Festivals in 2020

A festival is always a bright and eventful event, a holiday that will be remembered for a long time. At the festival, you can get acquainted with the local culture, people who are close in spirit, learn a lot of new things, get professional prospects and, of course, have a great rest. Their number throughout Russia and Europe is simply unimaginable, we note only the most famous, vibrant and diverse of them.

The best festivals of Russia in 2020

"Sea of ​​joy" - know yourself and learn to be happy right now. This festival takes place all summer in the Crimea, on the Black Sea coast. Here you will find yoga, tantric practices, massage of various types, dances and other energy practices. You can find peace of mind, relax and forget about oppressive problems, take things more calmly, be more balanced and just happier.

"Our successful summer" is also held from early June to late August, but already online. This is a platform for the most daring and innovative ideas and startups of culture and education, the best of which will receive a powerful impetus, advertising and active promotion, as well as consultations with leading specialists in the field. If you want to organize a competition or a master class, exhibition or concert, performance or conference, or all this together in the framework of a large-scale festival - send your ideas, and here they will certainly be supported.

"Invasion" - a famous and large-scale multi-genre music festival, collects an incredible number of music lovers annually in July, in the Tver region. He fully justifies his name with huge crowds of fans, as well as an abundance and variety of speakers, from world stars to newcomers, from rock to blues.

"Grushinsky festival" - one of the most ancient, annually gathers bards in Tolyatti, on Mastryukovsky lakes, in July. Unlike most gatherings of lovers of author’s song, which take place in a close circle and family atmosphere, this event gathers tens and hundreds of thousands of performing artists and their listeners.

"Wild Mint" is another large-scale musical open-air in ethnic style. This festival is much younger than Invasion, but no less popular. In addition to musical performances, theatrical productions, shows, open-air night movie shows, as well as an ethno-town, folk cuisine, an exhibition and sale of handmade gizmos and a children's area are held here. Wild Mint passes 140 km from the capital, and these days even organized motorcade gathers from the capital for the festival.

We have a cool rest all year: the schedule of festivals, a table by months

The most eventful festival life, of course, in the summer, during the holidays and warmth. This is a time of large-scale open-airs, collecting an incredible amount of people, often - by the sea or just in nature. However, interesting events take place all year and throughout Russia - we tried to collect the most interesting and diverse of them.

JanuaryArkhangelsk regionCrystal bellsBell art
FebruaryMoscowNew RussiaChoreography and circus art
MarchYaroslavlGolden Ring InspirationInternational festival-competition, where creative children and adolescents show their talents
AprilMoscow, SkolkovoStreamfestFor all fans to stream and watch someone’s broadcast
MoscowInternational Film FestivalThe best films of different genres, from eminent directors and debutants
MayMoscowCherry ForestPainting, cinema, music, literature, theater.
JuneMoscowJazz ManorThe best jazz artists, from soloists to the orchestra
Kungur, Perm TerritoryHeaven fairBalloon Festival: the whole sky in bright balloons
MoscowFaces & placesFashion and style, contemporary art and street culture
JulyYaroslavlDobrofestMusical: rock, hip hop, alternative
St. PetersburgGeek picnicInteresting science and technology, and for children
Kaluga regionArchstoyanieLandscape objects, the most original buildings, as well as modern operas
Crimea, metro TarkhankutExtreme CrimeaWindsurfing, kitesurfing, flyboard, deer jumping, yoga, dancing, for beginners and aces.
St. PetersburgVK FestA variety of music, speeches and communication with bloggers and dozens of sites - interest groups. Everything is online, but live.
AugustNizhny Novgorod region.Alfa future peopleElectronic music, new technologies and sports
KostromaSilver boatInternational Fireworks Festival over the Volga
SeptemberKrasnodar regionLegends of TamanCossack culture: riders, dances, songs.
Borodino field, Moscow region.Borodin DayReconstruction of one of the most famous and large-scale battles of Russians in history
SochiJazz ManorThe best jazz artists, from soloists to the orchestra
Krasnodar regionRebirthRock climbing, orienteering, cycling and other extreme tourism activities
MoscowCircle of lightSubject light paintings on the facades of buildings and fireworks
OctoberChelyabinskStraw LarkThe best puppet theaters in the country will come together - interesting not only for children but also for adults
NovemberCrimea: Sevastopol, YaltaNovemberfestTasting local wines as well as cuisine, first-class jazz, quizzes, wine paintings
Moscow, SokolnikiSN Pro Expo ForumFor all supporters of a healthy lifestyle, athletes, fitness and bodybuilding competitions.
DecemberYoshkar-OlaWinter EveningsInternational Opera and Ballet Festival

Latest News: Festivals with a Known Date

Most major festivals take place annually at approximately the same time, so we can guide you by month, but specific dates often become known shortly before the event, a maximum of six months. If you are used to planning everything exactly in advance, we offer events, the date of which in 2020 is already known for sure.

"Curt Cobain Birthday Fest" will bring together all the fans of this legendary musician, a group of Nirvana and grunge style in general. It will take place first in Moscow, February 20, and the next day - in St. Petersburg, at the Zal club.

"New Russia" will discover the talents of choreographic and circus genres, will be held in Moscow on February 9. The competition will bring together participants from 3 years and older, and prizes will receive not only the winners, but all participants. In addition, the festival will include master classes, demonstrations, as well as continuing education courses for teachers and coaches of the younger generation.

"Moscow International Film Festival" will be held from April 19 to 26 and will present films full-length, documentary, experimental and debut. This is a great chance to get acquainted with the most interesting novelties of the masters of the genre, and to break into the light for beginners.

Streamfest will gather in Moscow April 25-26 all fans of live broadcasts. The most popular and interesting streamers of Twitch, YouTube, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Goodgame and other Internet resources will gather in the real world - definitely, they will have something to discuss.

"Bright Children" is an online competition aimed at finding and supporting young talents in a variety of genres, from vocal and instrumental creativity to stand-up and authorship. From May 15 to July 30, all children from 3 to 18 years old can test their strength by sending a video of their performance to the contest organizers.

The brightest festivals in Europe in 2020

If you are planning a trip abroad, but not only for the sake of a beach holiday, it will be very correct to plan it for a certain festival. So you will not only see new cities and get acquainted with their culture, but also visit a bright event, see how locals relax and get to know them more closely and national features. In each country, dozens of various festivals are held annually, so that you can choose your own theme and convenient dates. We will present only the most ambitious, famous and bright of them.

October Fest - two weeks of absolute insanity

Pedantic and restrained Germans usually these days come off to the fullest. Born in Bavaria, today this festival has swept the whole country and is known throughout the world. From the last days of September to mid-October, Germans and tourists walk, have fun, sing and dance, and, of course, just drink an incredible amount of beer of different sorts, eating a variety of sausages and sausages. These days, even the most rigorous “white-collar workers” come off, the streets are full of crowds of people, many wear national outfits. Despite the general madness and terrible mess in the evening, until the morning the streets sparkle with purity again and are ready to take the next portion of fun.

Up Helly Aa - Scottish festival of national culture.

If you are interested in the legendary warriors - the Vikings, who instilled fear throughout Europe, the history of antiquity, the spirit of the mighty wild army - come here on the last Tuesday of January. In addition to national costumes, ale, reconstructions of ancient battles, local music and dances, a torchlight procession await you, and the culmination of the holiday is the burning of a boat. The action is incredibly atmospheric, here you can truly feel the spirit of ancient Scotland, traveling only in space but also in time, as well as learn a lot of interesting things and have some great fun.

The Venice Carnival is another legendary event in Europe.

It takes place in the most magical and romantic city on the water, Venice (Italy), every year in late February or early March. This carnival is able to transfer to the Middle Ages in its best manifestations: with magnificent dresses and small talk, sparkling interiors and an idle atmosphere. An indispensable attribute of the carnival were masks, traditional ones with long noses - or feathers, or any others that combine with ball gowns. Venice is a great place for romance, and the Venice Carnival will add a special touch to the relationship or give a chance to meet your love.

La Tomatina is another crazy festival, this time in Spain.

This bright event takes place annually in the last week of summer, and everything around is covered with tomatoes: the mountains of this vegetable in the streets, desperate tomato battles in which no one will be left clean. Vibrant parades with festival platforms, fun music and dancing, as well as fireworks will not leave anyone indifferent - at this festival you can really come off, including without alcohol and with children.

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