Zemfira 2020

In which cities the singer is going to give concerts when her latest album is released and whether the Zemfira 2020 project will be the last page in the work of the Russian rock icon - we will learn about all this in the material below.

Songs that hurt "for life": interesting facts from the biography of the singer

Zemfira Ramazanova (this is the full name of the most popular and extraordinary rock singer of the last decade in Russia) was born on August 26, 1976 in the capital of Bashkiria - the city of Ufa. The interest in singing and music in the future star of domestic rock manifested itself at a very young age. Noticing the daughter’s talent, her parents sent her to a music school, where she not only began to solo in the choir, but also graduated with honors from the piano class.

Zemfira's first performance as a soloist took place at the age of five - as part of a children's broadcast on local television, she sang a funny song about a lazy worm.

The school years of young talent were also filled with bright and interesting events. Being a very active and inquisitive child, Zemfira managed to attend 7 school classes at once. However, most of all she was interested in music and sports. Passion for the latter was not in vain - in the early 90s Zemfira became not only one of the best point guards in the team, but also won the status of the sole leader and captain of the Russian youth basketball team.

At the same time, young Zemfira did not forget to devote time to her musical predilections. Her guitar became her favorite instrument, having mastered the game on which, she learned to masterfully perform the songs of such legendary rock bands as "Aquarium", "Cinema" and "Nautilus Pompilius". In the "constellation" of western rock monsters, the place of her favorites was taken by the British band Quin "led" by the talented soloist Freddie Mercury.

After graduation, Zemfira faced a difficult and, as it turned out later, fateful choice between sports and music career. Having preferred the latter, the girl entered the Ufa College of Arts. After completing his studies in 1997 with honors (majoring in pop vocals).

The 1998th year was a turning point in the biography of the future composer, producer, songwriter and rock singer. It was during this period of her life, working as a sound engineer at a local radio station, that she began to compose lyrics for compositions that a few months later entered her first album, which “blew up” all Russian music charts.

The singer’s popularity immediately takes off to heaven, turning her from an unknown young girl into one of the brightest “stars” on the Olympus of domestic show business. In the same year, Zemfira moved to Moscow, where, in collaboration with the producer of the Mumiy Troll group, he began painstaking work on a new creative project.

After a year of concert and studio activity, the second album of the singer was released under the beautiful and colorful title “Forgive me, my love”, which in 2000 became the most commercial (sold) album in Russia. Thanks to the original, and most importantly, memorable compositions that won the hearts and souls of Russian rock music lovers, Zemfira became the winner in three prestigious nominations of the cult youth magazine "OM" at once:

  1. "Artist of the year."
  2. "Breakthrough of the Year".
  3. "Album of the year."

In addition to these awards, a young rock band from Ufa wins the Record and Ovation awards in the nominations for “Best Musical Project of the Year” and “Best Rock Band of the Year”.

At the peak of the popularity of the Ufa rock band, which fell on the years 2002 - 2003, a long break took place in its concert and studio calendar. According to Zemfira herself, she just needed to take a time out to take a break from the endless flights and trips associated with a busy concert schedule. As a result, the singer canceled a number of tours and almost a year went on a forced "creative vacation".

"Fourteen Years of Silence" became Zemfira's third studio album, which she recorded with an updated band. It is noteworthy that on the first day of sales more than 180 thousand discs were sold, and the tracks "Infinity" and "Traffic" were named the best Russian singles in the pop-rock genre. By July 2002, the album's circulation exceeded the mark of 1 million copies. In the same year, Zemfira performs at the Megahouse and Invasion festivals, and in 2003, organizes a large concert tour of Russian cities.

Despite the busy creative schedule, Zemfira enters the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. However, in connection with the recording of the new album, she was forced to take an academic leave, after which she never returned to the university.

Throughout 2004, the “icon of Russian rock” took an active part in many large-scale music events, including the MTV Russia Music Awards (where she sang a duet with the legendary band Quin), as well as the popular annual rock festival Maxidrom - 2004 " in Moscow. In addition, in 2004, a singer from Ufa began work on the soundtrack for Renata Litvinova’s film “The Goddess: How I Loved”, and at the same time gave several recitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In the period from 2005 to 2013, Zemfira releases the fourth, fifth and sixth studio albums under the names:

  • Vndetta (2005),
  • Thank You (2007)
  • "Living in Your Head" (2013)

Each of them becomes a truly “high-profile” event in the world of Russian rock, and also gives concerts in different cities of our country.

Music awards

As for the awards received by Zemfira for, without exaggeration, outstanding achievements in creativity, their number is just off scale. In chronological order, the list of triumphs of the Ufa rock singer is as follows:

  • Prize "Muz-TV", 2003: victory in the nomination "Best album of the year" ("Fourteen weeks of silence");
  • Prize "Steppe Wolf", 2008: victory in the nominations "Best Disc" ("Thank you") and "Best Concert Performance" (SK "Olympic", Moscow);
  • Chart Dozen Award, 2008: victory in the nominations for “Best Soloist” and “Best Song Music” (“We Break Up”);
  • Chart Dozen Award, 2010 - 2011: victory in the nomination "Best Soloist of the Year";
  • Chart Dozen Award 2012: Winning the nominations for Best Soloist of the Year and Best Song Music (No Chances).
  • Prize "Muz-TV", 2012: victory in the nomination "Best performer of the decade";
  • MTV Europe Music Awards? 2013: victory in the nomination "The Best Russian Artist".

In addition to winning these awards, Zemfira is the owner of the State Republican Youth Prize. Shaikhzady Babich (Bashkortostan, 2001) and laureate of the 4th Golden Gargoyle Prize (Moscow, 2003).

When will the new Zemfira album be released?

Back in 2018, Zemfira published two news on the official fan page in the popular social network: the end of her touring work and work on a new studio album, which the singer planned to release by the end of 2019.

Currently, exact dates for the release of Zemfira's new disc have not been announced, however, it has become known from insider sources that work on the new tracks has already been completed and that the seventh album of the Russian rock star will be officially presented in the coming months. Recall that the last album ("Live in Your Head"), recorded by Zemfira in the studio, dates from the 2013th year.

Schedule of concerts Zemfira in the 2020th year

Despite Zemfira’s repeated statements about the end of her active concert activity, the singer’s fans continue to hope for her return to the big stage. And, as it turned out, these expectations are not without meaning. In March of this year, the press service of the Ufa rock band announced that in 2020, Zemfira was going to give several recitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Where and when these events take place is still unknown.

According to preliminary information, the singer’s performances will be dedicated to supporting her new album, which is being finalized. Recall that the last live concerts of Zemfira took place on 07/12/2018 in the St. Petersburg Ice Palace and 08/04/2018 in Moscow Kolomensky Park.

Will Zemfira's creative career end in 2020: the latest news

Rumors about Zemfira's departure from the music scene more than once “surfaced” in the domestic media. The singer herself (even during a long creative crisis) never made such statements. However, fans of the Russian rock icon still have certain reasons for thinking about ending their touring career. Many musical critics prophesying to Zemfira, if not the end of their careers, then surely yet another creative “lull” are in agreement with this opinion.

The main argument in favor of the voiced version is the complete “calm” in her concert schedule, as well as the singer’s fatigue and her reluctance to “tour” around the country. However, the latest photos and video materials with the participation of Zemfira indicate the opposite. This or that forecast will be justified, only time will show. In the meantime, we all look forward to the most optimistic news from the Zemfira camp - the most popular and successful Russian rock singer of the last decade.

Watch the video: Zemfira (November 2019).