Rammstein Concerts in 2020

Rammstein concerts in 2020 will take place in different countries of Europe, and to get to one of them, you need to find out the tour schedule, as well as the features of ticket sales.

Continuation of the tour

In 2019, the so-called stadium tour of the German rock band “Rammstein” started, which covered many cities of European countries and delighted loyal fans. And the demand for tickets was so high that not everyone had enough seats. For this reason, Ramstein decided to do something that had not been done before: extend the Europe Stadium Tour.

The news about the decision to extend the legendary tour starting in 2019 was published on the band’s official website on June 26 of the current year 2019 (the Internet address is //www.rammstein.de/en/) And such an event took place for the first time in the history of the group.

Important information for fans! Members of the rock group in an interview reported that the tour, which will be held in the 2020th year, will be the last for the next three years.

Does Rammstein wait in Russia?

Will Ramstein come to Russia? The answer to this question is very worrying for all Russian fans of the rock band. Last year, musicians honored with their presence connoisseurs of their work in Moscow (at Luzhniki Stadium), and then visited St. Petersburg, where they performed at the Gazprom Arena.

Unfortunately, there are no Russian cities in the schedule of the stadium tour of the future 2020. But this should not stop fans from Russia from enjoying their favorite songs and live sound, because you can buy tickets for concerts in any European countries where Rammstein will come, including the nearest ones.

Concert schedule

Tour schedule with dates and locations is presented in the table:

date of

A country



May 25th



Wörthersee Stadion

May 29 and 30



Red bull arena

June 2 and 3



Mercedes-Benz Arena

June 6 and 7



Stadion letzigrund

June 10th



Park De Nieuwe Koers

June 14th



Principle reality stadium

June 17

United Kingdom


Boucher road playing fields

June 20

United Kingdom


Ricoh stadium

June twenty-fourth




June 27th and 28th



Merkur Spiel-Arena

July 1st and 2nd




4th and 5th of July




July 9th and 10th



Groupama stadium

July 13th



Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino

July seventeenth



PGE Narodowy

July 21



Song festival grounds

July twenty-six




July 31 and August 1



Ullevi stadium

Fourth of august



Ceres park

This schedule can be found on the group’s official website in the section titled “Tickets 2020” (you will see the inscription “Tickets 2020”).

Good to know! As you can see, the largest number of stadium concerts will take place in Germany: this is how Rammstein express their respect to their country and compatriots fans. There is no discrimination in this, because most admirers of the works of the rock band in question really live in Ramstein’s homeland, and fans from other countries are happy to come here.

How to get tickets?

How to buy tickets for Ramstein? There are several ways to do this:

  1. At the box office of the stadiums at which concerts will take place. The start of sales will be reported at the information desks. If the stadium has an official web resource, then visitors will probably be given the opportunity to purchase online. But such options are not always available.
  2. On the official site. You should go to the page with the address //www.rammstein.de/de/tickets/ and select the desired location from the schedule. A gray key labeled “TICKETS” means that there is still room for an event. If, opposite the country, city and stadium, you see a red button “AUSVERKAUFT”, then all tickets are sold out online. On the site, you can consider the scheme of stadiums for the selection of the best places. And time is indicated in the time zones of specific states. The start of sales took place on July 5 at eleven in the morning. And after just two weeks, online ticket sales in some cities were no longer available.
  3. Through the official fan club of a rock band called LIFAD. The members of this club had a unique opportunity to purchase even before the start of sales through the Ramstein website (from eleven in the morning of July 3 to the same time on the following fourth of July). Fans made purchases through the eventim.com Internet resource (this is the only official authorized distributor), but a limit was set on the amount, so not all fans who are members of LIFAD got the cherished tickets.
  4. Through other distributors that are not official and authorized. There are many of them around the world, but not everyone really distributes real tickets that have legal force. And if a conflict arises in the presence of two or more applicants for one place, then the owners of tickets purchased from non-accredited distributors will not be able to prove their case, that is, in the end they simply will not get to the concert.

Many people want to buy tickets, but in order not to stumble upon a hoax and get to the concert, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Do not buy tickets from unauthorized distributors: they may be invalid and invalidated.
  • It is advisable to purchase a ticket as soon as possible after its preliminary reservation.
  • In some states, tickets are personified, that is, they are associated with the identity of the person who purchases them. And for each country practicing personification, quotas are set for each buyer. For example, in Germany, one citizen has the opportunity to purchase only six tickets for his person. Moreover, he will not be able to resell them, as well as transfer them to another third party: only the holder must present the ticket. But not in all countries this rule applies: check the possibility of reselling by the organizer in the state where you are going to the concert.
  • Ticket refund is possible if it is impossible to attend the concert. It is carried out according to the rules of the distributor and organizer.

Rammstein concerts will be held in the future 2020 in various cities of European countries as part of the Europe Stadium Tour extended by the rock band. You can buy a ticket if you take care of it in a timely manner and make a purchase using one of the available methods.

Video: Ramstein concert in Berlin in 2019

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