How many serve in the Russian army in 2019-2020

A new year has come, which added to the draftees young men born in early 2001. Immediately the Internet was “flooded” with rumors about increasing the life of conscripts. Is the service life of draftees really extended or is it another duck? Let's try to figure it out.

Rumors of increased military service

Rumors about an increase in the life of conscripts to 1 year 8 months have spread due to several reasons:

  1. Deputies to the State Duma considered the issue of increasing the service life of conscripts, citing the fact that a year is not enough time to prepare high-quality reservists.
  2. At the end of December, several orders of S. Shoigu were issued to address a number of issues in the army.
  3. Changes to the 53-FZ that entered into force in January 2019.

An appeal to the army to be made for two years: an initiative of the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

The State Duma has repeatedly initiated the issue of extending the service life to two years. This is motivated by the fact that earlier, when they served in the Russian Federation for two years, the first six months were devoted to the study of theoretical material, the remaining 18 months mastered the practice. At present, some deputies believe that 6 months is not enough for the acquisition of practical skills by reservists.

The question of increasing the life of conscripts was even asked to V. Putin. But he categorically stated that no extension of the term for recruits has yet been planned. The decrease in the service life had a positive effect on the draft of young men in the army. Previously, many did not seek to give their debt to the motherland in the army, and tried their best to avoid conscription. Currently, the situation has changed radically. Draftees do not "run away" from military registration and enlistment offices, because they are not afraid of the term of one year of military service.

Orders S. Shoigu

At the end of the year, several orders of S. Shoigu were issued to address urgent issues in the army. But they have nothing to do with draftees. One of them is about the execution of state contracts when fulfilling a defense order, the second is about making amendments to the order on the rules for wearing military uniforms. These orders of S. Shoigu are in the public domain, their numbers are 670 and 677.

Changes to the Federal Law on Fixed Service

The amendments to the law did not affect the draft age (from 18 to 27 years) and the period for which conscripts are called up - 12 months.

Drafting commissions will be recruiting from 01.04. until 15.07. - spring call, and from 01.10. until 12/31. - Autumn draft (in accordance with Presidential Decrees). A number of exceptions have been made to the recruitment deadlines:

  • recruits living in the Far North are called from 01.05. until 15.07. and from 01.11. on December 31;
  • new recruits living in rural areas, the term of the autumn draft has been shifted - from 15.10. until 12/31.
  • recruits - teachers are called up for military service from 05/01. until 15.07.

At present, no changes have been made to the law on the term of military service, which means that it can be assumed that the draftees of 2019 will serve 12 months.

Alternative to military service

The law defines ways from exemption from military service:

  • for health. Medical commissions at military registration and enlistment offices check conscripts for the presence or absence of certain diseases.
  • the presence of a military department in an educational institution. In addition to its presence, a mark in the curriculum of the draftee is necessary that he attended at least 450 hours of military training.
  • work in an enterprise with a military status. The term of work at such an enterprise is at least 21 months. Representatives of ethnic nationalities have priority in sending to such an enterprise, as well as those conscripts whom their religion forbids serving in the army.

Fleet Life

Before the reform of the Russian army, recruits were recruited into various branches of the army. Most especially did not want to get into the fleet, because the sailors served 3 years. At present, the service of conscripts in the Navy is also 1 year. Now many recruits themselves seek to get into this branch of the army. Someone is attracted to romance, and someone wants to further connect their lives with the civilian or navy. Testing your strengths and capabilities is much easier for 12 months than 36.

Fleet Service: Features

Even in Soviet times, when there were a large number of places of unregistered relations in the army, service in the navy was distinguished by the absence of hazing and other unregulated “products” of military service. This was due, first of all, to the fact that service in the navy is much harder than service in the ground forces. The fact that the team is located in a relatively small facility with nowhere to go from rallies the draftees serving on it. Each sailor is assigned certain duties that he carries throughout the service, so there is no time on the ship to clarify any relationship. Draftees are checked for health, not only physical, but also mental.

Contract service

In Russia, in 2008, military reform began, which continues to this day. The goal of the reform is to replace conscripts in military service with contracted military personnel. The reform is carried out in three main stages.

  1. Popularization of military service among the population. An increase in the wages of military personnel and bringing its level to salary workers in the leading sectors of the Russian economy. A call to recruits to continue serving in the army under contract. Bringing the ratio conscripts / contractors - 30/70.
  2. Further replacement of conscripts by contract soldiers, bringing their ratio to 20/80.
  3. Bringing the ratio conscripts / contractors - 10/90.

Currently, reform in the Russian Federation is still at the second stage. The constantly changing international position of Russia does not allow for quick implementation of reforms.

S. Shoigu about the army: latest news

S. Shoigu repeatedly spoke to conscripts and students, explaining to them the reform in the army. This contributed to the improvement of the draft environment. The army today is not only muscles, but also highly intellectual equipment, which requires the attraction of young talents in science. The modern army has created several scientific companies, which are not easy to get into. At least 10 people are applying for one seat. A strict selection is being conducted, which leads to positive dynamics in the implementation of inventions and rationalization proposals in the army.

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