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CD Projekt has earned a lot of trust in previous games like The Witcher 3 and its add-ons. Therefore, the Cyberpunk 2077 the entire gaming community is waiting with bated breath. Any bits of information instantly fly around the network. Because of this, the systematization of known data is important for a deeper understanding of the upcoming project.

Release date

The announced release date is April 16, 2020. However, a pre-order of both the digital and collectible versions is now available. The collector's edition will include: a thematic box, a disk for one of the platforms, a metal case for disks, a GG figurine (25 cm), a hardcover art book, badges and a keychain in the style of the game, Night City Guide in a package for clues, postcards from Night City and a city map, stripes, information booklet for ENT, game guide and a set of digital additional materials (soundtracks, desktop wallpapers and much more). The cost of the digital version on Steam is 1999 r, but it’s still possible to buy a collector’s version in Russia for 17 999 r. The western version is two thousand rubles cheaper. The developer said that the game can be played in Russian and with similar voice acting.

The plot and stylistic basis

The game is based on the Cyberpunk 2020 desktop, authored by Mike Pondsmith. This is a board role-playing game in the near future, which tells of the difficult political and military situation, which endowed corporations with almost unlimited power. They control many major cities in the world and the United States, where everything is mired in a consumer and gambling cesspool. Although the territory of the city centers is even worse: the lands were badly damaged by wars, widespread terrorist attacks and robber gangs that no one can resist.

Interesting! In the original game of Cyberpunk 2020, Night City was wiped off the face of the earth by a nuclear explosion, so it’s not completely clear, this is the same city in the upcoming project, rebuilt in the same way from scratch, or another.

Cyberpunk 2077, following the precepts of its parent, tells of the city of Night City, located in California. 57 years have passed from the story arch of the original table. The west coast will present many unusual locations, weather changes and day / night changes will be taken into account.

A variety of gangs and corporations will present many memorable quests and game situations. The names of some gangs and the concept art of their leaders, such as Bridget from the Voodooists or Sasquatch from the Animals, appeared in the public domain. Each of them visually fully reflects the essence of the organized crime group: the muscular and long-haired tousled Sasquatch looks like a thug, but the attentive viewer will pay attention to his smart and focused face, prudent and balanced habits, and Mom Bridget - cold, wrapped in a long cloak and stately, knives together their team in worthy and stubborn, knowledgeable professionals.

Johnny Silverhand is a legendary personality for this universe and his appearance in the last teaser caused a wave of joyful emotions. They are going to make him one of the key characters, so the fact that the hero acquired the appearance and the voice of Keanu Reeves further sparked the interest of gamers. Johnny is a famous corporate fighter, so it’s not surprising that at the very beginning of the story we are informed that he has already died. However, its digital copy quietly continues to exist, handing out quests and jokes on various topics. How does this character relate to the GG? Better to keep the intrigue until the premiere.

The initial concept was presented to the public for a short gloomy trailer back in 2013, although a year has already passed from the start of development at that time. What kind of character did the teaser have?

The main features were:

  • Noirness - night, rain and drama;
  • Unusual architecture, flying cars and many attributes that combine the style of the 80s and sai-fay.
  • A spectacular cyborg girl appears before the public in the face of a brutal killer of many peaceful people due to an excessive number of implanted elements and the loss of humanity (stated problems from the world of Cyberpunk 2020);
  • Unsuccessful attempts by the police to destroy her;
  • The presentation, apparently, of the GG history is a cool cop with augmentations, which personally eliminates the undesirable representative of the society of the future.

For a long time, CD Project RED did not provide any more information about the project. In this regard, many active participants in the gaming community expected a game similar to Deus Ex: a fight against cyborg criminals and an attempt to preserve humanity by a protagonist who acquired augmentations not of his own free will.

Apparently, from that moment on, the market realities and the needs of players forced to shift the development vector. The concept of the game has been transformed many times, including with the support of the original author - Mike Pondsmith. New details appeared only in 2018 and now the style of the game is as follows: a night painted with neon will be regularly replaced by the clutter of a big city in the realities of the days of a hot coast. However, the city is a social decay of all stripes. Drug trafficking, banditry, murder and abduction are the usual realities of the city of the dark future. For the game, the RPG genre is selected from the first person, but flavored with shooter mechanics.

Caution! The game contains many scenes of a frank and cruel nature, smoking, taking alcohol and drugs, so it has a high age rating and is not recommended for individuals under the age of majority, as well as suffering from mental or neurological disorders. Be careful: the game is not for children!

The main plot of the plot will serve as a chip that grants immortality. He gets to GG, which provokes all fractions to action. Every prominent citizen wants to get him, so the protagonist will have enough problems, like enemies.

The game is very intriguing with its visual component. Architecture, clothing and design will not be homogeneous. For different sections of society, in accordance with wealth, an individual style is in store:

  • Entropism is characteristic of the most impoverished inhabitants of Night City. It is based on diverse, but often incompatible, visual solutions, as well as outdated technical equipment. The poor cannot afford modern technology, and therefore their technology is simply patched and used until it falls apart completely. If a beggar appears at least something worthwhile, this only speaks of his dishonest activity.
  • The average city dwellers prefer Kitsch, a style based on the past heritage (New Retro Wave as a result). Color combinations are often extremely bright and bold, but they look cheap. Gold-plated implants, awkward makeup and a pun of colors - all these features are relevant for residents of giant high-rise anthills.
  • Neo-militarism is a corporate style. All employees, security and government services, as well as their main representatives should be subject to a strict, cold and business dress code. It is up-to-date, refined and sharp, fully reflects human activities: the guard - a suit with full protection and weapons, office workers - elegant suits and the necessary implants.
  • If you don’t have fabulous savings for your soul, then “neo-kitsch” is not your choice. It is popular among stars and celebrities who can afford to look as they please. Extravagance and even grotesque is caused by useless, but beautiful augmentations, excessive decorations and immense conceit.

The soundtrack makes a very big contribution. The perception of the world with such hurricane music is amplified many times and when you watch a teaser, you can easily feel the whole essence of the “city of dreamers” to goosebumps. The cars will have a radio with a variety of tracks, similar to the GTA series. With other sounds, everything is also at the highest level. Shots, the sound of a crumbling wall, passing conversations of passers-by, the rumble of cars, steps and weather events immerse completely in what is happening.


At the moment, it is known that the main character in the story will be a novice mercenary - V (V). The player is free to choose the gender, class, characteristics, race, background of the character and this will directly affect the relationship and dialogue. Development strictly in class is possible, but skills can be obtained from any branch of skills. A lot of conversations are expected and some of them will seriously change the subsequent passage. In some conversations, you need to quickly think and respond in the most reasonable way, otherwise the NPS will simply lose their patience and begin aggressive actions.

The number of modifications is huge, but using them all will not work. Augmentation will change not only the parameters of the protagonist, but also the interface.

In the process of passing, it will be necessary not only to complete the main and side quests. There are many additional mechanics, such as choosing a wardrobe. Based on your appearance and clothing parameters, NPS will treat you differently and apply different social labels to you. Perhaps for additional mechanics they will appropriate a special type of experience (street influence), having accumulated that the player will be able to access new locations, tasks and traders.

An open, seamless world that you can explore not only horizontally, but also vertically, will delight you with a lot of interactivity. You can ride the subway, cars and motorbikes, buy food and clothing, participate in casual skirmishes on the street. Given the deplorable crime situation, the constant skirmishes and chases that occur here and there will not let the eye get bored. There are still flying cars, however, as they are known, they will not be allowed to fly on them. There are 6 districts of the city and the area of ​​wasteland available for study.

It is nice that the city is really vibrant. There are many more people on the streets than in similar games, up to 100 people can be in the same room. Walking through the streets, the GG will not only meet idiots who follow the same routes. Passers-by will buy soda in vending machines, hang up on phones, take selfies, talk, offer intimate services, actively demonstrating their advantages, and in general constantly show activity.

System requirements

The game will be available in 2020 on three platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The minimum hardware requirements on a PC are: Windows 8.1 or 10 (64-bit) operating system, AMD Phenom II X4 965 processor or Intel Core i3-4130, at least 6 gig of RAM, AMD nVidia GeForce GTX 960 / Radeon HD graphics card 7970 and 70 GB of free disk space.

Trailer (in Russian)

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