New AvtoVAZ 2018 - 2020

Thanks to cooperation with leading world brands, models with a rook on the logo are becoming closer to the best international standards, occupying ever higher places in international popularity ratings. Today, numerous photos of new products for the upcoming season allow you to make a choice and stay on the most attractive car for the most demanding and demanding customers. Given the significant improvement in reliability, quality and quality factor, owning a crossover or sedan from the banks of the Volga is not just a tribute to patriotism, but a worthy choice for a real motorist who prefers new cars from AvtoVAZ to other competing brands. So, what can a true fan of the legendary Lada get?

About the new direction of the VAZ

If more recently, the descendants of one of the representatives of the total deficit - the notorious "Lada" were the subject of folk humor - anecdotes, then in recent years the situation has changed dramatically. Russian cars of various classes, including cross-country ability, have already several times been leaders in various popularity ratings; today they are especially fond of our fellow countrymen. New AvtoVAZ models of the 2018-2020 season are already traditionally expected on the Russian market in the most prestigious car dealerships, and the tendency to study consumer preferences and reviews of the owners of a particular model released earlier allows us to form fairly unified modern concepts of the future.

Domestic roads are increasingly filled with noteworthy models of passenger vehicles. The Russian auto brand quite successfully began to demonstrate its own ambitions in the field of achieving high levels of competitiveness. For example, today, the buyer appreciated the merits released over the last few years of the series, among them:

  • A whole line of modern Lada Granta;
  • A series of unique sports trends Vesta Cross and XRAY Cross;
  • The flagship representative in the Vesta family is the swift, elegant and sophisticated Sport model;
  • The premiere of the future concept of the Patriot SUV of the next season made a strong impression on fans of strength and power, dynamism and aggressiveness.

The new model of the reinforced crossover Niva Chevrolet, a large and powerful car, is a worthy example of how the concept, first introduced in the Soviet Union back in April 1977, continues to be popular with excellent prospects for the future. Today it is a car representing a series of small-class SUVs, which can rightfully be called one of the most popular, even compared to the British Rovers and American all-terrain vehicles.

Available information about new products can be obtained from official releases and information that can rightfully be qualified as a data leak from the manufacturer. Photos, videos and technical specifications of VAZ’s promising offers next. The large-scale re-equipment of production capacities planned for the near future will necessarily lead to a significant revision of the assortment range of models in Russia. The prospects are serious, but in any case, the image of the domestic market will receive a whole series of "pluses."

All-wheel drive LADA

Spring of the coming year will come very soon - New Year's chores, Christmas markets, gloomy February days will fly by. It is in the first spring month that the planned premiere of Lada 4 * 4, perhaps the most long-awaited model, will take place. The proposed concept is intended to become a full-fledged substitute for the legendary Niva. What is the difference between the new product?

  1. High technical and technological qualities as a cross-country vehicle;
  2. The use of modern stylish design in the best traditions of auto 2020;
  3. Salon has undergone significant changes, insulation noise indicators have increased, ergonomics have been improved, high-quality finishing materials are used.
  4. The salon is literally "stuffed" with the achievements of high technology to ensure traffic control, driver and passenger safety in the most extreme situations.

The latest news and a detailed description of all the features of the model will be presented to the general public before going into mass sale. But today it is already known that the Lada of the new generation has a democratic value.


The next season is planned as a worthy end to the successful career of the popularly famous Priora subcompact. In this regard, the model has changed dramatically, the exterior and interior decoration techniques have been fundamentally revised. The new design has acquired notes of aggressiveness, expressiveness and, most importantly, the main feature is the use of high-tech LED-type optics. Based on a study of demand, the budget line of cars will be developed in the future.

The main parameters of new products

Technical indicators and the cost of a promising product range are as follows:

TitleMotor power hpprice, rub.
Lada 4 * 483; Manual 6 Art.540 000,0
Priora106 and 128; Manual 5 Art.500 000,0
Grant87, 106, 120; Automatic transmission 4 tbsp. and manual transmission 5 tbsp.520 000, 0

Watch the video: 2020 Lada Vesta Cross - Urban SUV (February 2020).

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