DPA-2020 for grade 9

The end of the ninth grade is the moment of the first responsible educational test known to students as DPA (Derzhavna pіdsumkova atestatsіya). Prepare for the verification test should be in advance to fill the gaps in knowledge and psychologically tune. What will be the DPA-2020 for grade 9, the knowledge in what subjects will be evaluated by examiners, and what innovations schoolchildren expect, read on.

DPA objectives

Certification after the 9th grade allows you to solve several problems at once:

  • assess the level of knowledge of students in a particular subject;
  • to distribute students who continue to study in high school, in specialized classes in accordance with the propensity for a particular discipline;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching staff and the Ukrainian education system as a whole;
  • serve as the basis for continuing education at a college or lyceum and obtaining specialized vocational education.

DPA as a whole serves as a kind of litmus test, which demonstrates the student’s general desire to learn and acquire new knowledge. Perhaps, according to the results of certification, parents and teachers will come to the conclusion that it is better for the child to continue studying at a vocational school, technical school, college or lyceum.

What is DPA?

The DPA, or State Final Attestation (GIA), is essentially reminiscent of a school exam. Unlike ZNO, where the answers to tests are checked by an independent commission, the DPA is held with the direct participation of teachers of the same school where the child is studying. Certification is carried out within the walls of the "native" institution, which allows you to create a more favorable psychological atmosphere for the test.

All tasks that students have to cope with at the DPA are compiled by the school’s teaching staff in accordance with the program and requirements of the Ministry of Education. All assignments require written answers, even if the certification is in subjects such as Ukrainian or a foreign language. DPA results are submitted in a separate column to the certificate of secondary education. They are rated in points from 1 to 12, where 12 is the highest result, indicating excellent preparation, and points from 1 to 3 - the result is unsatisfactory.

The fear of students for the results of the DPA is understandable - the assessment may affect the final score for the subject. When setting the annual mark, the teacher focuses on the grades received by the student for each quarter, and the results of certification. The arithmetic mean will be the mark that the graduate will receive.

2020 innovations

The introduction of mandatory state certification is a logical result of the implementation of educational reform, which allows Ukraine to switch to new standards of training. Until now, the question remains in what form ninth-graders will pass certification - in test or free. But there is information that the ZNO technology for students in the 9th grades will be fully implemented only by the year 2027.

News regarding ADP 2020:

  • The results of international language exams can now be counted as a DPA assessment;
  • the right to undergo DPA was granted to students staying in pre-trial detention - the event will fall on the shoulders of the educational institution, to which a pre-trial detention center is assigned;
  • from the list of items available for surrender, the Russian language was excluded due to interstate conflict;
  • Pupils residing in the occupied territories can pass external certification in the educational institution recommended by the educational authorities;
  • students of colleges and technical schools who, according to the results of the previous certification, received an unsatisfactory mark, in the new academic year will receive the right to retake;
  • it is planned to include listening in the foreign language exam, which will allow students to prepare for such an assessment format in the framework of ZNO.

Who will be released from the DPA

As in the old educational system, some categories of students can expect to be exempted from the exam test. Exemptions are given for:

  • young mothers - students who are on antenatal or maternity leave;
  • schoolchildren with impaired health, who are forced to be treated and trained at the same time in specialized rehabilitation centers;
  • pupils with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and central nervous system;
  • ninth-graders who participate in sports and educational competitions of the international level, the same category includes participants in school competitions, gatherings, creative contests and exhibitions;
  • graduates affected by natural disaster and force majeure in the region of residence;
  • holders of awards and certificates in a particular discipline (exempted from surrendering only this subject).

Exemption for all categories of students is given only on the basis of official documents - a certificate from a medical or social institution, a certificate, an invitation to a competition, etc.

Items required for delivery in 2020

According to Ukrainian law, ninth-graders will have to pass a test in three disciplines, two of which are mandatory - this is the Ukrainian language + literature and mathematics, and one is optional. Among the free disciplines are:

  • Story;
  • Foreign language;
  • Biology;
  • Physics;
  • Geography;
  • Chemistry;
  • Informatics;
  • Foreign literature;
  • Practical course in law.

The most difficult in the structure of the PDA are changes on the language issue. Against the background of the exclusion from the list of free to choose subjects of the Russian language, laws regarding the language of national minorities are still in force. Pupils of schools or classes where the language of the national minority is included in the program have the right to choose their mother tongue as an additional one during the certification examination.

Pedagogical councils cannot choose compulsory subjects, but the school may reserve the right to choose a third discipline. In this case, teachers should focus on the wishes of students and their parents, even if the educational institution provides in-depth knowledge of a completely different science.

If a sufficient number of applicants is recruited, the teacher council is obliged to organize certification in any foreign language. Most often this is the language that is studied in this institution - English, German, French, etc.

Estimated dates for DPA-2020

Strictly fixed dates for the DPA are characteristic only for eleventh-graders. They are established by the Ministry of Education, notifying in advance about the terms of the teaching staff, and those, in turn, are schoolchildren. For ninth graders, the situation is somewhat different - the exact dates are set locally by decision of the pedagogical council.

Based on the experience of past years, it can be assumed that the DPA in 2020 will take place in late May and early June. Tentatively, this is the period from May 28 to June 10 - but you need to understand that these are only estimated dates. The decision on the dates will be made in advance - a few months before the “X-hour”. Schoolchildren will also be informed in advance, who will be able to begin training in subjects long before certification.

Tasks in individual disciplines

What will be the tasks of the final certification in 2020, ninth-graders are interested now. Internet resources offer to buy full versions of tasks in the disciplines of interest with already drawn up solutions and answers. But in order for future graduates to get a general idea of ​​the form of knowledge testing, we give specific examples for each science.

Language and Literature

The main form of verification is dictation, which allows you to evaluate spelling, grammar and punctuation. The student is obliged not only to write a dictation without errors, but also to correctly write what is written, in compliance with headings and paragraphs, according to established criteria. It takes 1 hour to write a dictation - this also includes the time provided to the ninth grader for self-examination.

In turn, the teacher must adhere to the rules for dictation - first read out the entire sentence, and then with the selection of semantic segments. The teacher is required to focus when the sentence begins with a new paragraph.

Unsatisfactory marks (from 1 to 3 points) will be given to schoolchildren whose dictation will reveal 11 to 14 errors. If there is one minor error, a ninth grade graduate can count on 11 points.

Certification in Ukrainian literature is carried out in test form. Pupils must give answers to 24 questions, including tasks with the ability to choose the right option from several proposed ones and tasks with open answers. The 25th question is a free-form essay where the student must give a reasoned answer to the question asked in the test. A mini essay should consist of a minimum of 100, a maximum of 200 words.

Foreign language

Knowledge of a foreign language is evaluated in several forms:

  • reading and translation of texts on a domestic topic, as well as in journalistic and official styles. These can be letters, TV programs, announcements, menus, etc.
  • testing to assess language skills - insert a missing letter, word, ending, punctuation mark;
  • letter - compose a coherent text based on the information provided.

Since 2019, an element of listening has been introduced into the DPA - an assessment of foreign speech by ear.


The DPA in this subject lasts from 135 to 180 minutes - more time is given to students of specialized classes, a little less - for ordinary classes. As a rule, there are two times more tasks in algebra in tickets than in geometry - this includes all the topics that students encountered throughout the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades.

Forms of delivery:

  • tests with one correct answer;
  • open tests with an answer in a free form;
  • tasks with detailed step-by-step description of the solution.

The exam may also include more complex assignments for classes with in-depth study of the exact science.

History of Ukraine

The ninth grader is obliged to demonstrate not only a good memory for dates and events, but also logical thinking, an understanding of cause and effect relationships between historical phenomena. Also tested are the skills of working with maps, photographic sources of information and diagrams.

According to the recommendations of the Minister of Education, history tickets should contain 22 tasks:

  • tests with the only correct answer;
  • tasks for logical correspondence;
  • chronological sequence;
  • tests with several correct options.


This science requires the ability to work with visual materials - maps, compasses, graphs, tables, outline maps, diagrams and drawings. Geography assignments are presented in a variety of forms - putting labels on a map and creating a legend block, tests, calculating set values, establishing relationships, writing answers to questions. Students of special classes can receive an additional task with elements of creativity.


Assignments in natural science cover programs of grades 7, 8, and 9. This includes questions on human botany, zoology and anatomy, and on the last topic, teachers are recommended to make up about 75% of the tasks. The same percentage of tasks should fall on tests of open and closed forms, and 25% - on work with extensive statistics in the form of tables, graphs, charts, etc. The DPA will necessarily include issues of first aid, prevention and prevention of pathologies.

Other disciplines

  • Foreign literature - an assessment of the knowledge of works of foreign authors for the eighth and ninth grades. The ticket includes 23 tests and an essay with sound arguments on the topic and deep analysis of the text. The composition must be literate, presented in artistic form, in compliance with the rules of grammar and spelling.
  • Jurisprudence - the ticket includes tasks related to the legal field of the Ukrainian state. The graduate must demonstrate the ability to apply legal logic to establish relationships, logical chains and errors. The knowledge of legal terminology, categorical apparatus and the processes of the formation of law in Ukraine is tested.
  • Chemistry - includes both the simplest tasks for concepts and complex tests. They determine the knowledge of the student in the field of organic chemistry, chemical reactions and bonds, solutions, calculations using formulas and tables.
  • Physics - the student must demonstrate both theoretical knowledge and the ability to put it into practice. The ticket includes tasks for the construction and application of formulas, translation of physical quantities in ME, tasks with a complete answer and a sequence of solutions.
  • Informatics - tested computer skills and knowledge of theory. Tasks are presented in test form, plus two practical tasks for building a simple algorithm.
  • Language of national minorities - conducted by analogy with the Ukrainian language and literature. These are dictation, tests, retelling, composition and tasks for understanding oral speech.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that with high-quality and timely training, ninth-graders demonstrate good results in the DPA.

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