Vocal contest "New Star" 2020

New music shows and contests regularly appear in the television media sphere, in which ordinary viewers can demonstrate their talents. One of these shows was the contest "New Star". What is the difference between the project and others like him, who has the right to participate and how to apply? Look for all the details of the 2020 competitive season in this material.

Project concept

“New Star” is a Russian vocal competition, in which both professional performers and amateur vocalists have the right to participate. The peculiarity of the project is that all 85 Russian regions are represented in it. Each region presents one unit member - it can be either a separate vocalist or a musical group, the number of participants of which does not exceed 5 people.

Only the unit that is somehow connected with it is entitled to protect the honor of a certain region / region / republic - upon the birth, registration or important milestones of its biography. The following requirements are imposed on participants:

  • age not younger than 16 and not older than 45 years;
  • the presence of citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • strong vocal abilities;
  • artistry and ability to give oneself.

The advantage is given to the contestants with an interesting timbre of voice, spectacular manner, drama and style of performance. The participant should be remembered by the jury and the audience, and his performance should reflect the identity, characteristics of the culture and traditions of the region that he represents.

Each unit’s performance is preceded by a video feed - a presentation 40-second video. The video of each of the 85 participants is performed in a single style, but reflects the style and character of a particular vocalist or group.

Competition Stages and Dates

The vocal competition “New Star 2020” is held in three stages, at the end of which a large gala concert awaits the audience and participants. The jury consisting of 5 authoritative personalities - stars of the musical Olympus issues a verdict to units. The organizer of the competition is the TV channel "Star", which conducts broadcasts of the vocal show.

Selection Scheme:

  1. Stage number 1 - preliminary off-air casting. The live selection is not shown, but the results are covered in the form of news stories on the official website, the Zvezda channel and social networks. In-person casting is held in Moscow, and participants who failed to come to the capital can be selected online. At this stage, 85 units are selected from all Russian regions.
  2. Stage number 2 - on-air competitive auditions with the participation of jury members. This stage consists of eight television concerts, within which all 85 units should perform. Following the results of concert performances, 24 best performers are selected, who become semi-finalists. At the air auditions, the contestants sing famous hits and covers. The possibility of performing a work of one’s own composition is considered individually.
  3. Stage number 3 - two semifinals in the form of spectacular television shows, where vocalists perform songs specially written for the contest "New Star". In each semi-final six of the best vocalists are determined - in total 12 strongest participants go to the final.
  4. Stage number 4 - final and gala concert. According to the results of the final performance, two winners are determined. One is chosen by the jury, the other by the audience through interactive voting.

Both winners of the competition receive financial support for further promotion in the musical environment at a professional level.

The dates of the castings and the contest are announced by the Zvezda channel in advance. Offline casting for the “New Star 2020” started on March 1, 2019 and was completed on April 25. Representatives of the channel promise to publish the results of the in-person casting additionally. Viewers can familiarize themselves with the list of 85 units on the official website of the competition and in groups of social networks. At the moment, the exact dates of the live broadcasts are unknown.

How to become a member of the show?

To try his hand at a vocal competition, the participant must apply for participation in the competition:

  1. On the official site "Star" download and fill out a specially designed application form.
  2. To prepare a fresh video recording of your performance - these can be professional or amateur clips, and even recordings on a mobile phone. You can attach a link to the YouTube channel where the video is posted.
  3. Prepare a video greeting - a short video with a story about yourself / the team and the region presented.
  4. Record your vocal performance in mp3 format - it should be different from the video.
  5. Prepare some vocalist photos. These should be high-quality photos made in full growth, as well as portrait images. If a group takes part in the project, photographs of each participant are attached.
  6. Attach the specified files to the e-mail and send to the e-mail address [email protected] In the letter indicate the region that is planned to be presented.

Each application is considered within 10 days, after which the potential bidder receives a response on the acceptance or rejection of the application. If the application is filled out incorrectly, the participant will receive the right to edit it and send it again by letter.

The profile of the participant is quite extensive. In it, the contestant indicates passport data, information about the family and the availability of children, place of residence and contacts. It is necessary to indicate the region for presentation and justify why it will be represented on the project. Also, the future unit makes a list of foreign and Russian-language songs that he most often performs or would like to perform at the competition. The jury will be guided by this list when choosing a repertoire for online concerts. It is necessary to indicate which musical instruments the vocalist owns, what he is fond of and what he is guided in his work.

Organizers are advising everyone who wants to take part in the “New Star 2020” contest to follow the news and changes in the rules for potential contestants. The project is presented in almost all popular social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

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