Green Card 2020: how to check the results

If you want to move to a permanent residence in America or plan to build a career in the United States, then you are probably thinking how to do this. The so-called “green card” will help in this, proving a residence permit and permitting employment in the country. Getting it is not so simple, and the Green Card 2020 lottery is a simple design option, the results of which you can find out yourself if you are a participant.

Lottery Description

The lottery is called the "Diversity Immigrant Visa Program", abbreviated as "DV Lottery 2020" and is arranged annually by the State Department. It is a program for the drawing of so-called immigration visas, permitting employment and residence in the state to people who are not its citizens.

Candidates who meet strict requirements are registered during a certain period and become participants in the lottery. The winners are randomly selected, and the winning green cards (visas) are distributed among citizens of different states on the basis of the principle of diversity: the distribution takes place between six geographical areas, and no more than 7% is allocated to each country in one year. In 2020, a total of 50 thousand "green cards" are played out.

Results Verification Period

When can I check if you have become a candidate for a green card? Applications for participation in the lottery, held in 2019 and involving the drawing of green cards for the 2020th year, were accepted from the third of October last 2018 to the sixth of November. These are the dates of the draw.

It is possible to check the final results from May 7, 2019, namely from 19:00 Moscow time. And they will be in the public domain until September 30 of the future 2020. This is the date of the last day the results were announced. If you do not check your status before this day, then even if you win, you will not be able to proceed further.

Note! Starting from the seventh of May, you can check the results of the lottery conducted daily and at absolutely any time of the day.

Verification Instructions

You can check the results of Green Card 2020 on the only web resource owned by the US Department of State. This is the official website of the US State Department, whose exact Internet address is

Step-by-step detailed instructions for checking results, supplemented by illustrations:

  1. First visit the US Department of State website. The address is entered in the search bar of the browser you are using.
  2. Next, click on the blue button called “Check Status”, which translates into Russian as “Check Status”.
  3. After clicking on the desired button, an online form with four fields opens. The first one contains the identification number consisting of sixteen characters assigned during registration of the application (you must keep it until the drawing is completed). In the second field, your name and surname are written. The third field indicates the year of birth. And the fourth field is for captcha introduction: this combination is introduced to prove that the person filling out the questionnaire is not a robot or an automatic program.
  4. If you are not the winner of the lottery, a page with the following information will open:
  5. If the prize belongs to you according to the results of the lottery, then you become a candidate for a green card. The following message is displayed on the screen of your computer or laptop:

Further actions

If the Green Card drawing is over and you become one of the lucky winners, this does not mean that you are given a “green card” and you can leave for the USA soon. Winning only allows you to go through several further steps, after which the US State Department may approve your visa.

Having become the winner of the lottery, you will be redirected to a page with detailed instructions on your further actions aimed at obtaining a green card. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Filling in the application form. It is located on the website of the specialized Consular Center dealing with electronic applications. Here is his internet address: There is a form D-260 in which all the requested data is entered, not only about you, but also about other members of your family. Such information includes information on education, work, criminal record, marital status. A fully completed application is printed out and saved until the next step.
  2. If the application has been reviewed and you have been notified of approval (notification will be sent by e-mail), the date of the interview, which is being held at the US Embassy, ​​will also be announced.
  3. You are preparing the documents necessary for an interview. This is a civil passport, available diplomas, a previously printed application form, work book, birth certificate, military ID, certificate of criminal record or lack thereof, certificate of official marriage, certificate of position held from the place of work, extract from your personal bank account, certificate of assessment your property.
  4. It is also necessary to undergo a medical examination. And such a medical examination can only be done in a specialized institution (a list of such centers is on the website After passing you will receive a sealed envelope with medical reports, which you take with you for an interview (interview). The medical board is paid and costs about two hundred dollars.
  5. The last and most important stage is the interview itself. This interview is conducted by an immigration officer. The candidate’s task is to answer the questions asked accurately and without fraud. The main purpose of the interview is to verify the previously provided information and complete identification of the person. A visa fee of three hundred and thirty dollars is paid.

Problems that may arise

Usually, when checking the results of the problems, there are no problems if the lottery participant uses the official web resource and enters reliable, up-to-date information. But still with some difficulties you may encounter:

  • Most likely, it will not be possible to find out the results of the lottery on the first day of their announcement. This is because in the first hours many registered candidates visit the site and try to find out the results. Due to the maximum load on the website, it freezes and becomes inaccessible. But if you could not receive the information on the first day, you will do it at any other time: the results from this will not change, and the list of winners will remain the same.
  • If you could not verify the results, you can ask for help on the forum dedicated to the Green Card 2020 lottery. His worldwide web address is It discusses the most diverse issues related to the lottery: registration in the drawing, verification of the final results and many others. Discussions are held between participants, various topics are considered, sometimes experts give consultations.
  • If you received an email notification that you were the winner of the lottery, this is a 100% fraud. The State Department does not send any notifications, and you are dealing with scammers who may offer to pay a tax or make a contribution to go through the next steps. Do not believe: the maximum that can come by e-mail is a reminder that you can check the results on the site.
  • If you have forgotten or lost the personal number assigned to you, then it can be restored. Under the field intended for its introduction, there is a link to the recovery page. Click on it and enter the information previously specified in the participant’s profile.

If you need a visa to the United States, you can get it using the lottery. In 2020, a green card will be provided to the winners after they have gone through several stages. And now you know how to find out the results of the lottery.

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