Reconstruction of the Gorky Highway in 2018-2020

We will try to find out in our thematic material how the situation with the repair of the highway is currently and whether the reconstruction of the Gorky Highway in 2018 - 2020 will be completed in a timely manner.

How has the Gorky highway changed in recent years?

Despite the fact that more than 2 years remain before the “final” of planned construction and repair measures on the Gorky Highway, positive “shifts” at this stage of work are visible to the “naked eye”. Since the beginning of global reconstruction, the situation on the highway has changed beyond recognition. First of all, it is necessary to note the emergence of new traffic intersections at the intersection of Sovetskaya Street, as well as the junction of Leonovsky and Obyezdnoye Shosse. Such a solution allowed not only to “offload” traffic on a given section of the road, but also to make it as comfortable and safe as possible for vehicle owners. As you can see, this modernization primarily affected Balashikha, which was previously the most problematic area in terms of congestion. Improvements did not take place on the entire Gorky highway, but only on the 18th and 23rd kilometers - the most "difficult" sections of this highway. Thus, transit transport moving towards the region can now easily reach the final destination.

Particularly noteworthy is the arrangement of an under-deck space, which at times makes it easier for drivers of cars to turn in the opposite direction. As a result of such a "transformation", accidents involving passenger cars and bulky vehicles at dangerous intersections are completely excluded. In addition, this interchange scheme saves time for leaving the city in the region. And although the situation with congestion in the morning and evening hours is still preserved, almost all road traffic participants can observe a tendency to their reduction. In connection with the above changes, some or all of the traffic lights were eliminated at some sections of the Gorky Highway:

  • between the 94th and 118th kilometers (near the town of Pokrov and the village of Kirzhach);
  • on the 50th and 57th kilometers of the M-7 and 88th kilometers of the exit from the village of Dubna;
  • all traffic lights between 156th and 159th kilometers;
  • on the 145th and 156th kilometers within the city of Lakinsk.

It is worth recalling that the aforementioned list of repair activities was implemented from 2015 to 2018, which indicates strict compliance with the program, schedule and plan for the reconstruction of the Gorky Highway until 2020.

Highway reconstruction plan for 2018

According to the construction and repair work calendar approved by the government, the implementation of strategically important projects is planned for 2018. First of all, this is the completion of the renovation of the 27th kilometer of the same M-7 highway (in the section of the Vostochnoye Shosse junction). The construction of the first traffic intersection will help to simplify the exit from the Sacramento microdistrict, located in the immediate vicinity of the Nevsky quarter. Currently, the final and most crucial stage of construction work is underway. The contractor company claims that this section of the highway will be commissioned no later than December of this year. Perhaps the only and most tangible drawbacks in arranging this denouement is the discomfort of drivers associated with a change in the geography of road communications. However, according to builders, this "nuisance" will be corrected along with the organization of access roads to villages, and in particular to the houses of citizens living there.

Gorky highway reconstruction program for 2018 - 2020

The master plan for the modernization of the highway for 2018 - 2020 provides a wide range of innovations. The main priority in this direction is large-scale construction and repair measures, which include not only the arrangement of existing ones, but also the construction of new road interchanges. The first in line is the completion of two interchanges in the Balashikha area. Particularly dramatic changes will occur on the section of the route from the 23rd to the 26th kilometers, where the overhaul of the road surface will be carried out. In addition, in 2019 all three reversal “loops” will be built here, and the carriageway will be expanded by six lanes.

Three traffic lights are also subject to dismantling, which could potentially interfere with the safe organization of traffic. According to urban planners, this innovation will not affect the comfort of pedestrians, since for the convenience of crossing a busy highway several elevated crossings will be constructed. Currently, not only all the supports for these communications have been installed, but work is also being done on the arrangement of temporary automobile roads. At the same time, residents of neighboring settlements will not be affected. On roads with increased traffic flow, modern noise screens and automatic traffic control systems will be installed. According to representatives of Uprdor, the active reconstruction of this section of the highway will not affect the quality of traffic in any way, since all work is carried out parallel to the highway and does not create any problems for free traffic.

Renovation will affect the 30th kilometer of the Gorky motorway. For informative purposes, a large electronic monitor will be installed here, which in online mode will broadcast data on weather, traffic jams and particularly problematic sections of the road.

Latest news from the organizers of the reconstruction

It is too early to take stock of the renovation program for the Gorky highway. Of course, to solve the most "painful" issues with transport "traffic jams" they did a lot, however, in general, construction and repair work has not yet been completed. Experts say that one of the "side effects" of the construction of new automobile interchanges will be an increase in land prices in the suburbs. According to observations, already today the territories that the highway crosses are beginning to actively develop. And this is not surprising, because thanks to broadband road traffic, it will be possible to get soda from the capital 2, or even 3 times faster than before. The “favorable” factor for pricing is the environmental situation in this region. According to current information, in the Gorky area, this indicator is more than satisfactory.

Watch the video: Gorky Park - The reconstruction scene (February 2020).

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