National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020

Presidential Decree No. 683 of December 31, 2015, regulates and determines the strategic directions for the development of national security (NB) of the Russian Federation. The decree came into effect from the date of its signing and determined the basic concepts for the development of Russia in the future.

Main sections of the Presidential Decree

The decree consists of six main sections, each of which regulates a certain direction:

  1. General provisions (paragraphs 1-6)
  2. Russia in the world community (items 7-29)
  3. National priorities and interests (pp. 30-31)
  4. System of measures to ensure national security (NB) (paragraphs 32-107)
  5. Fundamentals of the implementation of this Strategy (pp. 108-114)
  6. Key indicators (pp. 115-116)

General Provisions

This section defined the goals of the Strategy, its legislative base, and also defined it as the basis for the formation of state foreign and domestic policy. The basic concepts used in the Decree are defined.

Russia in the world community

The achievements of the Russian Federation as an independent, integral state, strengthening the country's economy, taking care of the younger generation, the health and longevity of citizens, and the revival of their spiritual values ​​are examined. A difficult international situation is examined, against the background of which Russia pursues a policy of strengthening the country, increasing economic stability and strengthening its defense capability. Relations with other countries of the Russian Federation are built on the basis of international law and seeks mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries.

National interests and priorities: concept

The main concept of the national priorities of the Russian Federation is the consolidation of its status as one of the leading world powers, supporting partnerships with other countries in the conditions of peace and stable development of the entire world community. For the long term, the following strategic directions have been identified:

  • increased defense capability;
  • strengthening internal inter-ethnic relations;
  • improving the quality of life;
  • a system of measures taken to strengthen the health of citizens and stabilize population growth;
  • boosting economic growth;
  • preservation of traditional cultural values.

System of measures to ensure the NB in ​​Russia

It is implemented by solving the following strategic tasks:

  1. Defense
  2. Security
  3. Improving the quality of life in Russia
  4. The economic growth
  5. Technology, Education, Science
  6. Culture
  7. Healthcare
  8. Ecology
  9. Strategic stability


The main doctrine of the Russian defense is to ensure its security and create conditions for its peaceful development in the world community. Strengthening its defense capabilities, Russia seeks to find a common language with other countries through peaceful negotiations, diplomatic meetings, through international cooperation based on the principles of sufficiency and effectiveness.


The main concept of the implementation of state and public security is the implementation of a set of measures to protect the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, the constitutional system, and the preservation of public stability.

Children Information Security Concept

One of the main threats to the NB is the propaganda of fascism, separatism and terrorism using the media and other communication technologies (Internet). The concept of children's safety from exposure to harmful information implies the role of the state as a guarantor of ensuring the harmonious development of the individual. Communication systems are being improved to protect children from the propaganda of violence in the information sphere.

Food Security Doctrine

Its implementation is made in the Russian Federation due to:

  • implementation of Russia's independence in food supplies;
  • mechanization and automation of the agricultural sector;
  • soil fertility: restoration and conservation;
  • development of livestock breeding;
  • prevent uncontrolled use of GMOs;
  • formation of reserve seed funds;
  • improving product safety control systems;
  • training qualified specialists for work in agricultural fields.

Improving the quality of life

The growth of the quality of life of the population in accordance with this Strategy should take place regularly. This should be facilitated by the targeted programs implemented in the country, each of which contributes to improving the life of the population in a certain area.

The economic growth

Ensuring the economic development of the country through the introduction of new technologies in the manufacturing sector and generating income from their activities is the country's main strategic task. The transition from a country of an export-raw material model to a country with high technologies with a developed financial system is Russia's immediate tasks in the economic sphere.

Technology, science, education

Strategic goals in this area:

  • creation of a system of scientific institutions that are capable of modernizing the country's economy;
  • improving the quality of secondary and higher education.


The following strategic objectives have been set in this area:

  • providing a single cultural space;
  • preservation of the traditions and cultural heritage of society;
  • increasing the role of the country in the global cultural community.


Health care is the most important component of ensuring the National Bank of Russia. His main strategic goals:

  • increasing the life expectancy of Russians;
  • medical services: quality improvement;
  • improving the control system for the production and sale of medicines.


Tasks in the field of ecology:

  • rational use of natural resources;
  • conservation of natural systems;
  • the elimination of damage to nature by human economic activity.

Strategic stability

It consists in the active foreign policy of the Russian Federation, aimed at concluding partnership agreements with other countries to create a stable system of relations between different peoples.

What is this decree

The decree defines the strategically important areas for the development of the Russian Federation in the long term. The implementation of strategic objectives will contribute to:

  • ensuring political stability in Russia;
  • further strengthening the country's defense capability;
  • increasing international prestige on the world stage;
  • improving the quality of life of Russians.

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