Quarantine in Perm 2019-2020

There are millions of microorganisms in the air, land, water and objects that can cause a variety of diseases. As a rule, the human body successfully copes with the surrounding dangers. But, sometimes, the disease begins to spread rapidly. Local authorities are taking possible measures to maintain public health. Perm quarantine is no exception.

The flu epidemic is back. Prevention methods

Recently, doctors have noted an increase in the incidence of influenza and SARS (acute respiratory viral infection). For people with strong immunity, the flu is not particularly dangerous and will pass in a mild form. But the disease cannot be underestimated. It is worth remembering that the flu is caused by a virus that is prone to permanent mutations. As a result, in the new year, the human body will encounter a slightly modified virus, which must be "learned" to fight.

The fact that not all people immediately seek qualified medical help immediately increases the likelihood of complications. Some citizens are trying to heal with folk remedies (which have a positive effect, but are not enough to fight the virus), someone is not being treated at all, thinking that they have caught a mild cold, which itself will disappear.

There are several reasons for this behavior of people:

  • Medicines are constantly growing in price, and some citizens are not able to purchase expensive medications, which is why they are treated on their own. Doctors are contacted when it is not possible to control the course of the disease, and every day it gets worse.
  • Influenza is an insidious disease, in view of the clinical manifestations. Influenza begins as a common cold. People complain of a fever of 38-39 degrees Celsius (sometimes reaching 40), runny nose, headaches, constant fatigue, shortness of breath, cough.

If untreated, the disease progresses, complications develop that can lead to death. These include: pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis, otitis media, high temperature 39-40 degrees Celsius and above. Due to impaired lung function, the disease affects the cardiovascular system. Malfunctions of the heart cause a chain reaction, because every cell in the body needs oxygen and nutrients from the blood.

Doctors unanimously say: "It is better to prevent the disease than to treat." With the approach of a possible epidemic, public awareness is being carried out, health workers talk about prevention methods:

  1. Avoid hypothermia - hardening the body is a useful procedure that increases resistance to negative environmental influences. For a non-tempered body, low temperature will have a negative effect, in particular, immunosuppression (decreased immunity) will occur. It is for this reason that the incidence rate increases in winter. Warm clothes, hot drinks and high-calorie foods will help to avoid hypothermia.
  2. Try to breathe only through the nose. Nature has decreed that the nasal passages play a key role in the respiratory system. Air passing through the nose is warmed, moisturized and partially filtered from microorganisms and dust (this helps mucus and ciliary epithelium, which is lined with the nasal cavity).
  3. Ventilate residential premises.
  4. Follow hygiene rules to prevent the spread of infection.
  5. Doctors urge to abandon self-medication and, in case of the first signs of illness, seek qualified help.

How real is the development of the measles epidemic. Prevention Methods

Measles is a dangerous viral disease that can lead to death. Despite the fact that measles is a childhood disease, the malicious virus does not disdain to develop in the adult body.

Measles has characteristic symptoms, in particular, the appearance of whitish spots on the mucous membrane of the cheeks. These manifestations received a nominal name: Filatov-Koplik spots. A rash appears on the skin. The disease is accompanied by high fever, which exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, conjunctivitis, cough, runny nose. Patients have photophobia. Dangerous in the course of the disease are complications that cause disruption of the central nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems.

It is worth noting that measles spreads extremely quickly, as a result of which only a few infected can cause an epidemic. Medical facilities carefully examine patients. In case of measles detection, a quarantine is announced in the department, which is removed in case of full recovery of all patients in the department. After quarantine, the premises are disinfected.

The only effective method of measles prevention is vaccination, which will protect the human body from the development of the disease. Local medical facilities are provided with a sufficient amount of vaccines, because recently measles outbreaks are not uncommon.

Latest News: Rospotrebnadzor announces quarantine in Perm

Influenza visited Perm again. Despite the hard work of medical institutions, the level of the disease exceeded the permissible threshold. After the next meeting, local authorities decide to quarantine. It is worth noting that quarantine is declared if more than 20% of the population falls ill. At the moment, the incidence rate has more than doubled the threshold. Rospotrebnadzor notifies of the introduction of measures aimed at combating the spread of infection.

In view of the epidemiological situation in Perm, quarantine has been in effect since early February. Doctors and local authorities are confident that this tactic to combat the spread of infection will help to reduce the incidence rate and resume the work of educational institutions in a short time.

Rospotrebnadzor conducts outreach to the population regarding prevention, and also urges citizens to refrain from visiting crowded places.

Sanitary and epidemiological situation in Perm. Latest data

At the moment, in Perm a tense epidemiological situation. The incidence rate reaches 48%. These figures are supported for 2 days. Doctors say that thanks to effective treatment, patients are recovering. The number of complications in patients does not exceed 10%.

Despite the aggressiveness of the disease, thanks to the work of medical institutions, fatal cases are not observed.

Data were reported on 3 cases of measles. Doctors fear a measles outbreak that could spread instantly among citizens whose body is weakened by the fight against the flu. At the moment, measles patients are quarantined and are receiving proper treatment.

How long quarantine will be extended: doctors' forecasts

In Perm, quarantine is announced until February 10. Doctors are convinced that due to timely actions by the planned date of quarantine removal, the disease level can be halved, which will allow resuming the work of educational institutions.

Having at the moment high incidence rates and a recorded case of measles, the local government will raise the issue of a possible extension of quarantine in schools and other educational institutions.

Among most school students, quarantine is seen as an extra “vacation." It is worth noting that quarantine is a set of measures aimed at preventing the spread of infection, as well as isolating and treating patients. In emergency cases, during the spread of especially dangerous infections, the perimeter of the quarantine zone is strictly guarded by the military. The term "quarantine" has been used since the 14th century and is translated from Italian as "forty days and nights." The fact is that this amount of time lasted quarantine in places of the epidemic of smallpox and plague.

Repeat last year? How to deal with SARS and the flu in 2019

In 2019, a flu epidemic hit Perm. Quarantine was introduced due to an excess of the incidence rate of 40.2%, according to the Rospotrebnadzor. On January 31, quarantine was announced until February 8. The first time after the introduction of quarantine, the incidence of growth slowed down, and soon began to decrease.

By the planned date of quarantine removal, the incidence rate was still above the norm. It was decided to extend quarantine until February 13.

For prevention among the population, vaccinations were carried out. During quarantine and after its removal, cases of measles were recorded. Fortunately, we did not have to wait for an epidemic.

Areas of Russia at risk of developing an epidemic

The development of the epidemic partially depends on the geographical location of the city and its climate. For example, Perm has a temperate continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. Yakutsk has a sharply continental climate, with very cold winters and warm summers. In such areas in winter, you should be especially careful.

Do not forget that any metropolis and high population density, regardless of climate, has a risk of developing an epidemic. The list of potentially dangerous areas includes territories where cattle burial grounds formed since the anthrax epidemic are located. It is a known fact that most microorganisms in extreme conditions (such as frost or heat) stop developing or die. But there are real tough nuts. For example, the controversy of the aforementioned anthrax even during the most severe frosts can live for decades.

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