Ice sculptures in Moscow 2020

Ice compositions do not please the eye for long, but sculptors love this material for its purity and transparency, a bizarre play of light and shadow. Finished figures resemble fabulous souvenirs. Festivals and exhibitions dedicated to this art are popular in many countries of the Northern Hemisphere. The capital of Russia is no exception, the opening of galleries where ice sculptures are located in Moscow in 2020 is an expected and significant event.

The history of ice sculpture

The first ice masters appeared in China 3 centuries ago. Typical products of that time were lanterns with a candle inserted inside, which the fishermen took with them for fishing. Over time, ice lanterns began to be used for traditional winter holidays. In modern Harbin, an annual ice sculpture festival is held annually, during which palaces, gardens with dragons, waterfalls and carved flowers grow in the parks.

The famous ice palace, which appeared in Russia in 1740, became the first masterpiece of snow architecture in history. They created it to entertain the seriously ill Empress Anna Ioannovna. The building in St. Petersburg was a real work of art, all the details in it were created with amazing accuracy. Not only walls and furniture were made of ice, but also curtains, playing cards, cannonballs. Even the logs burning in the fireplace were icy.

How ice sculptures are created

The new art gained wide distribution in connection with the advent of power tools, thanks to which the process of creating sculptures became faster. For masterpieces of frozen water you need high-quality material, the ice should be clean, without impurities and sand. For sculpture, blocks are used that are cut from the cover of a rapidly frozen reservoir, or obtained artificially. The material obtained industrially is limited in size, to get a block with a side of 1.5 m, you need to spend several days. As a cementing material for fastening parts using ordinary water.

The ambient temperature is also important. It is impossible to work with ice in warm weather; in severe frost, a block of frozen water can crack. The finished figure is polished with a grinding wheel, and irregularities are removed with a hairdryer or electric soldering iron. The color of the sculpture is given with paint during the freezing stage or highlighted using ice lighting

Where to see ice sculptures in Moscow with children

In the capital of the exhibition, you can look at unique compositions on the eve of the New Year. Fans of this winter art gather at VDNH, Poklonnaya Gora, in the parks of Sokolniki, Luzhniki, Krasnaya Presnya.

At festive venues, kids can not only look at ice figures, but also go downhill, ice skating, chat with the characters of a winter fairy tale.

Ice Gallery in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill

The family festival opens annually since 2015 in Victory Park from the last days of January. At the first exhibition, Muscovites and guests of the city saw a composition of ice figures "Moscow in Miniature". At the 2017 exhibition, sculptures were collected, representing copies of historical monuments of large cities of Russia. The theme of the festival 2018 was devoted to football. On Poklonnaya Hill there are figures symbolizing the countries participating in the 2018 World Cup: Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids of Egyptian pharaohs and Mayan Indians. The ice figures of the holiday in 2019 represented the culture of India, Europe, and Africa.

The hallmark of the festival is the 50-meter Kremlin, which is annually installed in the center of the square. The entertainment program on Poklonnaya Hill includes roller-skating, watching shows.

Where is the ice museum

You can look at ice figures not only in winter. In 2010, the Museum of Ice was opened in Sokolniki. The creators of the museum are members of the Art Bliss creative group led by Pavel Mylnikov and Bagrat Stepanyan, who took the Grand Prix at the international championships for creating compositions from snow and ice. The first visitors saw the North Pole exhibit, which included figures of a polar bear, mammoth, penguins, and ice plague. The museum is a collection of ice sculptures created by the best masters of the world, the exhibition part occupies about 500 m. 800 tons of ice and 200 tons of snow were used to create it. The constant temperature in the museum is -10˚.

In Sokolniki there is also a winter project "Planet Ice". This is an amusement park with architectural and sculptural structures, with light and sound accompaniment. In it you can see ice cities, labyrinths, the sarcophagus of the pharaoh, the pyramids. Masters create figures of cartoon characters, animals, mysterious caves, knight's castles.

Forest of Wonders in Izmailovo

At the ice sculpture exhibition in Izmailovo, the ice labyrinth with sculptures, fabulous trees and luminous snowmen became a traditional building. Another attraction of the site is the Husky Park, where you can chat with puppies and adult dogs, walk with them, ride a harness, take a memorable photo.

The annual festival "Vyugovey" at ENEA

The traditional festival of ice sculpture "Vyugovey" is annually held at the Cosmonautics Museum at ENEA. In 2019, visitors to the exhibition saw UFOs, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. For those who wish, master classes on creating figures from snow are held.

What to see in the Luzhniki park

For lovers of winter holidays annually opens a sports festival in Luzhniki. In addition to huge illuminated ice figures, slides for children and adults, ice fortresses, a labyrinth, and luminous art objects are installed in the park.

How many exhibitions are open

Ice figures are short-lived, any temperature difference can spoil them. In the open air, with proper care, sculptures last a maximum of 2-3 months, until the end of winter. Most exhibitions last only 2-3 weeks.

Reviews of winter ice towns in Moscow

At the initial stage, the events had many shortcomings, so the reviews on the 2011-2015 network are mostly negative. Visitors complained about expensive tickets, lack of parking spaces, quality of service. Over time, the organization of holidays moved to a new level, and visiting winter recreation in Moscow began to bring more pleasure. At some exhibitions of ice sculptures, for example, in the Luzhniki Stadium, admission is free.

The most popular international festivals in the world

The tradition of international competitions of ice sculpture festivals was laid in Japan in Sapporo. In 1950, a group of high school students made several figures out of snow. Local residents supported the idea, and after a few years the event became international.

One of the most famous ice festivals is held in Fairbanks, Alaska. Ice from the local river is considered the best for creating sculptures. They come to Fairbanks in teams; 110 hours are allotted for work. The most impressive works at the festival were a huge shark jumping out of the sea, a team of Bolto dogs, a giant grasshopper.

Popular events in Russia and the world are held in the following cities:

  • Snow Sculpture Festival, Novosibirsk;
  • International festival "And snow, and ice, and fire", Perm;
  • Ice Sculpture Festival, Boston;
  • International Snow and Ice Festival, Harbin.

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