Where to go on New Year's holidays 2020 in Moscow

Favorite holiday of adults and children - New Year, always expected with special trepidation and impatience. From childhood, we remember this unique feeling of magic that comes to hearts in the second half of December. There is even an unwritten tradition of counting down the days until the New Year. With this holiday, people associate new dreams and hopes for a better life and fulfillment of desires. The children are looking forward to the mysterious hour at which Santa Claus will come to their house and put a secret gift under the New Year tree. And adults, although they do not believe in fairy tales, but somewhere deep down they still hope that if you make a wish very much, then a miracle is possible. New Year's holidays 2020 in Moscow will be held on an unprecedented scale and will give a lot of bright and fantastic emotions to adults and children.

New Year's events in the capital

In each city, preparations for the New Year celebration begin in advance. In this difficult preparatory process, hundreds of people are involved who think through to the smallest detail the scenario of New Year's performances and much more. In the cities of our country, there are traditions in the arrangement of New Year's events. The capital of Russia is famous for its bright New Year's show programs, holiday concerts and a very wide program of events. People from other cities of the Russian Federation often come to Moscow just before the New Year to enjoy the exciting holidays here.

Where to go with children on New Year's holidays in Moscow for free

For young residents and guests of the capital, the talented leaders of the New Year 2020 show program have prepared a whole range of unique entertainment performances. It will be fun for children of all ages: from toddlers to high school students. On most of the venues in Moscow, in concert halls and theaters, in shopping centers and exhibition halls, the organizers prepare original programs that will be interesting and entertaining for parents and children to visit.

All concerts and performances are designed for children with different interests. The atmosphere of the festive events will be truly magical and mysterious. During the winter holidays, something new and unusual for kids and teens will be held every day.

The main event, to which thousands of young residents of the capital will be invited, is, of course, children's Christmas trees in Moscow. They will be held at dozens of venues in Moscow and the Moscow region. Bright show-productions with the participation of fairy-tale heroes, Santa Claus, Snow Maidens will delight the children with exciting meetings, as well as sweet gifts. The traditional New Year's round dance around the holiday tree will remain in the memory of the children for life. The guys will not just be spectators, they themselves will become participants in the incendiary program. Carnival costumes worn by boys and girls will create a truly unique New Year aura.

The New Year's program on Moscow Christmas trees is planned to be very diverse and multi-format. Here, the guys will take part in fun contests, humorous master classes, various productions, and theater performances. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that the holiday program for children of all ages of the New Year 2020 will be extremely exciting.

Celebrations for adults

For adult residents and guests of the capital, the New Year holidays 2020 in Moscow promise to be stunning and enchanting. The organizers of the festivities have planned New Year events that will appeal to residents of all ages. Each resident and guest of Moscow will find an interesting activity for himself during the holidays.

Hundreds of places of different directions await adult Muscovites on holidays. Among the venues on which New Year's events will take place, the following can be noted:

  • Red Square;
  • Poklonnaya Gora;
  • Pushkin Square;
  • Sparrow Hills;
  • Okhotny Ryad;
  • Manezhnaya Square.

Also, entertainment events will be held during the New Year holidays in theaters, cinemas, exhibition halls and museums of the capital. For lovers of night rest will be open all the restaurants, clubs and bars of Moscow. Here, residents and guests of the capital will be able to incendiary celebrate New Year's Eve, or they can come to the institution on New Year's days. An entertainment program is planned here during the entire period of the winter holidays.

Poster of New Year's events in Moscow 2020

The New Year program in the capital of our country is always very rich and amazing. Such a number of entertainment shows, concerts and parties does not take place in any other Russian city. It is for this reason that residents from many regions of the country come to Moscow for the New Year holidays to experience this special festive atmosphere.

In Moscow, on New Year's holidays 2020, the organizers have planned hundreds of incomparable events and performances. Fairs of various directions will open their work in several places of the capital. Here, true craftsmen from all over Russia will present to the public their man-made masterpieces.

Throughout Moscow, Christmas trees will thunder for children who will not leave indifferent even adult residents of the capital.

Travel companies have developed unique New Year tours for guests of the capital. Everyone will be able to visit the main sights of Moscow decorated for the New Year on comfortable buses.

In all parks and squares, organizers and craftsmen will build hundreds of ice towns and their favorite children's snow slides. Skating on ice cubes and cheesecakes is the main Russian fun since ancient times. And still, children and adults love winter fun on a roller coaster.

Clubs in Moscow will open their doors for New Year's corporate parties, as well as holiday programs throughout the holidays in January. Young people and older people will be able to relax in the institutions of the capital to the fullest.

Theaters and cinemas will prepare premiere paintings and theatrical productions, which will be shown in early January.

Museums and exhibition centers have planned their holiday program, which will become not only entertaining and vibrant, but also informative.

Skating rinks in Moscow for the New Year

In the New Year you can have fun in different ways, to your taste and manner, but recently, more and more often residents and guests of the capital of Russia prefer to hold a New Year's celebration not anywhere, but at the rink! Every year, Moscow more and more strikes residents with an abundance of new flooded sites that are designed for such an exciting winter sport. Professional skaters and just skate lovers with their whole families will go on New Year's holidays to Moscow's skating rinks, which can be either artificial or real ice. Perhaps the most famous and popular ice rinks among Muscovites are the ice rink in GUM and the ice rink on the territory of VDNH. The most popular ice rinks in Moscow, which will bring together a huge number of adults and children in the 2020 New Year celebrations:

VDNKh skating rink - here the territory of the ice kingdom is divided into two separate zones, each of which will find its favorites for a number of unique advantages. The first platform is called - "Flower Garden", and the second - "Rocket";

  • Skating rink in Gorky park - here the most fashionable and advanced citizens of Moscow have a rest and have fun. The whole territory of the skating rink is hung with neon screens and lanterns, and if you rent a female pair of skates, you are more likely to get an option with neon shoelaces that shimmer enchantingly in the dark;
  • Sokolniki Park, ice rink called "Ice". On the territory of this ice rink, which is located on Festival Square, families often rest. The ice platform "Ice" is the best place for a figured debut. The skating rink is equipped with a large number of auxiliary devices for the townspeople, who first stood on the ice. Here is an unusual infrastructure, very colorful and comfortable;
  • Skating rink in GUM - to spend time on the skating rink under the blows of the Kremlin chimes, isn’t this a real dream ?! Tourists from all over the world come to Red Square, and therefore it is not surprising that you can meet many foreign guests at the rink;
  • The Hermitage also has artificial ice cover, its advantage is that even in spring you can skate here without worrying that the ice has become wet, or worse, it has melted;
  • The Bauman Garden also has its own small but very cozy ice zone. The skating rink in the very center of Moscow is rightfully considered one of the most comfortable and beloved, both by the townspeople and guests of the capital.

And this is far from all the ice rinks in Moscow. In every park and neighborhood, there is certainly an equipped area for ice skating.

Moscow museums on New Year's holidays

On New Year's days, museums in Moscow will open their doors to visitors, both children and adults. Visitors will expect a magical program of various thematic areas. The State Museum named after A.S. Pushkin will host a real New Year's family ball. Children and parents will come to the temple of art, dressed in carnival costumes of different eras.

And in the Russian national museum of music starts a series of Christmas trees. Children from many regions of Russia will come here to see a colorful, unforgettable show.

The Tchaikovsky Museum will host New Year's performances based on favorite children's fairy tales.

And at the Museum of Russian Impressionism, performances for children from 4 to 11 years old will take place. The guys will take part in interactive workshops. Here, young viewers will see an unusual plasticine performance about the New Year.

At the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, the musical entertainment carnival starts first, and then the talented actors and animators show the children a fairy tale about evil and good wizards. Presentation will be held online.

Theaters on New Year's Eve 2020 in Moscow

The cultural program during the New Year celebrations will be unusually rich. All theaters in Moscow have prepared spectacular performances for the audience.

In the theater of the future VRTIST, a holographic show with multimedia technologies is planned, as well as with the participation of talented young actors of the capital.

And on the stage of the modern theater complex "Zerkalo" an immersive show starts, directed by young directors and screenwriters of our time.

The cultural center “Birdhouse” for young spectators will host a performance on the issues of kindness and care for our younger brothers. The show will have an interactive form, which will delight young viewers very much.

So the New Year holidays were held in 2019 in Moscow: