Horoscope for 2020 for Scorpios

The Year of the White Rat will bring a lot of changes for all the Zodiac Signs, so the horoscope for 2020 for Scorpios is a clue that will help get around troubles, meet fate and increase accumulation.

Amulets of Scorpions

Lucky numbers:21, 10, 9, 8, 4, 5
Stones:topaz, garnet, amethyst, sapphire
Flowers:carnation, peony, orchid, chrysanthemum
Mascot:everything that stores the image of a bug, scorpion, pyramids
Hue:bright red, wine, burgundy, raspberry, purple
Day of the week:tuesday, saturday
The ruling planet:Pluto, Mars

Tamara Globa

Financial stability and career success are the foundation of 2020 for Scorpions. The beginning of the year will be marked by discoveries in the workplace, new job offers, innovative business development techniques. All this will bring additional income and opportunities to expand areas of activity. Family for Scorpions is a reliable rear, therefore all achievements will be aimed at strengthening the home. Real estate plans may come true in late autumn. In mid-spring, help will be required for older relatives. And in summer, trips with friends and loved ones on vacation are possible. A positive year if Scorpio holds the sting at a crucial moment.

Vasilisa Volodina

Scorpio is distinguished by a strong-willed, capricious character. A striking difference of the sign is the desire to subordinate everything to their interests. With the personality of Scorpio is not easy to build friendships, partnerships, family relationships. Nevertheless, 2020 will begin with successful deals, promising romantic acquaintances and friendly parties. Family signs of the zodiac are recommended to listen to the second half, should not be hysterical if something goes against your beliefs. Look for compromises. The decision to insist on your own will not bring success and the whole year in the family are possible to sort things out. In autumn, Scorpions should be immune to avoid colds.

Pavel Globa

According to the astrologer, in 2020 Scorpionov expects a test of strength in many areas. In the work you will be loaded with tasks in full, which will require a large return of strength. In the spring, conflicts with colleagues about the irrational distribution of responsibilities are possible. The family will need your presence, which will result in home discussions. Friends will have a reason for resentment about untimely repaid debts. All problems will fall on the Scorpions in the first quarter. Pavel Globa recommends not to panic, but consistently solve problems. By the end of June, you will overcome all obstacles and exit on a smooth, light road. Lonely Scorpions, get ready for the wedding in the autumn month. A marriage concluded in 2020 will be happy.

The most powerful psychics

The best psychics recommend Scorpions not to get involved in dubious adventures. Check all offers for making easy money, investing in mutual assistance funds, and participating in gambling. You risk not only losing, but also gaining a reputation as a frivolous person. In the spring, do not lend money and do not take it yourself, an unfavorable period for financial transactions. By the summer, the situation will change and it will be possible to place a certain amount on a deposit, which will bring good dividends. Family Scorpions may have protracted quarrels with older family members. Only your desire to cede will reconcile the parties to the conflict by the end of the year. Changing the image in the spring is recommended for Scorpio women: a change in hairstyle, hair color or wardrobe will attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Love horoscope

Generous in feelings, emotions and adventures is expected to be a year with the Scorpions. The White Metal Rat will encourage Scorpio's desire to give love. Moreover, all manifestations of feelings will be mutual. If the New Year of one of the signs begins with a protracted conflict - perhaps 2020 will bring separation. But, as time will show, this will be the best solution for both partners. Strong families do not face any risks. On the contrary, in the summer there is probably a romantic pastime away from home. Lonely Scorpions with a head plunge into dates, meetings, romantic feelings. Stars warn - do not twist more than two novels in parallel. You risk not getting anywhere and get the glory of the frivolous Casanova. By the fall, one of the acquaintances will develop into a serious relationship: a person will meet with whom one wants to share both joys and problems.

Horoscope of health

Scorpio's health in 2020 will depend entirely on the emotional state. Nerves, depressions, psychoses will immediately be displayed by a breakdown, insomnia and poor appetite. Try not to get nervous over trifles and keep track of the schedule of food and sleep. A complete diet and nightly rest - the key to strength, good mood, performance. In the summer, include more fruits and vegetables on the menu, which will strengthen the body and saturate it with vitamins. In autumn, beware of rains and wet feet. Take the risk of catching a cold for a long period. If you feel tired, go on holiday with your family. Positive emotions and a change of scenery will energize you, positive for a long time.

Financial horoscope

Scorpios can very well achieve financial heights in 2020, subject to hard work, training, personal growth and development. Your work will allow you to earn good rewards, and the ability to spend rationally will help to save some of the finances. In the year of the Rat, Scorpios are not inclined to litter with money, which will positively affect their savings. The horoscope does not recommend lending for a long time, the risk of not repaying a certain amount is great. Toward the end of the year, you will want to buy useful equipment or furniture in the house. The purchase will be successful and bring happy changes to the family.

Job and career

If you belong to Scorpio with a good job and the prospect of promotion - you will have to sacrifice free time and communication with friends for the sake of learning a new position. This is a great prospect to master a leadership position by the summer and learn how to interact with the team. If work does not bring you joy, you do not see your growth in the workplace and are not inspired by new plans - feel free to change direction. By the summer you will receive several job offers, among which you will choose the one you need. Do not be afraid to change the team, leadership and specialization. Even an unfamiliar sphere will quickly become home if it opens up prospects for financial stability.

Scorpio in the Eastern horoscope:


Scorpio Rat is the most mysterious combination of horoscope signs. Even after living under one roof for 20 years, you can not unravel the essence of the zodiac. The point is his personality, dissimilarity with others. In the year of the Rat, Scorpio will express itself and stand out from the crowd at every step. This is a strong-willed person who will be able to achieve much under the auspices of the mistress of the year. V2020 Scorpio will be cautious with new acquaintances. This is right: before you let people into your life, you need to check for sincerity of feelings.


Scorpio Bull - a fighter for justice, a brave warrior, a winner. There is nothing in the way of this sign that could prevent it from reaching its goal. Tip of the year: move in the right direction, gradually fulfilling wishes. Make an action plan and do not shy away from the schedule. The results will impress you. You can afford real estate acquisition or major repairs, moving to another city or starting a family, starting a business or promotion. Use the Year of the Rat for the embodiment of old dreams.


A scorpion in a Tiger's shell must fully comply with external parameters: be honest, proud, principled in important matters. Subject to these qualities, the White Metal Rat will help to overcome all the obstacles to happiness. In the spring of Scorpions, a surge of love emotions is possible, which will positively affect the life of family and lonely characters. The former will strengthen their positions and diversify life, the latter will meet a like-minded person who is close in spirit.


Scorpio-Rabbit is a creative sign with a developed sense of beauty. Throughout the year, he will be interested not only in household issues, but also in the news of cinema, music, and theater premieres. Moreover, the Rabbit in the constellation Scorpio will have time not only to earn money, but also to get involved in an artistic hobby, which later can bring income. Summer will be loaded with work, but in the autumn-winter period you should take a vacation and go on vacation with your loved ones.

The Dragon

Dragon-Scorpio is a vivid representative of an emotional sign similar to a firecracker. Every minute he generates some ideas and gushes with offers. A positive feature is that it directs irrepressible energy in a peaceful direction and after its body movements the results are always visible. In the year of the Rat, the Dragon is recommended to restrain emotions in the family in order to avoid conflicts caused by his own intolerance. The year will pass without loss in financial and personal terms.


Personalities born under the combination of the Snake-Scorpio are endowed with wisdom, a strong spirit and a share of craftiness that allows you to get dry out of the water. These are good qualities; one White Rat alone will not allow you to outwit yourself. Therefore, building a strategy of behavior, try not to deceive the mistress of the year, be honest with yourself and your surroundings. In 2020, Snake Scorpions have business trips abroad or holidays at foreign resorts. All trips will be positive, inspiring new achievements. The year is rich in celebrations, occasions for organizing banquets with family members.


Scorpio-Horse - a man restrained in emotions, somewhat avaricious at the manifestation of feelings. In fact, this is a first impression. Just in order to trust, Horses need to let a person into their lives. In 2020, success and glory, promotion, recognition of the team will come to the sign of the zodiac. Tip of the year: protect what has been achieved and do not exchange on trifles. At the end of the year, a gift of fate in the form of an unexpected inheritance, a win is possible.


Scorpio-Goat is a zodiac sign, attentive to trifles, facts and analysis. These characteristics help you calculate the steps ahead. Goat's strategy is pleasant for the Metal Rat, so all initiatives in 2020 will be promising, long-term. A successful year for building marriage, partnerships, investing in business. The issue of friendships will be relevant. You may have to part with someone because of misunderstanding, divergence of opinions. Remember, everyone has the right to a point of view. Respecting your friends, you will keep many years of friendship.

A monkey

Scorpio Monkey is a fairly hidden sign that hides feelings inside. Reluctance to share experiences protects others from your problems, but it creates mood swings and depression. The rat advises you not to hide everything in yourself, to give vent to emotions in the form of communication with people you trust. You will avoid many emotional problems, as well as health problems. In general, the year is successful, subject to the recommendations. The probability of replenishment in the family is high.


The Scorpion Rooster is a strong personality that respects rivalry and strives for its honest path. A bright sign that wants to be in the center of the crowd, to catch the eye with non-standard solutions and lead the crowd. The rat trusts the Rooster, therefore success is guaranteed both in the personal and in the work sphere. For narcissism, do not forget to compliment loved ones, colleagues. Praise them for their successful deeds and care for you. In the fall, spleen born of fatigue is possible. Take a vacation and go on vacation for a recovery.


The Scorpio dog is a little reserved people, prone to aggression, but not without compassion. This set of qualities makes the constellation is not easy. Metal Rat will test the Scorpion Dog. Calculation, the ability to control emotions will help the zodiac survive the test. In summer, conflicts with distant relatives are possible. Be patient, by autumn all issues will be resolved through the negotiating table.


Scorpions-Pigs are the sweetest creatures that can surround themselves with friends, pals, like-minded people. They fit perfectly into friendly companies, become their soul and the center of the universe. The seeming openness is fraught with a secret: The pig knows whom to entrust secrets. She is not a simpleton and not a gossip, she wins due to her easy character. This zodiac sign will succeed in the year of the Rat, because the mistress of the year will make it possible to fulfill everything that was planned in the past.

For women

Scorpio women in 2020 will be puzzled by career growth and their external data. The desire to flirt and attract attention to oneself will be inherent in both single and family signs of the zodiac. Stars recommend that all women do not take too much on themselves and weaken control over loved ones. You are too keen on solving all the problems in the family that you need to confirm your weakness and need. Married women behave more modestly in a society of free men. Do not give cause for gossip that you are capable of any intrigue. Otherwise, it will have to be explained. Moderate, innocent coquetry is reasonably acceptable and will play a positive role in achieving some goals.

For men

The men of Scorpions are expected to have a difficult year due to excessive employment and workload. On the one hand, this is your growth and prosperity, on the other, your relationship with your loved ones, family members. With free Scorpios, it is possible to clarify relationships with a loved one right up to a break. Misunderstanding on the part of the partner will lead to a decision to go their own way. Family Scorpios will be able to save the hearth, because all financial success will be aimed at maintaining comfort in the family. Lonely Scorpions will not be left alone for a long time. The likelihood of a business romance, dating in the workplace. Common interests and solving collective problems will unite and make partners related.

Famous personalities born under the constellation Scorpio:

  • Christopher Columbus (October 27) - discoverer of new lands, Spanish navigator;
  • Mikhail Lomonosov (November 08) - an outstanding physicist, chemist, scientist, tester;
  • Niccolo Paganini (October 27) - great composer, Italian violin virtuoso, guitarist;
  • Fedor Dostoevsky (November 11) - Russian writer, thinker;
  • Pablo Picasso (October 25) - a famous Spanish designer, artist, ceramist;
  • Maya Plisetskaya (November 20) - outstanding choreographer, Russian ballet dancer, writer;
  • Lyudmila Gurchenko (November 12) - the legendary Soviet film and theater actress, people's artist;
  • Julia Roberts (October 28) - American actress, winner of the Oscar;
  • Victoria Tokareva (November 20) - famous screenwriter, Russian prose writer.


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