn out to be a good position and financial stability. Stars recommend monitoring your health and, at the first sign of fatigue, go on vacation.


During this period, Aquarius can fall under the influence of a strong personality, eager to lure Aquarius to his side. This zodiac sign is strong and authoritative enough to follow someone. Aquarius will not allow himself to go to the dark side, so his conscience will be clear. In March, changes in appearance and style are favorable, so the astrologer advises visiting a beauty salon and going shopping with friends.


Belief in one's own strength and rightness will help Pisces move forward in many areas. You will succeed in work, family relationships, friendships. Disputes arising during this period will be resolved in your favor, due to the timely receipt of the necessary information. You should not overspend in March, it is better to postpone the free amount for future acquisitions. At the end of the month you can count on a gift from your loved one.

The beginning of spring will lay the foundation for future success, therefore Vasilisa Volodina advises not to sit aside when it is necessary to act. The main recommendations are unchanged:

  • think positively;
  • give thanks to the universe for every day;
  • respect the opinions of others;
  • pursue your interests;
  • do good deeds.

Adhering to advice, life will sparkle with bright colors.

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