Fortune-telling for Christmas 2020

Very soon, the year of the Metal Rat. Fortune-telling on Christmas Eve, which will come on Christmas Eve 2020, will help to find out what the new period of life will bring. The most common types are at the disposal of inquisitive and persistent people: love, a betrothed, money, etc., as well as fortune telling techniques on cards, wax, mirrors and other household items, including modern gadgets. It remains to be understood when witchcraft is relevant and how to look into the future at home!

Primordial Holy Rituals: History and Traditions

Christian Christmas is one of the largest and most revered holidays in Russia. The celebration is part of the twelfth church vault and has a fixed date - January 7th. The day before the momentous event comes Christmas Eve (Holy evening). A special winter cycle (13 days) starts and lasts until Baptism itself, when the borders between the worlds of people and spirits collapse - "heaven opens."

The Orthodox religion does not welcome communication with otherworldly forces, but fortune-telling at Christmas and Christmas time is an exception that goes back to ancient times.

When to perform the sacraments and why is it important?

According to popular belief, Christmas magic is the most accurate. However, it should be remembered that taboo rituals are not worth carrying out on the holiday itself. This is a great sin. Pagans and even believers had a winter tradition of fortunetelling at the Christmas time, as well as during the days of the Solstice and some saints whose nameday falls on December:

  • Catherine: 7.12
  • Andrew: 12/13;
  • Barbarians: 17.12

The entire period from January 6 to 19, was called "Last Night." The ancestors sacredly believed that this was a “borderline” time, but they were not afraid to turn to evil spirits for help, especially on the night before Christmas, on Vasiliev evening (Old New Year) and on Epiphany Christmas Eve.

How to guess at home: rituals and rules

Dates and hours of communication with the spirits were never chosen by chance. "Tipping" periods of time are strongly associated with astrological phenomena, which are characterized by a mystical plaque. To carry out the rituals, a number of recommendations were prescribed:

  • choose a suitable place (a room without icons, an abandoned house, an attic, a basement, a bathhouse);
  • remove the body cross, belt, jewelry, braids;
  • do not talk and conduct the ceremony until the first cry of the rooster (midnight);
  • focus by isolating yourself from external sources of sound

It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol and drugs before and during all types of fortune telling.

Diverse lovemaking for love on Christmas Eve

From time immemorial, girlish curiosity has been pushing the weaker sex to reckless acts, such as domestic witchcraft. Whether such impulses are detrimental is decided on an individual basis, but it is difficult to keep oneself at the sight of a list of variants of predictions. In addition to the ability to throw cards at Kings or Fatum, women have at their disposal numerous ways to implement romantic predictions:

  • fortune-telling on the groom and on marriage;
  • on fidelity to the second half;
  • on family life with a chosen one and on children.

To list all the options will not have enough time. Fortunately, there is the Internet, where it is easy to find the right recipe for volshba and begin to practice.

Types of fortune-telling and magic tools

In an effort to look into the future with at least one eye, the beautiful half of humanity resorted to help:

  • runes and bones or leaves;
  • household items and food products;
  • cards, mirrors, threads, rings, wax and paper.

Simple “grandmother’s rites” deserve special attention, which to this day are quite suitable for dialogue with the spirits about building matrimonial plans. Using certain types of sacraments, it is also easy to tell fortunes by money, prospects and fulfillment of desires alone with yourself or in a warm, friendly company.

Give cards to your hands ...

The playing deck of 36 impressions of noble ranks and numerical denominations is a long-standing, world-famous and proven "portal" into the unknown. The types of fortune telling on cards at home are impressive in variety and accuracy. Start with the easiest and most famous ones to develop the skill:

  • "Four Kings": alignment on the narrowed;
  • "Witch": a scheme for yourself and loved ones;
  • 12 months: solitaire for events in the New Year;
  • "On desire": fortune telling by area of ​​interest - marriage, children, family, etc.

Life hacks and interpretations are abundantly featured on the Global Network. Choose, try and don't be afraid to look behind the curtain! All participants in the process from Six to Ace demand respect and serious attitude, and Tarot cards are famous for their esoteric aura.

What will happen in the New 2020? Wax will indicate events to the sequence!

In order to fully meet the upcoming calendar period, it’s enough to light a candle on the Christmas Eve, put it in a container of “living” water and watch the drips. In contact with the surface of the liquid, the natural mixture of lipids takes bizarre forms that are designed to answer urgent questions:

  • cross: major trouble or severe illness;
  • human silhouette: meeting or having a secret admirer;
  • arbitrary thick lines: long road or change of residence;
  • thin or scattered stripes: a lot of surprises and a little specificity;
  • rounding or sheer rings: meeting with the adverbial or close marriage.

Interpreting the results, the main focus will be on their problems and hopes. You should only think about the problem posed, otherwise all efforts will go down the drain.

"Sleepy" fortune-telling at the bridegroom

Christmas is coming soon 2020, and you cannot stand to know if a fateful meeting awaits and whether a wedding is just around the corner? Go to Svyatchecher on an overnight stay and say one of the phrases before going to bed:

  • "Resting in a new place. Dream the bridegroom the bridegroom!";
  • "My dear brother, come to dinner with them!";
  • "Chosen one, dear to your heart, take a walk in a dream with me!"

The image that came to mind is the very second half. Before you go to the "embrace of Morpheus", you need to relax and devote thoughts to the object. Another popular method: guessing at a loved one on a wedding ring. An object borrowed from parents or married friends is placed in a transparent glass with clean water and asked the person to appear, peering into the circles on the surface.

Modern prediction methods for thirsty secret knowledge

It's hard to believe, but even in the age of high technology, people do not give up the idea of ​​curbing providence. In this perspective, it is not the beliefs of the ancients that come to the fore, but new-fashioned devices suitable for fortune-telling for money, love, a career, and solving other puzzles not only on Christmas Eve 2020 and Christmas time. Having picked up a smartphone and typing an arbitrary combination of numbers, it is easy to find out what lies ahead:

  • busy number: aimless vanity or empty chores;
  • the subscriber does not answer: collapse of plans, disappointment;
  • The woman picked up the phone: mutual feeling;
  • accepted the call: the wedding is coming;
  • stumbled upon a friend: incredible luck.

In the role of an advanced fortuneteller at home, the familiar electronic "volume" can act. The method is similar to the divination technique in the Book of Changes. Formulate a question and open the page at random. Focus on the answer you are looking for and name the paragraph as well as the narrative line. Talk about the upcoming master and TV. The principle is the same, but instead of text, you need to listen to the first seconds of the speaker’s speech, film character, etc.

Popular fortune-telling for love, money and other aspirations

Types of Christmas fortune telling and Christmas time
Good luckFortune telling on the egg

To hope for luck, you will need a raw egg. Make a slight hole and pour the protein into the hot water. This method is an analogue of hunting on a wok. Good luck promises a silhouette: fish, crowns, and also a house.

On the narrowedFortune telling on mirrors

This fortune-telling is not suitable for everyone, but rather for those who like to tickle their nerves. In the people it is considered one of the most dangerous.

For fortune-telling, two mirrors are taken (large enough and possibly equal in size), set opposite each other and illuminated with two candles. It is best to keep putting one mirror opposite the illuminated wall mirror, so that you get a long corridor illuminated by lights. All animals and strangers must be removed from the room. If it’s very scary, you can leave a couple of modest persons, however, they should not make no sound, do not look in the mirror and do not approach the fortuneteller.

At the end of the corridor formed between the two mirrors, a narrowed one should appear. True, sometimes it takes a very long time to watch, and you can see not only narrowed, but all evil

For moneyFortune telling on a saucer and coin

To find out if you are waiting for money and fortune in 2020, please wait for the Feast and the Sanctuary with the help of a saucer. To help you with this ritual, you need to have an assistant. In your room, you must place the saucer in a row of three saucers and one of them mark the coin. You go to the room and try to guess where the penny is hidden. If you pop out a coin: From the first - you are waiting for wealth. Co secondly - a year in the financial plan without changes. With the third - financial problems are possible.

For the futureFortune telling on dumplings

The hostess of the house, inviting guests, prepares dumplings with potatoes, and in some puts the filling in the form of small surprises. The essence of fortune-telling is that no one knows what he’ll come across, and it is from the filling of the dumpling that they determine what awaits the person next year. For example:

Lollipop - life next year will be sweet;

Paper bill - you are waiting for a lot of money;

Thread - to a long road or journey;

Dragee-type sweets - replenishment of the family;

Pea black pepper - means life with peppercorn;

Button - many interesting new things.

On childrenFortune telling

Using ordinary matches, you can determine the gender of the future child. To do this, pour live water into a plate and make matches. Mentally formulate a question about the intended field of the baby, then light a match and wait until it completely burns out. Throw out an extinct match in a bowl of water. A drowned match will indicate the birth of a boy, and a floating one will indicate the birth of a girl

To desireFortune telling

This fortune-telling is one of the simplest: any cereal is poured into the jar, the question is asked, after which a handful of cereal is taken out of the container with the left hand, and the grains are recounted.

An even number symbolizes a positive answer to the question, and an odd number represents a negative, respectively.

To loveFortune telling on coniferous branches

Gather an armful of coniferous branches. On Christmas night, get together with friends and scatter them on the floor (not girlfriends, of course, but branches). Now, having closed his eyes or blindfolded so as not to peep, select each one on the branch. Eyes can be untied. If the bark on your branch is even, then the groom will be good and handsome, if the bark is strong - wealthy, rough bark predicts a reliable person, but not handsome, in some places a tattered trunk indicates that your future chosen one is not too wealthy. If the branch is thick, then it will be strong. In short, you can continue on your own in the same spirit, the main thing is that you have enough imagination

To marriageFortune telling on lead

Only girls who have tried all other types of fortune telling participate in this fortune-telling. The main condition is that no one of her relatives is next to the fortuneteller. When divining, they melt the lead, pour it into cold water and observe.

On which side the lead pairs will separate, on that side and the girl will be married. If a lead figure resembles a church, it means a quick wedding. All other figures are interpreted, proceeding primarily from the associations of the fortuneteller himself.

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