New Year's manicure 2020

New Year's manicure 2020 only in that case will be a successful completion of the festive image, if during its selection will be taken into account:

  • astrological features of the coming year, the patron saint of which is a metallic white Rat;
  • colors and shades that are in harmony with the colors of the outfit;
  • fashion trends in nail design, which were outlined in the previous season and continue to remain relevant next year.

Due to the incredible variety of fashion trends, which are the fruit of the imagination of nail art masters who creatively interpret the well-known nail plate design techniques, each representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be able to easily choose the best option for a festive manicure.

According to experts, the most fashionable trends in nail art in 2020 will be:

  • focus on naturalness;
  • the use of nude (as close as possible to skin color) tones and gentle pastel shades;
  • French manicure (the so-called "French");
  • drawings on the nails;
  • contrasting decor on a white background;
  • metal (mirror or Hollywood) manicure;
  • manicure made using thermal varnish.

Natural orientation

Masters of nail art argue that the best New Year's manicure of the coming year, created in accordance with the fashion for naturalness and naturalness, can be performed exclusively on medium-sized nails that have the shape of an oval, rectangle or square with rounded corners.

It is best to cover them with varnish of pastel colors:

  • milk;
  • Ivory;
  • light gray;
  • pearl pink;
  • peach;
  • lilac;
  • beige.

In order to demonstrate impeccable taste and create an impeccable festive image for the meeting in 2020, when performing manicure, you should refuse:

  • rough laid on tips;
  • long "stiletto nails" called "cat claws";
  • nail extension, made in the spirit of maximalism;
  • elongated nails that have too sharp beveled corners.

Nude Tone Manicure

Girls who go to a corporate party and want to create an unusually effective and at the same time restrained and strict look can make a gentle nude manicure in soft body tones.

The main secret of this nail art is the correct selection of the tone of the varnish: on the one hand, the color of the varnish should be as close as possible to the natural tone of the skin, and on the other, it should in no case be merged with it.

Pastel manicure, compatible with any length of the nail plates and visually lengthening the shortest nails, can be done with varnish of any flesh tones. Most popular are:

  • peach;
  • beige;
  • salmon;
  • cream;
  • lactic.

One of the main advantages of nude nail art is its ability to blend harmoniously with almost any modern materials, techniques and designs. You can decorate a festive nude manicure with sparkles, rhinestones, rubbing, strips of foil and crystal crumbs.

In order for nude nail art to last on its nails for as long as possible, while providing them with additional nutrition and protection, it is best to use shellac for its implementation.

French manicure

If on pre-holidays you have to attend such mutually exclusive events as a business meeting and a friendly party, the best option for manicure will be a jacket made in bright colors.

In anticipation of 2020, the main colors of which will be all shades of white and gray, the relevance of this classic manicure, perfectly complementing toilets designed in these colors, will increase immeasurably.

A light New Year's jacket can be supplemented with sparkling stones, cosmetic spangles (glitter), drawings or volumetric acrylic molding.

When creating a festive jacket, you can abandon the familiar combination of white tips and body foundation. As a basis, you can take any bright varnish that is in harmony with the color of the outfit, and to cover the tips use loose glitter (a video on how to do this at home can be found on the Internet).

Experiments with the so-called “smile line” give interesting results: you can give it a V-shape or another shape, endow it with a beveled edge, double or triple its outline.

Solid nail art

Of great interest to beginners who are just beginning to master the art of nail art, is a plain manicure made in soothing pastel colors.

Using this simple but stylish design, you can create an expressive festive look in which the varnish of cold tones will harmoniously combine with the outfit painted in the colors of gray colors, and manicure in warm colors will perfectly complement the toilet in white or milky color.

In order to revive monochrome nail art, experts advise playing with textures, combining matte and glossy varnish of the same tone.

Against the background of monophonic lacquer coating, any elements of modern decor look especially luxurious.

Nail Art

Pictures on nails will no doubt become the highlight of festive art design in 2020.

On the eve of the New Year, the most popular will be a manicure:

  • with the watch;
  • with a Christmas toy;
  • with Santa's deer;
  • with snowmen;
  • with herringbone;
  • with balls;
  • with winter landscapes.

A spectacular winter picture can even be placed on sharp nails.

Supporters of minimalism will be quite satisfied with the painting of only one nail, while extravagant persons can decorate each nail plate with drawings, depicting a deer on one, a Christmas ball on the other, a clock dial on the third, an elegant Christmas tree on the fourth, and a bright Christmas on the fifth mitt.

In order for such a manicure to look organically, it is necessary to ensure that it is designed in a certain color scheme. It should be remembered that for short nails it is better not to do a manicure with a pattern.

Choosing Christmas images for children, mothers who have the skills to create manicures can decorate the nails of young fashionable women with their own hands. In order not to harm the yet unformed tissues, the procedure must take into account the age of the child.

For girls of preschool age, to whom the cut manicure is categorically contraindicated, the decor with stickers depicting funny animals and fairy-tale characters is best suited.

An ideal option for short children's nails is also a manicure using the stamping technique, which consists in printing a drawing applied to a special stamp. In this technique, the easiest way to depict snowflakes or imitation of delicate lace.

For adolescents 12-13 years of age, the effect on the matrix of nail plates and cuticles can be more intense, so they can be offered a manicure using the French technique, which goes well with sparkles, rhinestones and light winter patterns.

Older girls will certainly enjoy a manicure with New Year's drawings and a gradient, as well as a spectacular moon jacket.

Ombre manicure

A successful version of the New Year's design of the nail plates is an ombre manicure made in traditional winter colors: white, blue or blue. Since Rat will be the patron of 2020, experts advise decorating the nails with a smooth transition from white to light gray.

It is assumed that the most fashionable gradient of the upcoming winter season will be a combination of white with different shades of pink or blue. No less popular are color streamers from gray to cherry and from purple to raspberry. At the same time, you should know that in order to get a perfect art design, it is necessary to use not matte, but glossy varnishes, which create the most pronounced varnish effect.

Ombre manicure will harmoniously complement the festive toilet, made of plain fabric without a pattern. Otherwise, it just gets lost on a bright background.

Contrast Nail Art

Despite the fact that in the coming year the White Metal Rat will be held in high esteem, the bright contrasting nail art will not lose its relevance. It is only necessary to take into account that the main load in such a manicure should fall on white (as in the photo data).

Metallic style manicure

New Year's manicure with silver will gain special popularity in the winter of 2020, since this coating looks equally luxurious when applied to both short and long nails.

The silver decor of the nail plates will be the perfect complement to the blue, white or black color, but combining it with a toilet in gray tones, of course, is not worth it.

Golden art design

A chic golden manicure that can be done using pieces of a holographic film or foil, glitter or varnish, which has the texture of liquid gold, can make even the most modest outfit festive.

With gold plating, red, black, brown and burgundy are perfectly combined. There are many options for applying a gold coating to the surface of the nail plates: you can paint the holes with gold, apply it in the form of dots or stripes; Especially luxurious look nails completely covered with gold varnish.

When creating a gold manicure, you should remember that it is compatible exclusively with plain toilets.

Using rubbing

A manicure with a rubbing (holographic, pearl, mirror), giving the nails an indescribable shine, according to the forecasts of nail art masters, will gain special popularity in 2020.

Rubbing, ideally compatible with manicure made by gel polish, can be applied:

  • on each nail;
  • only a few nails;
  • not on the entire surface of the nail plates, but only on certain parts of them.

Kamifubuki Manicure

The most beautiful manicure in New Year's tones, consisting in applying sparkling multi-colored particles resembling tiny sequins on the surface of a varnish coating, is a new trend in winter 2020.

Thanks to these particles, in the form of tiny circles or rhombuses (not so long ago there were new items - decor in the form of squares), the manicure acquires indescribable beauty, and the festive image - completeness.

In order to make such a manicure with your own hands, you need to buy a varnish of the desired tone and kamifubuki - the thinnest metal confetti plates placed in a small plastic jar. Each jar contains a mixture consisting of kamifubuki of three sizes, painted in harmoniously matching colors.

Glass Nail Design

Another popular trend of the coming winter that can perfectly complement the festive image is a glass art design with a holographic effect. The essence of such a manicure is to create the illusion of pieces of colored broken glass on the surface of the nail plates.

The rays of light falling on the glass manicure make it shimmer in many different shades. This effect is achieved using pieces of holographic foil and special stickers.

The effect of broken glass can be created on each nail, or you can limit yourself to an accent made on one or two fingers, covering the nail plates of the rest with varnish of an identical tone or resorting to another art design.

To get a deeper color and contrast overflow, as a base coat, experts advise using dark varnish (blue, lilac, violet). Glass manicure organically complements the dress of any color, however, it is desirable that its color is in harmony with the tone of the base coat.

Art decor "cat's eye"

The cat's eye manicure, which makes the nails unusually spectacular and similar to the gem of the same name, is performed using a magnetic gel polish containing a huge number of tiny metal particles, as well as a special magnet that helps to distribute them in the form of stripes, zigzags, waves and some semblance stars.

How to make a manicure gel polish "cat's eye"? We enclose step-by-step instructions for its implementation.

Stages of execution

  • First, a basic coating is necessarily applied to the nails, which helps to smooth out possible irregularities and improve the adhesion of the varnish to the surface of the nail plates. After that, the base layer is dried in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  • The bottle with gel polish is shaken, achieving an even distribution of metal particles, and applied to one fingernail. After that, the varnish is not dried, but exposed to a special magnet, bringing it closer to the nail as close as possible and holding for 15 seconds. During this time, the desired pattern appears on the surface of the varnish. The finished nail is necessarily dried in a UV lamp. Similarly, alternately perform manicure with varnish "cat's eye" on the remaining nails.
  • To fix the varnish and the resulting pattern is applied, and then the finish coating is dried.
  • At the last stage, the sticky layer of the topcoat is removed using a degreaser applied to a lint-free cloth.

Lunar nail art options

When considering how to design nails for the New Year 2020, one can’t help but recall the moon manicure - the design of the nail plates, in which the line of the “smile” stands out not at the tips of the nails, as in a French jacket, but in the holes at their base.

The ideas for decorating the smile line in the moon manicure are extremely diverse:

  • they give it a geometric shape;
  • change the natural shape, making it concave or - on the contrary - convex;
  • To isolate it, use small beads, sparkles, pieces of foil, as well as varnish with a shimmer or glitter.

Lunar manicure perfectly combines with any kind of modern art design: glass manicure, classic jacket, gradient and ordinary varnish. It can be done on all fingers, or you can limit yourself to one fingernail.

Manicure with thermal varnish

In 2020, a manicure made by thermal varnish will be very popular, the color of which changes when the temperature of the environment or the surface of the nails with such a coating changes.

The originality of manicure made using thermoactive varnish is that with a sharp temperature drop on the nails in seconds, an almost perfect color transition appears, called the ombre effect.

With decreasing air temperature, the most expressive color stretch, as a rule, appears on long nails: the color of their tips begins to differ dramatically from the color of the base. However, the gradation of color is also clearly visible on the nail plates of short length, with free edges protruding by 2 cm.

The main advantage of such a manicure is the extreme simplicity of its implementation, thanks to which any girl who does not even have special skills in applying varnish can cope with the creation of trendy nail art at home.

Recently, thermoactive varnishes having a gel base have appeared on store shelves. A manicure made with such varnishes lasts much longer on nails.

Knitted nail art

The New Year's design, which creates an imitation of volume knitting on the nails, will be appropriate at a festive party celebrated in the cozy atmosphere of your own home and perfectly complement the simplest outfit.

In order to perform this winter decor, you need acrylic powder, which helps create the effect of an unusually soft, velvety surface. It is noteworthy that knitted decor is able to equally decorate both long and short nails.

Pastel shades (light green, pink, blue, lemon yellow) will give special tenderness to voluminous manicure. In order to make it more festive, several nails can be applied with a shimmer varnish.

Options for black manicure

Black New Year's manicure will not look too gloomy if you decorate your nails with flickering sparkles, bright stones, beads or circles of camifubuki.

The main advantages of black manicure are that it is able to organically complement any toilet and looks great on nails of any length, but experts believe that it is best to do it on square nails with neatly rounded corners.

The nuances of red manicure

Bright red manicure is the best suited for meeting everyone's favorite holiday. The color scheme of the varnish coating of nails includes a wide range of shades of red. Among the favorites - wine, burgundy, cherry, bright scarlet, raspberry.

Red manicure is compatible with a toilet of any style and color. The most luxurious options involve the use of modern decor: beads, sparkles, thin strips of foil. Nail art with rhinestones and small stones is very popular.

A girl who decides to decorate her nails with red varnish should remember that this color draws attention to her hands. That is why the skin on the hands should be well-groomed and not have any scratches or any other defects. Otherwise, such a manicure will have to be abandoned.

A red manicure looks flawless on thin fingers and nails of an almond-shaped, medium length, while on too long nails it looks vulgar.

New Year's nail art with flock

Another fashionable novelty in the 2020 winter art decor is the use of flock - small fibers of viscose, cotton or wool, giving the nails a fluffy or velvet texture.

With the help of velvet manicure, you can create surprisingly cozy images suitable for celebrating the new year with relatives and close friends. Flock is an ideal material for the image:

  • knitted decor elements: winter sweaters, mittens and hats;
  • fluffy animals (they can be combined into a thematic composition decorating several nails);
  • Christmas trees;
  • Santa hat.

The velvet manicure applied to the almond-shaped nails looks especially elegant.

Video: nail design for the New Year

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