Valentine's Day 2020

The most romantic holiday of the year is Valentine's Day. Time to talk about love, sympathy, make nice gifts. Even the ancient Romans celebrated this day, however, in a very original way. The story of the appearance of the day of all lovers, the ideas of congratulations, surprises, joint leisure can be found in the article. You will also learn about the festive traditions of different countries. Valentine's Day is not officially recognized, but is celebrated almost all over the world, except for Saudi Arabia. There it is prohibited at the legislative level.

Lupercalia. How did the ancient Romans come off that day.

BC, in Rome there was a celebration of love and fertility. Celebrated on February 15th. In a place where, according to legend, the she-wolf fed the two brothers, the founders of the city, performed the ritual of sacrifice. From the skins of animals killed were made lashes. It was believed that the blows they helped women conceive and bear a child, contributed to easy delivery.

To enhance the effect, men took off all their clothes, ran around the city with a lash and hit it with all the young women in their path. The Romans willingly substituted for the blows. At the end of the day, women also disposed of their clothes. The fun continued.

A new holiday or the fight against pagan rites.

With the advent of Christianity, pagan cults were replaced by church services, holidays. Lupercalia was not easy to eradicate, but over time the tradition disappeared. In its place appeared Valentine's Day or the feast of St. Valentine

In Christianity, there were 2 Valentines, with whom the day of love is associated. Documentary evidence of their existence and achievement in the name of faith has not been preserved. In this regard, the Catholic Church ceased to honor the saint since 1969.

Legends of Valentine

In 200g odes n. e. in the Roman Empire ruled the cruel tyrant Claudius II. The emperor was obsessed with military victories. So that the soldiers did not think about families, were selfless in battle, the emperor forbade people to marry.

A modest priest and doctor lived in those days. He united hearts in love, secretly crowning them under cover of night.

When Claudius heard about the activities of a brave clergyman, he sentenced him to death. Sitting in prison, Valentine saw a beautiful girl named Julia. She was the daughter of a guard. With all his heart, the man fell in love with the beauty, but did not dare to admit her feelings.

The execution took place in 269, on February 14.

Through time, Julia found a letter with a declaration of love and a short signature "your Valentine".

According to the second legend, Valentine was a representative of a rich and noble family. He was one of the first to adopt Christianity. The man converted his family and people. Once, during a wedding ceremony of 2 slaves, a guard burst into the house of Valentin and arrested the lovers together with the owner of the house.

The rich man was released. Slaves awaited execution. Trying to support the newlyweds, Valentine wrote them short messages. The blind girl passed them. When it came time to execute the sentence, Valentine offered his life in exchange for the lives of slaves. Before his death, he wrote the last letter, which was intended for a blind girl. Upon receiving the message, the little helper began to see.

As the day of all lovers in the world is celebrated

The official church is controversial on February 14th. Catholics do not honor St. Valentine Orthodox rule the liturgy in honor of the patron saint of lovers on July 19.

But for loving hearts there are no boundaries. February 14th is celebrated in many parts of the world. Thanks to a centuries-old history, a large number of traditions and ceremonies have appeared.

State Celebration Features
United KingdomFortune-telling on the narrowed. The first one to pass under the window of the girl that day will be her bridegroom. And there they congratulate their pets.
DenmarkThey give dried flowers specially prepared in advance.
JapanGirls take the initiative. Instead of valentines, they give chocolate.
AustraliaHolding festivals, mass festivities.
HollandWomen can offer a hand and heart to the chosen one. As a refusal, a man gives a dress. So you can either get married or fill up your wardrobe with outfits.
PolandArrange a pilgrimage to the relics of St. Valentine

But in China, Valentine's Day is celebrated in the summer. On February 14, only progressive youth celebrates.

What do Russians think about February 14?

The holiday came to the territory of our homeland in 90. Not everyone accepted it. In 2014, the VTsIOM studied the attitude of people to Valentine's Day:

  • 71% of youth call the day a holiday, celebrate it.
  • 24% of older people perceive February 14th as Valentine's Day.
  • 51% of all respondents give the day a spiritual meaning, 41% consider it a way of making money for entrepreneurs.

It doesn’t matter if Valentine existed in the real world, or it’s a beautiful fairy tale supported by businessmen for commercial gain. You should not miss a chance, spend an unforgettable evening in the company of a loved one, to please friends and relatives.

As noted in Russia?

Young people give valentines to those they love, to whom they feel sympathy.

According to VTsIOM from 2008. On this day give:

  • Souvenirs 28%.
  • Flowers 13%.
  • Sweets 9%
  • Perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry 6%

Celebrate at your discretion. Loving couples arrange a romantic dinner, companies go to clubs.

In educational institutions can organize festive events: "love at first sight", discos.

Where to go on Valentine's Day?

There are many ideas. The scenario of the holiday will depend on taste and hobbies. The main thing is the desire to make the evening special.

You can go:

  • In the quest room. Joint tests bring together, allow you to test feelings for strength.
  • Planetarium. Stars, pleasant music will give an unforgettable experience.
  • Aquapark. A bit of summer in February frost will cheer you up.
  • Rink.
  • Night club with a theme party.
  • Botanical garden, aquarium, dolphinarium. For opponents of the holiday - a serpentarium.
  • Restaurant located in an unusual place (observation deck, ship, etc.)
  • Concert of your favorite band.
  • Theater, opera.

Valentine's Day at ENEA

The main skating rink of Moscow is a place for lovers of hearts and lonely people looking for their soul mate. Every year on February 14 there is a grand celebration, with contests, flash mobs, prize draws.

More information about promotions and planned events can be found on the VDNH official website.

Valentines, cards, pictures for social networks

Talk about sympathy, affection, love on this day is made with the help of valentines. They can be bought, downloaded and printed on photo paper.

And you can do it yourself:

Pictures for social networks, chats

Valentine's Day Greetings

But it’s better to express feelings in your own words. Do not search for poems on the Internet, do not borrow them from the classics. Just write what you feel.

If you believe in miracles, they always come in reality. On Valentine's Day, it is important to give a small miracle to your loved one. On February 14, single people cannot stay at home. After all, this is the time when Valentine himself helps to meet a soul mate.

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