The draft age in Russia in 2020

Army reform in Russia has been ongoing for several years. The most significant change in recent years, significant for ordinary citizens, was a decrease in the duration of compulsory military service for young men. Now, though, to return the previous borders again, in addition to change the criteria for conscription, including age norms. Therefore, the draft age in Russia in 2020 could theoretically change in terms of expanding the scope or moving it by a couple of years for certain categories of future soldiers.

Authority plans for a contract army

At the end of 2013, officials already had a clearly defined idea regarding the replacement of the bulk of fixed-term employees by contract military. It was assumed that from 2014 to 2020 it will be possible to reduce the number of recruits by half. After that, the authorities were going to leave the current number of regular employees.

Now, persons who are fit for quite simple criteria and age are allowed to contract military work. To conclude a contract it is necessary to have 11 classes of education or to complete a technical school, pass the standards, have no criminal record and pass a medical examination. The age must be up to 35 years, and women and foreigners are allowed to serve.

Separately, it is worth noting the right of fixed-term employees to replace such an obligation with contract service. In this case, the contract should be two-year, because such work counts for 2 days only 1 day of conscription service. Consequently, the early termination of activities under the contract forces to repay the debt to the Motherland for the remainder of the underemployed days using the previous calculation.

At the same time, initially the authorities were not interested in what the future youth will have of the draft age, more important is their desire to voluntarily repay the debt to their homeland, without hiding from military service.

Stock categories and nuances of urgent appeal

For many guys, even 5-10 years ago, military service seemed something terrible and extremely undesirable. Now the situation is different - a “layer” of young men has reappeared who want to honestly serve, and not hide from the military enlistment office.

The military commissariat emphasizes the fact that in the last few years the number of fixed-term employees with higher education has increased. This means that the guys during their studies at the university did not try to create conditions for themselves to receive the subsequent postponement. However, the current rules and the upper bar of military age do not allow much relaxation, easily finding a way to get out of service.

Attention! It is worth remembering that the current draft rules imply an upper age limit of 27 years. If by the time the call began, the young man had only a few days left before the upper age limit was reached, then he would still have to go to serve.

At the same time, many failed conscripts do not even remember that there is a concept of a reserve even for those who already are not suitable for military service by age standards. Reforms of the military sphere did not bring changes, giving the right to completely get rid of the risk of joining the army.

Conditionally, there are 3 categories of military reserve:

  1. Priority stock: old people up to 35 years old, with military ranks up to 45-50 years. Military women under 35 years old.
  2. Auxiliary reserve: privates within the age range of 35-45 years old, non-serving persons who had limited access for health reasons and women liable for military service of the same age group.
  3. Critical reserve: ordinary and military-liable women of 45-50 years old, officers up to 60 years old.

It is understood that the third category is called up only in the event of a long war, but no one has the right to prohibit such persons from volunteering even in the initial stage of the conflict. It becomes clear that being in the reserve "threatens" those who could for some reason avoid the army service, delaying time, having gone beyond the military age. In addition, there are many options for doing so by law.

Features of deferment and exemption from the army

Do not forget that there are also special categories of young men who are interested in how long they can be drafted into the army. These are those who have reason not to go to serve for any reason. If everything is obvious with studies at universities, as with postponement of health, then with other methods to postpone the return of debt to the motherland, not everything is so clear.

There are quite a few well-known deferral methods:

  1. There is a disabled child under 3 years old.
  2. He is the father of two or more children.
  3. Elected by citizens to the post of deputy.
  4. The presence of a child and a pregnant spouse.
  5. In the absence of a mother, the father himself is raising a child.
  6. Has a workplace in the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard, the Federal Penitentiary Service or the customs authorities.
  7. He is the only member of the family caring for a close relative.

There is also a right of temporary respite for a young person who has graduated from a university but has a brother who is currently in military service. In Russia, it is not customary to take two sons at once in peacetime, with the exception of twins. At the same time, a brother who has the right to a deferment may refuse it and go to serve. Sometimes the presence of such a delay may allow you to wait until the end of the draft age, if previously there were other reasons not to join the army.

There are legal opportunities to completely exclude getting into military service. And this is not only about the now fashionable religious foundation, which gives the right to an alternative army. There are more significant reasons that exempt from military service.

There are few reasons for release:

  1. The presence of a degree.
  2. Invalid health group, most often “D”.
  3. The death of a father / brother at a military training camp or while serving.
  4. Outstanding conviction or ongoing criminal investigation.

However, it is still unclear what draft age will be applicable to future urgent soldiers and whether they should all try not to retire from military service, because not all guys are given the right not to repay their duty to the Fatherland.

Possible changes in the order of urgent service

A number of rumors have been circulating on the net for several years, talking about increasing the age of recruits. Various Internet portals under the guise of news recently re-published misinformation regarding another increase in the duration of the appeal. Moreover, the data on the new age of conscripts differ for pseudo-information sites and online media, some even give a figure of 35 years.

In fact, no official information about changes in the draft age has been received. Now the old rules are still in force, subordinate to Federal Law No. 53, which indicates the draft standards up to 27 years. As a matter of fact, the previous borders remained - those aged 18-27 years, subject to peacetime, are subject to appeal.

There are no plans to change the draft age in Russia in 2020 at the moment, although a number of Internet portals have already informed the population that they will serve up to 30 years. The information is unreliable, in addition, officials note an increase in problem-free conscription, which directly indicates a lack of sense in increasing the upper limit of the age of urgent soldiers.

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