Retirement age increase in 2020

For the beautiful half of the country's population, the increase in the retirement age in 2020 will be reduced by 3 years - the head of state made adjustments to the age thresholds for retirement and proposed a number of adjustments. In the regions, work has begun to bring local laws in line with federal ones.

Raising the retirement age in Russia: table

The first pensioners in the transition period will be men born at the beginning of 1959 - they will be able to stop working and apply for the right to receive benefits in the first six months of next year. However, those men who were born in the second half of 1959 will be able to count on the state. allowance no earlier than the third quarter of 2020.

Schedule table: when it’s time for men to retire:

Year of birthRetirement
1960 (1-6 months)2021 (1-6 months)
1960 (7-12 months)2022 (7-12 months)

As for the Russians, the first pensioners in Russia in the framework of the reform will be women born in the first half of 1964.

The fact that an increase in the retirement age will nevertheless take place became known back in May, when Dmitry Medvedev announced the upcoming changes. A wave of criticism from the public forced the government to make adjustments. If in the spring it was about 65/63 years for men and women, then at the end of summer Vladimir Putin lowered the bar to 60 years for the weaker half. The head of state also noted the introduction of additional benefits. So, mothers with many children will be able to retire earlier than others. This period will depend on the number of their children. For example, if a woman has 3 children, then she may officially stop working 3 years earlier. Having four babies increases this right by another year. If the mother has five children or more, the right to retirement occurs at the age of 55.

“We need to increase the birth rate. After all, large families, giving birth to 3 or more children, are fed today, and in 20 years they will feed both pensioners and the country,” says Yuri Krupnov, who is the chairman of the supervisory board of the Institute for Demography, Migration and Regional Development.

Latest news about Putin, civil servants and the military

According to the latest news, not only women will benefit.

Firstly, the Russians, who, according to the old law, had to go on a retirement vacation in the next two years, have the right to do this earlier for 6 months. For example, if according to the schedule it is winter 2020, then a citizen can change his status to a pensioner next summer.

Secondly, rural residents will also receive a pre-emptive right in the form of a 25% bonus to payments, but in the case of a minimum 30-year work experience.

Third, age-related employees are also affected. If such a specialist is reduced five years before his official retirement, he will be entitled to early retirement. If a person resigns of his own free will, he will be able to undergo retraining, upgrade his qualifications, as well as receive unemployment benefits, which, incidentally, Putin has also raised to 11,280 rubles.

It should be noted that this increase is not the only one. Last year, the age limit of civil servants also increased, and now there is talk of security officials. At present, it is enough for the military to work out two dozen years to receive a seniority pension. And it is this experience that is now being discussed. It is possible that it will be changed for police officers, the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies, but when the decision will be made is still unknown. The government noted that the experience should be adjusted and the relevant studies from the Ministry of Defense are already available.

Important! The security forces are accrued by the agency: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense. They may also qualify for a civilian pension.

The authorities believe that the ongoing reform will increase the monetary allowance of older people. Only next year, the planned increase will amount to 1000 rubles, and by 2024 the expected amount of pensions will increase to 20 thousand rubles.

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