Symbol of 2020 on the Russian calendar

And although we are more often faced with totems of the Chinese calendar, there is also Slavic. He is closer to us according to the traditions that each animal proclaims. With the advent of the new year, we are trying to set goals and priorities for ourselves in order to move forward and reach new heights. That is why we are trying to find out what the coming year prophesies for us, how difficult it will be, how to meet it, and what ways exist to appease the symbol of 2020 according to the Russian calendar. Slavic astrology focuses on 16 totems. Let's find out more information about the patron of 2020, its good sides and opportunities. And if you should beware of something, we’ll take note of it.

Symbol of 2020 according to the Russian calendar: year of which animal?

According to the Eastern calendar, a busy year awaits us under the auspices of the Rat, but according to the Slavic, we will meet with the Forward Mizgir. This is a spider, which at first glance may seem frightening and unfavorable. But if you look at his predictions, everything will fall into place. The symbol of 2020 according to the Russian calendar is quite supportive and friendly, so you should not be afraid of it. Pictures with his image repel, but the first opinion is most often mistaken.

For our ancestors, the arthropod was close due to its wide distribution. It can be seen on almost the entire territory of European Russia, the Caucasus, and the Crimea. It is also identified with divine substance.

Forward Misgir: Patron Characteristic

Due to the structural features of the spider, it is often compared with the symbol of infinity. The body resembles the shape of a figure eight, so the arthropod also had to become a patron during the times of the Slavic peoples. There are other specific characteristics of the symbol:

  • the yarn of the web, the creation of original patterns is a sign of the Higher forces, which also deal with the web of being. Subjective comparison used to be taken seriously and symbolically. The spider never makes unnecessary movements, measured in its actions;
  • Spinning Mizgir is a creator who, with overwork, creates harmonious canvases from the web. He is never distracted from his deed, despite the obstacles and bad weather. On the way to achieving its goals, the animal exceeds all expectations, which every person should learn. Even if he has to face cataclysms and end his existence, he does not retreat from his goal;
  • Slavic mythology proclaims Mizgir a connected link of all generations that existed, is in the present and will be in all ages. This continuous web thread is a strong link between generations. Without this, we would not have known the history of our ancestors and could not have built the future. A person in this understanding is only a small part of a single system. We are all bound, even if we cannot see it;
  • the task of the spider is to once again remind the people of interaction and unity. Only if you help each other will it be possible to create a happy society in which our children will be brought up;
  • 2020 totem - the keeper of the family hearth and fidelity. This animal creates a connection between centuries-old family traditions, supporting your family ties. The descendants will inherit the best traditions of the ancestors that were glorious and courageous in your family.

Slavic calendar: what a spider was for ancestors

A person born under a certain sign was compared with the habits of an animal. For example, Mizgir was distinguished by willpower and perseverance. Leadership inherent in the representative of arthropods was attributed to people. Born under the auspices of Mizgir, they inherited purposefulness from their Slavic totem. It helps to reach unprecedented heights and achieve new goals. The only condition is perseverance and work, without which people under this sign do little.

The strength of Mizgir in his work on himself and for the benefit of others. According to the Slavic calendar, children who are born next year will be excellent leaders. Such people strive for excellence through hard work. This is quite rare, but a positive feature in our time.

Symbol of 2020 according to the Russian calendar: what it portends to us

And if the Eastern Rat promises us a year of change, the Forward Mizgir predicts changes for the better. He will help in the most difficult endeavors. This year is best for marriages, childbirth, pregnancy planning. Also, the Slavic spider promises to bring good luck in those areas that you were previously afraid to discover for yourself. Take all the skeletons out of the closet and place all the dots above the "and". It's time to say goodbye to unfulfilled ideas and dreams.

Do not be afraid of fundamental changes in your career. Professional activities and business projects will only benefit. Self-realization has not bothered anyone, but under the protection of Mizgir everything will surely work out.

Features of the totem according to the Slavic calendar

Despite the favor of the spider, there are also dangerous moments that can unsettle you. Adopt a few 2020 rules:

  1. Be careful in choosing professional partners;
  2. when concluding contracts or signing papers, be vigilant, because there is a possibility that you can be deceived. Material losses - this is what really can affect your ambitions and further actions;
  3. do not rely only on luck from Mizgir, act reasonably and measuredly so as not to fall into the trap of your own ignorance or inattention;
  4. Avoid conflicts and tensions in the family or work team. Try to distance yourself from quarrels that the peace-loving spider does not approve of;
  5. if you can’t smooth out the situation on your own, ask others to help you. Aggressive energy only leads astray. Any scandals can disturb the totem;
  6. do not succumb to passive moods and apathy. You do not have time to lie on the couch and do nothing. If you give up, health problems can begin. Therefore, think about whether you are ready to give in to your laziness.

Arthropods really amaze with their abilities to create a cozy atmosphere, maintain harmony and psychological balance. They devote most of their time to work. Therefore, they can achieve such successes in all areas of life. Agility and mobility, despite perseverance, remain characteristic qualities.

Even if Mizgir found time to relax, then excessive hard work will follow. This is a leader in nature, so perseverance is expected from us next year. Spiders love to criticize others, but they do this with extreme caution and competence. Patient nature opens up new frontiers for him. According to the Slavic calendar 2020 will be held under prudence and wisdom. If you manage to show your best qualities, fate will turn to you. If you decide to waste on idleness and a passive mood, do not expect more!

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