Russian National Security Strategy until 2020

It is unlikely that anyone will find it strange the desire of any state to take care of the security of its territory and citizens. Especially for this, a plan is developed, a strategy is created, responsible persons are identified. The decree of the president of the country and the maximum compliance with the planned actions follows. The National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020 (SNB RF) has long been developed, although citizens do not even know about its existence.

The main chapters of the national security strategy

Ten years ago, a different strategy was in place in Russia that ensured national security. Later, Vladimir Putin signed another decree regarding the strategy of forming security in our country. The current decree on the SNB of the Russian Federation was signed on December 31, 2015. If there are no changes, then it will operate in 2020.

Worth to know! The national security strategy has only 6 chapters. They affect various aspects of important state planning documents, ranging from general provisions to condition criteria.

These aspects are well understood by lawyers and the developers of the SNB of the Russian Federation themselves. Ordinary citizens do not understand why this strategy is needed, how the authorities are going to ensure security and whether people should be afraid of a potential war. Therefore, you can partially consider all the chapters of the country's current security strategy.

The main provisions of the SNB of the Russian Federation

This chapter of the strategy, the first paragraph indicates the orientation itself - this is a document that considers various aspects of national security, including the interests of the country and the nuances of political reaction. At the same time, the document deals not only with security, but also with the need to ensure long-term development of the country in different directions.

In total, the chapter of the general provisions of the strategy contains 6 points that reveal the nuances of this document and explain the direction of action. In the current chapter, the last paragraph reflects the basic concepts used in the national security strategy. They relate to the interests of the country, the definition of the concept of threat, prioritization and the creation of a system to address these issues.

Place of Russia in the modern world

The second chapter of the SNB of the Russian Federation is much larger than the first. This includes 23 points relating to various aspects of determining the place of the state in the world and reflecting the most disturbing moments affecting the country. The chapter also considers the danger of terrorism and other negative phenomena in countries neighboring the Russian Federation.

A special place in this chapter is allocated to the consideration of various foreign policy interactions between Russia and other states. In particular, we are talking about factors that can lead to international instability, about the reactions of large countries and associations to the provoking factors of extremists and hidden supporters of world conflicts.

Also separately stipulated is the maintenance of the unity of Russian society, the focus of the authorities on the stabilization of the economy and the development of social support. Moreover, the number of primary factors affecting the security of citizens includes the mandatory use of non-violent methods to eliminate various internal and external conflicts to the maximum permissible limits.

Strategic and priority interests of the country

This chapter is quite short. She considers only 2 sectors: priorities and interests. Based on national interests, represented by the preservation of culture, improving living standards, the formation of social stability, etc. strategic priorities can also be identified.

Among the priorities, the most significant are:

  1. State defense.
  2. Development and preservation of cultural heritage.
  3. Economic growth in general and improving the lives of citizens.
  4. Formation of prerequisites for technological and scientific development.
  5. Maintaining a high level of ecology and safe nature management.

The main strategies for these purposes are developed by the relevant departments. The task of the SNB of the Russian Federation is only their designation, indicating the direction of the state’s activity in relation to its own citizens and the protection of the territory.

Features of ensuring national security

Far from political, economic and managerial structures, it seems to citizens that a powerful army is the bulwark of defense of any state. In fact, this version is incorrect - for safety, including the ability to evade the use of their military power is responsible.

Attention! Aggressive reaction of the authorities, implying the use of military equipment, as well as expressed hints of such an opportunity, can lead to hostilities. Prevention of war is also one of the elements of the National Security Council of the Russian Federation, ensuring a peaceful life for citizens of the country.

Ensuring the security of the Russian Federation primarily consists in the implementation of the above priorities, providing not only physical protection of borders, but also development within the country, which helps to avoid lagging behind world powers and prevents the discontent of citizens.

Legal, organizational and other fundamentals of the implementation of the SNB of the Russian Federation

The presidential decree, indicating certain requirements regarding the country's security, is the primary document requiring further action, including the creation of new laws and regulations. At the same time, the president exercises partial control over the implementation of measures aimed at improving the security of the country and citizens. There is also another coordinating body - the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

Separately, it is worth highlighting not only the importance of control over the bills put forward and some of the next standards of something, but also for informational calm. This is not about concealing important data, but it is also impossible to exaggerate unpleasant information. Therefore, the SNB of the Russian Federation has a chapter devoted not only to laws and relevant documents, but also to informational nuances.

Safety and Strategy Indicators

In addition to creating the necessary decrees, normative acts, and related laws, one should have comparison criteria that demonstrate the correctness of the chosen strategy. These criteria are indicators of national security, covering different aspects of the life of citizens.

Among the indicators there are such:

  1. Inflation and unemployment rates.
  2. Shares of expenditures in GDP for culture and science.
  3. Estimated life expectancy of Russians.
  4. Compliance of Russian territories with environmental standards.
  5. The ratio of the most affluent citizens to the poor.

The national security strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020, explained in simple words, becomes clear to people who do not have specialized education. The authorities are still worried about citizens, trying to somehow make life better. In any case, the document on the NSS of the Russian Federation shows that there is an action plan aimed at the security of the country and its inhabitants.

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