Manezhnaya Square for New Year 2020

Every year by the New Year in Moscow, entertainment events are organized. They come to the capital from all regions to participate in interactive competitions, visit the theater, go with their children to an enchanting New Year mood, meet 12 hours under the chimes of chimes with loved ones. Moscow always attracts with the scale of the New Year celebration, because the program may include several days. Announcements of upcoming events are easy to find on the official portals of the president, local government.

Manezhnaya Square for New Year 2020: what to see and how to plan your trip

Traditionally, from year to year Manege Square is transformed into a real fairy tale, where you can enjoy the entertainment program, visit interesting places. Entertainment is more of a family nature, so you can attract not only adults, but also children who like interactive leisure.

You will be able to plunge into the extraordinary beauty of Moscow, the atmosphere of the holiday and unbridled fun. During the Christmas holidays, Moscow becomes a gathering place for tourists who plan their holidays in the capital for several months. Manezhnaya Square for New Year 2020 will remain the main location that all residents and visitors of the city wish to visit. It is here that they organize the main events dedicated to the celebration of the main holiday. If you are planning your weekend, it is important to think about the route in advance, decide on places to visit and book a place to stay. Since thousands of vacationers come to Moscow every year, the issue of housing remains one of the most pressing.

Events organized by the authorities in the very center of Moscow are becoming more and more interesting every year. In 2020, on Manezhnaya Square, you will find a parade of Christmas trees with original decorations, an exhibition of ice sculptures, a fair, ice slides. Last year, the thematic "Journey to Christmas" was organized on the square.

The location has always attracted with its colorfulness and originality. Traditionally, in the middle of the square, a huge spruce decorated with toys and garlands was installed. Around it flaunted large-scale illuminations that adorned the facades of buildings, trees, and shops. In the middle of Manege Square, a ball of garlands is installed. It takes several dozens of flashing lights to decorate it. The organizers will be able to create a real masterpiece with overflows of colorful shades. The location's popularity is also caused by selfie zones, where you can arrange an unforgettable photo shoot. Additionally, on the big screen broadcast performances and concerts in 3D. Traditionally, festivities on one of the main squares of the capital begin in the evening at about 5 p.m. Moscow time.

Events at Manezhnaya Square for New Year 2020: what to see

Every year in the area of ​​the main Christmas tree a fair is organized. Busy trade attracts tourists and Muscovites themselves. Each time, visitors expect different thematic areas. Walking in the square, you can:

  • purchase souvenirs or Christmas decorations for your home;
  • try treats - gingerbread, pancakes, pastries;
  • buy original Christmas gifts;
  • warm yourself with aromatic tea or mulled wine.

Over the past few years, events on Manege Square have been dedicated to certain events. For example, in 2015, everything was dedicated to European cities. It was possible to plunge into the rich atmosphere of famous cities. In one year they organized the "island of dreams." Everyone could make a wish. A magical atmosphere reigned in the center of the capital, bewitching with its fabulous holiday motives.

Adults and children can also take part in master classes on:

  1. Creating videos for the New Year.
  2. Making fakes, learning the basic principles of creating a variety of Christmas balls.
  3. Oratory lessons and other skills.

Photo of the ice slide: what is the length of the country's main entertainment

At the Manege is attracted by the construction of ice. An ice slide is a whole composition, a form of entertainment about 100 meters long. Its height reaches 7-10 meters. For the manufacture of the exposition, tons of river ice are used. Famous sculptors have been working on the project for several months to surprise visitors. The architectural structure is made with overflows of bright colors. Impressive seen by children and adults. Even if you have already visited the Manege for the New Year, do not be afraid to come again. After all, every year the scale of the holiday is gaining momentum, and people are pleased with new impressive innovations.

Last year, the slide was called the Milky Way. Most likely, they will find a place in the 2020 program, because the construction has become a kind of symbol of the New Year's square.

Holiday performances on Manezhnaya Square: how to get there

To get to the entertainment center, use public transport or a taxi. Near the desired location there are Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, and Ploshchad Revolyutsii stations. As soon as you get off at one of these stations, follow the signs. When you exit the underground metro, it is difficult not to notice the large-scale area. Focus on the Alexander Garden or the Kremlin. Between these two places and is a large-scale territory. Here are located not only the main attractions of the capital, but also many entertainment centers, shops.

By the New Year they plan an extended holiday program. For children, they think up cartoonish performances involving characters from Russian folk tales and all kinds of famous heroes. Children are delighted with such performances. Adults are entertained by concerts of pop stars. Fans of antique items will be able to purchase exclusive gifts that can actually be found in only one copy.

Dozens of attractive restaurants work on Manezhnaya Square, where you can have a good meal. Warm up with delicious mulled wine or enjoy herbal tea. Choose a place by the window to watch what is happening on the main square near the Kremlin.

How to decorate the capital for the New Year holidays: what to see in Moscow

Every year, for the celebration of the New Year, tourists are impressed by the illumination. Fluffy characters of the New Year flaunt with large toys and garlands. Manezhnaya Square and other locations transform into magical castles, where everyone will find entertainment to their liking. A trip to Christmas with luminous arches and New Year's posters creates a festive mood.

To create an incredible effect, light tunnels and ice slides are organized. Queues of tourists lining up for selfie zones want to capture the best moments of their lives. On postcards and visualizers demonstrate Moscow landscapes, stunning bird's-eye views of the capital. They traditionally adorn Moscow from mid-December and retain their beauty until mid-January. You can plan your vacation throughout this month.

Manezhnaya Square for New Year 2020: reviews of tourists

The impressions that you get from visiting a popular location will last for a whole year. Metropolitan life is seething with colors and the atmosphere of a holiday. Enjoy the extravaganza of magic as you tune in to new achievements and goals. Next year, new peaks are waiting for you, which you are ready to overcome.

Arrange for your family an unforgettable weekend under the dome of happiness. Think in advance of your route, go to Manezhnaya Square yourself or book an excursion with visits to other interesting places in the capital. Reviews of tourists are always positive, because the organizers of the holiday manage to translate into reality all the desires of children and adults.

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