National Anti-Corruption Plan 2018 - 2020

The next, fifth in a row, national anti-corruption plan for 2018 - 2020 was signed at the end of June this year. Unlike previous editions, this one provides an assessment of the effectiveness of measures taken and measures of responsibility.

For how long is the approved nat. Putin's plan

For the first time, anti-corruption was discussed ten years ago. Then a plan was developed, the basis of which consisted of measures aimed at combating bribes. About how long a modern document was adopted (signed in June this year), the authors respond - for a similar two-year period.

About what activities were carried out and what results were achieved during this period can be found in the public domain on the official websites. According to the current legislation, government departments and municipalities are obliged to publish reports on the implementation of the national plan on their online pages. Further, on the basis of these documents, an approved summary analysis is prepared, which is sent to officials and submitted to the head of state.

Statistics of crimes committed under Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (receiving a bribe), data from the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation:

YearNumber of crimes

As in previous years, adopted by nat. the plan does not require full disclosure of the picture, the implementation of the tasks and their effectiveness. Because of this, the summary reports provide averaged data for the region, but do not reflect the actual situation. The lack of a system of assessments and control has led to the fact that the action plans of various departments are often very similar to each other, although the corruption risks of the Ministry of Culture and, for example, the Ministry of Defense, are completely different.

Important! According to the Levada Center poll, the most corrupt industries in the country are the traffic police, housing and communal services, medicine, and the state. management and courts.

According to the decree signed by Vladimir Putin, by October 1, the government should develop mechanisms for evaluating the effectiveness of meeting the requirements of the plan. The ministers also had to resolve the issue of responsibility for the development and implementation of anti-bribery policies. By November 1, draft laws should be submitted, which will spell out a list of requirements, prohibitions and restrictions for officials, as well as measures of responsibility for these violations.

Latest news on raising the retirement age and other decrees

Work on a national plan is ongoing in all regions of the country. So, in the Ulyanovsk region, all existing programs, both departmental and municipal, are being adjusted. As a result, more than 25 new ones were added to the list of events:

  • direct lines with experts, seminars and trainings for civil servants;
  • direct telephone lines for the public on anti-corruption issues;
  • social research and others.

These events were organized on the basis of the "hot line", which collected the proposals of the population of the region on this issue. Over three weeks, more than 30 initiatives were received, some of which were included in the regional anti-corruption program.

"The draft resolution was posted on the website, as a result a positive conclusion was received from one of the independent experts authorized to conduct an anti-corruption examination of regulatory legal acts and their projects", - said Alexander Yashin, Commissioner for Combating Corruption in the region.

According to the latest news, large corporations are also developing an appropriate plan. So, the Russian Railways prepared a document in accordance with the requirements of the presidential decree. It includes measures such as resolving conflicts of interest, preventing and countering bribery in procurement, identifying the causes and circumstances of possible corruption, and so on.

It should be noted that this decree, against the backdrop of the law on raising the retirement age, was fairly calm and relatively invisible to the general public.

Watch the video: Sen. Elizabeth Warren pitches anti-corruption plan (February 2020).

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