Industry Agreement for 2018-2020

In the last days of December 2017, a meeting of three main defendants regulating labor relations in the Russian Federation took place. They considered and signed the General Agreement (HS) for 2018-2020. The parties to this Agreement were: the All-Russian Association of Entrepreneurs, the Trade Union All-Russian Association, the Government of the Russian Federation.

Key Provisions of the General Agreement (HS)

V. G. Putin was present at the GS conclusion, who noted the importance of this document in the regulation of social and labor relations of more than 70 million workers employed in various Russian economic sectors.

The main goal is defined in the Civil Society - the growth of the welfare of citizens. It should be achieved by increasing the stability and efficiency of the country's economy. Modernization of the economy requires Parties that have concluded the ToS to fulfill the obligations fixed by the ToS:

  • reducing Russia's dependence on imports, increasing the competitiveness of services and goods produced in the country;
  • antitrust development of the economy, development of competition in the market for the provision of services and goods;
  • promoting the creation and support of small business in the country.

To ensure the growth of well-being of citizens, the Agreement fixed salary obligations:

  • ensuring legislative standards in the field of real wages;
  • ensuring the ratio of the minimum wage and the subsistence level of the population;
  • ensuring payments of bonuses and coefficients for salaries for workers of the Far North.

Based on this General Agreement, industry Agreements (OS) were concluded in various sectors of the economy:

  • education;
  • construction and building materials industry;
  • oil and gas industry;
  • health care;
  • rocket and space industry;
  • home affairs etc.

Industry Agreement (OS) in Valuation Activities

OS in the field of property valuation was concluded on December 31, 2017. Further extension of the Agreement did not take place in connection with the reform carried out in the appraisal industry. It was planned to carry out a recertification of employees, which was supposed to end in 2018. In the coming year, it is likely that a new industry agreement will be concluded for appraisal workers, which will regulate labor standards for workers in this industry.

Sectoral Agreement (OS) of the union of educators and the Ministry of Education

In the field of education and development of Russian science for workers in these industries, an OS has been concluded, which is supposed to regulate social and labor relations between workers and employers in 2018-2020. OS is a legal act, the basic tenets of which are:

  • obligatory for implementation by organizations located in the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • recommended for leadership in concluding Agreements in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;
  • are the main - the basic document for drafting collective agreements in this industry.

The Agreement considers and defines the main provisions for calculating employees' salaries, their vacations, labor protection and its conditions. The Parties also committed themselves to the development of partnerships and the participation of trade union organizations in the adoption of management activities related to the labor of industry workers.

Industry agreement (OS) in the construction and building materials industry

04.03.2017 an OS was concluded that regulates labor relations in construction, as well as the industrial production of materials for construction projects for 2017 - 2020. The subject of this Agreement was the protection and conditions of remuneration of working employees in the industry in question. The agreement defines the mechanisms of relations arising between employees and employers employed in these sectors. The Agreement considers the nuances of payment and tariffication of labor for industry workers, as well as social guarantees provided to them, labor protection conditions and the right to rest.

Industry Agreement (OS) in the oil and gas industry

The Industry Agreement in this industry was signed in 2014 for 3 years. It was extended in 2016 for the following three years: 2017 - 2019. The main objectives of the Agreement:

  • ensuring social stability in the industry divisions, for its further progressive development;
  • providing guarantees for labor remuneration and its protection;
  • the formation of tariffs to calculate the amount of funds of employers spent on remuneration of workers in the industry;
  • commitment by employers to ensure the employment of workers;
  • creating a partnership mechanism between workers and employers.

The agreement is recommended as the basis of a collective agreement in industry organizations.

Industry Agreement (OS) in healthcare

In healthcare, trade union bodies are formed on a territorial basis. OSs for 2018 - 2020 in health care were concluded between the Ministries of Health in the authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the corresponding trade union organization. Agreements are legal acts that determine the variant of labor and social relations arising in the industry between workers and employers. The Agreement reflects the fundamental principles of industry development for 2018-2020. The main positions of increasing salaries for healthcare workers are considered. The Decrees of V. Putin issued in May 2012 are taken as a basis. The agreement is a document that serves as the basis for concluding collective and labor contracts by health personnel.

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