Wolf Messing Predictions for 2020 for Russia and the World

Wolf Messing is a man with the gift of providence, who managed to predict the death of his own wife, indicate the exact date of his death, the collapse of the USSR and other significant events not only for Russia, but for the whole world. His messages to contemporaries are still being interpreted, taking out useful information. The question of Messing's superpowers remains an unsolved page, since not all scientists and experts in the field of extrasensory perception accept the hypothesis. Wolf Messing's predictions for 2020 for Russia and the world are a whole story about what awaits citizens of not only our country, but also Americans, Europeans, Ukrainians.

Wolf Messing Predictions for 2020 for Russia and the World

Despite the features of this phenomenon, Messing went down in history under the name of a talented person. For some, his gift remained only a confirmation of the power of psychology, for others - an effective way of manipulative influence on consciousness. He managed to learn the secrets of the future by opening the doors of the unknown. The seer's statements contain many interesting assumptions about the Third World War, moral values ​​in 2020, economic dominance on the world stage. Let's see what awaits Russia next year, and is it possible to change the course of history today?

The psychic abilities of the great seers have always yielded to pressure. And even if in the last century they were afraid to even talk about it, the curtain of the unknown opens today for ordinary people who are eager to find out the future. Throughout his life, the soothsayer has made several high-profile statements. If you analyze them, they all took place in the historical summary of the world and the Russian Federation.

Certain inaccuracies were recorded by dates, but all that the seer predicted came true. Consider several important points that Messing has verbatim about:

  1. the participation of Soviet people in the Second World War. At the time when the non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany was in effect, people could not even imagine such a turn of events. The soothsayer was not afraid before a huge audience of witnesses to declare that the Soviet soldiers would find themselves in the territory of destroyed Berlin;
  2. about the end of the war he prophesied to the soldiers. On May 8, as Wolf Messing was sure, it would all be over. He spoke to people, shocking the consciousness of a Soviet man. Then it was too foreign, but the psychic was not afraid to say even terrible things. Interesting fact: Stalin sent a personal letter to the seer, in which he noted that in the predictions about the end of the war he was mistaken for one day;
  3. in a relationship with the great leader Stalin, Messing had his own relationship. He asked to stop Jewish persecution, otherwise Joseph Vissarionovich will have to die on a Jewish holiday. And so it happened;
  4. the last prediction is his own demise, with the date of which he also did not fail.

What awaits Russia: visions of the great predictor

The Prophet declared that by 2019-2020 there will be no wars and world confrontations. Dramatic changes will affect events within individual countries. In such situations, only strong personalities can withstand twists of fate. It is necessary to be prepared for changes and difficulties, while maintaining inner harmony.

The role of Russia against the backdrop of global economic instability is to unite for common goals. Citizens will be able to survive hard times for the country, but the result will be of particular importance. Global changes will affect the economic picture of the whole world.

Messing's statements in relation to Russia, as well as many other soothsayers of his time, are connected with the opportunity to break ahead, open new perspectives and lay the foundation for future prosperity. The Russians can only hope for the words of the soothsayers, who predicted interesting things long before our time.

Messing's prophecies about the power of Russia: can they be trusted?

Veshchun, who made a lot of statements regarding the future of our country, repeatedly emphasized the tendency of Russians to coups. According to Wolf Messing, the mentality of Russia contains aspirations to expand borders, territorial domination, and strengthen political stability. And if now we live in a time of dramatic change, everything should change. Historical facts confirm that citizens will never stop facing the challenges of fate. This has long been understood by America and Europe. The Prophet spoke of the emergence of a new head of Russia, who will be able to gain authority among representatives and figures of other countries. In what year this will happen, the clairvoyant did not specify.

Visions on Russia's Economic Difficulties: A Literal Prophecy

The country's economy will decline due to the urgent need for reform. If the ruler succeeds quickly and without loss for the common people to make the right decision, it will be possible to avoid the consequences. For the further development of the industrial sector, investments and an innovative approach will be required. Otherwise, guided by the old principles and approaches, nothing will work. Modernization and the search for alternative technologies will open new frontiers with great prospects.

In 2020, we need to rely not only on natural resources, in which Messing saw violent power. We will have to take into account industrial complexes and their value, because without this it will not be possible to exceed expectations. Russia can always remain a strong state, regardless of changes in the world. Literally, even against the backdrop of the global crisis, a great country will play an important role in the arena. Other countries will only have to take an example and try to avoid turmoil that will drive them into a corner.

A serious test for the Russians will be demographic indicators and likely epidemics. Reducing life expectancy, ailments will try to break the national spirit. All this will shake the country's economy, because of which for several years it will be necessary to improve the situation by all means.

Prophecies about World War 3: what Russians need to prepare for

The theme of World War III is so relevant today that contemporaries are trying to actively interpret the predictions of all the great seers. Statements in the media, political conflicts, controversial negotiations between representatives of different countries, economic uncertainty prompt thoughts on the outbreak of hostilities.

Messing denied the start of the war in 2020. Russia is currently in conflict with countries that will not decide on drastic measures. A large-scale war is not expected, so there is no cause for concern. Wolf only predicted that in order to achieve a common goal and world harmony, you need to unite. Most likely, the seer had in mind the theme of Ukraine-Russia, arguing about the need for fellow nations to always stick together.

Wolf Messing Predictions for 2020 for China

  • America will remain a rival for Russia, trying to dictate its terms. The sanctions that our citizens will endure with dignity will only be part of the “gift” from the US government. Despite all attempts to worsen the economic situation of the Russian Federation, they will not succeed. All this is easily explained by conflicts within the states and the inconsistency of the ruler with representatives of other countries.
  • At this time, the Chinese will begin to feel their power. They will begin to lead a new course with a politically aggressive coloring.
  • Potentially, Russia could lose good relations with China after Japan suffers from a nuclear strike.

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