Predictions about Russia for 2018-2020

Since ancient times, there have been people with the gift of divination. Atheists saw them as cheaters and did not believe the prophecies. But the predictions of some of them came true with incredible accuracy. To this day, the situation has remained unchanged. Now there are psychics who have come across many lies. And only a few have proved to the whole world that they are able to see the future. Therefore, many are interested in learning about Russia’s predictions for 2018-2020 from leading mediums, astrologers and clairvoyants. To complete the picture, let's start with predictions from the strongest psychics who have proven themselves to be the most plausible predictions.


This soothsayer is known throughout the world, as she made predictions that were made before the eyes of all mankind. She made especially many predictions about the Russia she loved. Surprisingly, a completely illiterate woman could predict things that she did not fully understand. Indeed, many technical terms were incomprehensible to her. However, she predicted our future with an incredible degree of accuracy.

So, the monstrosity at one time spoke of trains on wires. At that time, this seemed like a completely unrealizable phenomenon. Today her predictions come true, given that the development of domestic scientists, called SkyWay, will soon become a reality. According to this project, the trains will not move thanks to ordinary rails, but to wires that will be pulled between the supports. No wonder the name of this project is translated as "heavenly road." Trains will move, essentially, not on the ground, but through the air. They will have incredible speed, about five hundred kilometers per hour, which is comparable to flying through the air. In addition, the new transport will move thanks to solar panels. We can assume that the forecast of the soothsayer for the coming years in this regard has come true.

All the more interesting is her next forecast for 2018-2020. So, the thingress was sure that soon the earth would begin to rest. It will no longer be necessary to extract oil for human activities. No matter how absurd this assumption looked at one time, now it is starting to come true. Scientists have already achieved tremendous success in discovering new sources of energy. The time is really not far off when it really will not be necessary to extract hydrocarbons from the bowels of the earth. In addition, the number of electric vehicles that do not need gasoline is growing. This is pushing oil-producing countries to reduce fuel production.

Alternative energy sources are also widespread. Very soon, humanity will completely abandon the usual sources of energy: gas and oil. It is not for nothing that the Russian government is already thinking about structural changes in the economy. A few more years will pass and our country will no longer depend so much on the extraction of natural resources. That is, here Wang was right.

The soothsayer predicted the growth of China's economy and the fact that this country will become one of the most important countries in the world. Now we are observing all this. According to the latest data, China has become the second economy in the world in terms of output. He has now become America’s main competitor. No wonder she in every way opposes this process.

Vanga also mentioned Russia in her predictions of the future. She predicted a great future for our country. In the coming years, Russia will become the head of all civilizational processes on Earth. It will be very actively developing, and the center will gradually move to Siberia.

Also, the thing was right about Crimea. She predicted the rapprochement of the peninsula with Russia and this has already been confirmed. Crimea not only became part of Russia, but it was also connected with the country by a new bridge, the opening of which took place in 2018. In general, here the soothsayer was right.

Pavel Globa

Predictions of this psychic have been known since the days of the USSR. Most of them happened. For 2018-2010, the astrologer predicts difficult times for our country:

  • economic difficulties in industry continue;
  • the dollar will rise;
  • sanctions against Russia will be extended;
  • tensions with America will continue;
  • our country will continue the fight against terrorism in Syria;
  • interaction with China will intensify;
  • due to external threats, Russia will be forced to arm even more, which will require additional allocations to the defense industry;
  • social programs will be reduced, which can cause tension in society. In some regions of the Russian Federation, protest moods will intensify.
  • in order to remain successful, structural changes will gradually begin in Russia. This will lead to a stop of negative phenomena in the economy.
  • relations with European countries will not be easy. Centrifugal processes will begin there, which will lead to the weakening of the European Union.
  • some countries will try to establish good neighborly relations with Russia, such as Turkey, Serbia, Italy, etc. This will cause opposition from some states.
  • With Ukraine, things can go in a constructive way. Everything will be decided in 2019, when elections will be held in this country.
  • new state entities may be included in Russia. The fastest way is about the LPR and the DPR.

Tamara Globa

The ex-wife of the aforementioned psychic also made a forecast for Russia in the coming years. She believes that any society should be based on moral values.

Tamara supports Russia's participation in the events in the Donbass and in Syria. She is sure that our country all over the world upholds civilizational values, and therefore the Russian Federation is right in fighting evil that is spreading with incredible force.

The astrologer does not exclude that a military conflict may occur in our country. True, it will not be global.


This psychic believes that any evil is ultimately punished. He is confident that in the near future, in our country, officials will finally understand that it is impossible to rob their people endlessly. A new policy of the authorities, which will declare war on corrupt officials and bribes, can lead to such a decision. Changes will occur in the minds of ordinary citizens. They will begin to choose more decent and responsible people in the power structures.

Against the backdrop of such decisive steps, our country in 2019-2020 will become more fair and successful. Corruption and embezzlement will be over.

Predictions from the ancient elders

Recently, people are increasingly thinking about the possibility of global confrontation. Armed conflicts are increasingly occurring in different regions of our planet. We decided to turn to the prophecies of the ancient elders in order to find out the future of our country:

Paisius Svyatorets:It has long been predicted an armed conflict in the Middle East, as well as Russia's participation in the war in Syria.
Anatoly Optinsky:The whole world will burn in the fire of war. However, thanks to God, Russia will avoid this and become the center of civilization.
Theophan the Recluse:Russia will be reborn and will be the most successful state.
Ambrose Optinsky:Russia is heading in the right direction. All who will interfere with it must be put in place.
Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov:All who oppose Russia are nearing the end of the world.
Seraphim of Sarov:Europe will envy Russia and therefore will oppose it in every possible way. Our country will stand and become prosperous.
Seer Monk Abel:Soon there will be a unification of all Slavic peoples into a single state, which will be invincible.
Paisius of Athos:The spiritual center of the world will move to Russia. She will be managed by a talented and experienced leader. Misunderstanding from Europe will only intensify.

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