Will the exam in history be mandatory in 2020

Passion for the exam has not ceased for several years, although in recent years, fierce debate has become softer. Initially, dissatisfaction was associated with a large number of shortcomings in the exam structure itself, but every year they became smaller. This led to some reassurance of the public, but subsequent events again led to heated discussions. The plans of the Ministry of Education to introduce new exams are outraged by the population, but there is a rational grain in this. It remains to be understood whether the USE in history will be a compulsory subject in 2020 or whether officials will still make the transition to passing additional disciplines more smooth.

History exam as a compulsory discipline

A few years ago, the very fact of switching to the Unified State Examination excited the public. Talk about the need for this type of exam has not subsided for several years. Now passing uniform tests and tasks has already become commonplace, but the authorities decided to introduce new tests for schoolchildren. Moreover, the situation developed quite rapidly.

First, they made a foreign language exam mandatory, immediately warning that there would be another additional discipline. As a result of a long discussion, the history of the Fatherland became the second new subject for the required exam. It was this discipline that officials from the Ministry of Education considered the most important for the younger generation.

Worth to know! The bulk of the adult population is not opposed to their children starting to take the story. Parents of modern schoolchildren agree that knowledge of past events is useful for the full development of the personality.

However, the authorities have so far only put forward versions of what year the subject will be introduced for mandatory surrender. It is assumed that a pilot exam will be held first, which does not affect the final grades, but provides a guideline for the development of educational programs and methods of pedagogical control over the development of historical knowledge.

Estimated timelines for the implementation of the new exam

In 2018, many media and Internet portals repeated the news one after another about the introduction of the mandatory delivery of additional items. At first, there were fewer rumors about the history exam than about foreign languages, but later the turn came to knowing what happened in the Fatherland.

After voicing the proposed new subject, it was least clear from what year it will be delivered. Some said that first the children will begin to take foreign languages, and the next year the story, others claimed that everything will be the other way around. There were versions that physics would be introduced instead of history, and that it would only be in 2024 or even later.

Now there is no doubt that the children will soon pass the story. However, the exact dates for introducing the exam are still not announced. So far, they have only announced the estimated dates for the introduction of the test exam and an indicative year with a mandatory passing for grades. It is planned to launch the pilot version in 2020. The assessment exam is expected to be taken only in 2022, most of the students. Also, the innovation will affect other students.

Who will need to take the story

When the latest news about the next changes in school exams reached parents and students, many were struck by the fact that the exam was made mandatory in an extremely short time. High school students, already preparing for other exams, were frightened by the need to actively study another subject. Later, information appeared on the pilot mandatory surrender, which has not yet affected the assessment.

Do not think about officials too badly - some time for preparation will nevertheless be allotted. While the parents were trying to figure out whether the children would add lessons to the study of history, the authorities studied the school curriculum, which did not imply a high-quality development of knowledge about the past. After the pilot exam, schools will introduce a more advanced system of teaching the history of the Fatherland, which allows easier and more complete memorization of dates and various events.

The history exam is planned to be introduced not only in schools, but also in technical schools, lyceums and colleges. So far it has not been made mandatory at the federal level, but the likelihood of this is extremely high. In October 2018, the Minister of Education, Ms. Vasilyeva, expressed the view that the exam should definitely be, but the question of the timing is still under discussion. The situation has not changed much since then - there are estimated dates for the introduction of the exam, but there is no exact data from officials.

Latest news about the exam and the exam in 2020

In fact, nothing particularly unexpected will happen this year. The pilot version of the history exam will not have a significant impact on the future fate of current students, although it will bring them additional difficulties that arise in the process of preparing for passing. Some real changes will be covered in the federal media, while the latest news is the fact that students have time to prepare, although many initially decided that children would only have 1 year to master such a difficult discipline as the history of the Fatherland. There is not even exact data on the breadth of schoolchildren’s pilot exams.

Whether the USE in history will be a compulsory subject in 2020 for all schools without exception, or the authorities will conduct partial testing in a number of regions, is still unknown. Official final applications have not yet been received, therefore, it remains to wait for new laws in the educational field that regulate the introduction of additional subjects in the list of disciplines with mandatory surrender.

It is tentatively known that after a pilot test the authorities will tell you exactly when the exam will be introduced. So far, you can focus on the test change expected in 2020. This will also affect those who pass OGE after grade 9, because the history of the Fatherland should be known to all citizens of the country.

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